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Learning English Tenses Through Stories (Part 2)

Updated on October 11, 2017

Simple Past Story 1

James washed his father's car yesterday. He enjoyed washing the car. He rinsed it with water, and then he put soap on it. After he rinsed off the soap, the car was clean. While James was cleaning, his sister grabbed the hose and sprayed him. It started a water fight, and they sprayed each other with water. James ran to the backyard to get his water gun, and they played for a long time. When they were done, both of them were completely wet. James had fun during the water fight, but he didn't like begin wet afterward. When they were finished spraying each other with water, James and his sister changed into dry clothes. Then the family watched a movie together.

Simple Past Story 2

Samantha traveled across the country with her family for an entire summer. They started in California, and they ended up in Virginia. Along the way, she saw a lot of cool things. They visited the Grand Canyon, and she walked up to the very edge. She was a little scared, but the guardrail kept her safe as she looked out over the Grand Canyon. They also drove through a lot of countrysides, and she saw cows and sheep in the fields. She even saw some big tractors doing work in fields. Her family played car games as they traveled to pass the time. When they got to Virginia, they swam in the ocean. After their long trip, the traveled back home before school started. Samantha thought the trip was the best trip they had ever taken.

Past Progressive Story 1

Raymond had been hiking in the woods in the back of his house all day. He was tired, and it was starting to get back. He had been worried that he might get lost, but he saw that he knew the way back pretty well. While he had been hiking, he collected rocks for his collection. When he had finished collecting all the rocks he needed, he had started walking home. As it had been getting darker, Raymond had been getting more and more scared. But he finally saw the lights of his house. He had been traveling for so long, he didn't think he would make it home before dark. However, just as the last bit of sunlight fell below the horizon, he broke through the woods into his backyard. He had made it home, and now he had a complete rock collection.

Past Progressive Story 2

Bobby had been craving chocolate cake for a long time. He asked his mother, who had been cooking in the kitchen, if they could make some chocolate cake. She said that she had just been planning on going to the store, so they could pick up the ingredients they needed. They got into the car and went to the grocery store. When they got there, Bobby had been playing his gameboy. When the arrived, he put it away and came inside. He had been winning the game, but he wanted to help his mom pick out the ingredients for the cake. They got everything they needed and then paid for it at the check out counter. On the ride home, Bobby had been wondering how the ingredients would fit together and his mom had been explaining it to him. Now they were home and they began making the cake. Soon it was finished, and Bobby could eat it. Earlier he had been craving the cake, and now he was finally able to eat it. He found the cake to be delicious.

Past Perfect Story 1

Matthew was on a trip to the Grand Canyon with his family. He had never traveled so far from home before, and they spent a lot of time in the car. When they arrived, Matthew's parents told them to be careful and they all piled out of the car. Matthew walked up to the edge of the Canyon and gasped: he had never seen such a large natural formation before. He had read about it in books, but actually seeing the Grand Canyon was better than any words on a page. He was very happy that he and his family were able to see this wonder of the world.

Past Perfect Story 2

Sarah had never eaten chocolate ice cream before, and her friends could not believe it. She had tried vanilla ice cream and even strawberry ice cream, but she had never tried chocolate. When took her first bite, she smiled a huge smile. She loved chocolate ice cream! It was her favorite. She had discovered her favorite ice cream flavor and she was very happy about it.

Past Perfect Progressive Story 1

John had been waiting for an entire year for this day. It was his birthday, and he was very excited. He had been counting down the days until today, and now it was finally here. He was excited to open his presents, and have a big birthday party with his friends. His friends had all been looking forward to coming to the party. John knew that his party was going to be very fun, and he couldn't wait for it.

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