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Another Look at the Sky for some Life Lessons

Updated on October 4, 2016
A painted sky looks so beautiful.
A painted sky looks so beautiful.
A beautiful blue Arizona sky.
A beautiful blue Arizona sky.
A beautiful view of the summer sky by Grand Marais MN
A beautiful view of the summer sky by Grand Marais MN

If a picture is worth a thousand words, looking at the sky must be worth a million. Looking at the sky is a common experience we all share. The sky inspires, mesmerizes, calms, and, sometimes, even scares us. We imagine, we ponder, we daydream, and we think as we look at the sky. For us it holds mystery and reflects beauty; it reminds us of important lessons in life.

Like the sky, life is full of endless possibilities.

Out on the open plains, in big sky country, or looking across water towards the horizon you see the sky and how it seems to go on forever. It's magnitude is overwhelming because it appears endless with no limits. Like the sky, life offers endless possibilities.

In life we often fail to look at the full picture, and we don't recognize the endless opportunities we have. There so many places to explore, people to meet, and possible solutions to problems that overwhelm us. Sometimes we cloud our minds with negative thoughts, and we lose clarity. We close our eyes to endless possibilites.

Like the sky, life is always changing.

Sometimes clear azure blue, sometimes inky black speckled with stars, sometimes sliver gray and threatening, or sometimes filled with puffy clouds lazily drifting by, the sky is always changing, and that's why people look at the sky. The sky reminds us of life.

Life, too, is always changing and unpredictable. How we react to the unpredictability affects the quality of our lives. We can welcome and accept change, recognizing we need change to grow. Even if change affects you poorly at first, it offers an opportunity to appreciate a time when your situation may have been better; as a result you reflect, and discover ways to make life better. You really appreciate a clear blue sunshine day after a few days of continuous clouds.

There is always a new beginning.

The sky always shows a new day dawning, or a new moon rising. There is always a chance to begin anew; and there is with life too. In life we sometimes get caught up in the bad things that happened today, and we don't recognize that tomorrow offers a new chance to begin again. We can't see beyond the pain of today to realize that that today wll end and tomorrow another day begins with new chances, and new opportunities, and hope.

Next time you're outside, look above you at the wonderful mysterious sky; it is a reflection of life and important lessons to remember.

Night sky-- sunset over the lake
Night sky-- sunset over the lake
A winter sky filed with sun shining through the naked trees.
A winter sky filed with sun shining through the naked trees.
Even a winter sky is beautiful, reminding us the sky is endless and always changing.
Even a winter sky is beautiful, reminding us the sky is endless and always changing.

The Beautiful Sky


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