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How the Birth Name's Sacred Sound Leads to Unique Destiny

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: Striking the Sacred Tone

Nothing is ever as it seems. Certainly not when one recalls an event. The myriad circumstances involved in various memories, evolve and diffuse, as does the one who tells the story.

The specific details surrounding the situation of the long since forgotten relayed memory depends upon the motivation of the person.

The tale always takes on the interpreted flavored frame of mind of the biased storyteller.

In life, there are no quick fixes. Nothing ever happens quickly. The overnight successes are twenty years in the making. Every thing you could ever envision, imagine, dream of or desire will come to pass but only in exchange of due time and with ‘effort of patience and proper understanding’.

Patience is indeed the loftiest virtue and time is the true factor of importance of accomplishment. To instill a practical self induced wisdom, which brings untold amounts of wealth, bodily pleasure, improved health, relief of stress, increase in sexual satisfaction, requires of you a preparatory period.

How much time and patience is required exactly is determined by esoteric elements unknown to man. Sometimes, it involves years and years. Other times, not so many. It all depends on how much it means to you. In the interim, you must practice the art of ‘keeping still.’ But, while you are waiting for 'that' chosen point, make a joyful noise with the sound of your voice repeating your name aloud an you will see magical wonderments to behold take place!

You must learn to remember that everything you will ever accomplish is hidden inside of you and will materialize but not before it is time. (Like the tiny acorn; IT can not help but grow into a very large Oak tree.) No matter how mad you get, intolerant and disappointed; nothing you will do can change the course of the day of arrival or what is required of you.

You must continually check yourself and your interior temperature. Keep your eyes off the external events and how they are supposedly progressing. Take notes; record the activities of your self-development. Don’t look for clues to verify the inclinations of your dream’s manifestation. Just observe yourself in the process. And, repeat the beauty of the sound of your birth name over and over and over again.

No other study will reward you more than the dedication you place upon the observation and inclination in self-lessons You must study your process and progress as if you don’t know who you are.(Which you don’t) You are a stranger unto yourself but you erroneously believe otherwise. By keeping accurate records along with faithful esoteric methods, you can learn who you really are and what you are intended to do with the time on Earth.

You will learn what works and what doesn’t work (but merely takes up your time as a needless distraction) for yourself. No one else can teach you these things. IF it is not true and applicable for you; it simply isn’t true!

Repeat over and over and over again the same methods that are effective for you. It will require various elements but each facet will be something you will discover readily in the run of your ordinary day. Until you become proficient, the process will seem awkward and arbitrary.

In time, however, with continued patience and diligent practice, it will all fuse together to make perfect sense. Believe it or not, but with careful and prodigious application of self-study, your life will appear magically in complete harmony one day without flaw or blemish.

What self-study practices? Merely the repetitious sounding of your birth name on a continual constantly focused basis will unlock hidden reservoirs of treasure unimagined.

Every day, you will use normal artifacts such as the music you listen to, art you look at, food you eat, clothes you wear, people you see, movies you watch and emotions you experience.

By pulling all of these elements together, in a mental catalog (if you are too lazy to record on paper), your self regulated research will astound you. MODE of Cosmic Therapy is an individual personal private home study therapy (you implement on your own) which includes all of the things you do in the run of a day. You execute it as you see fit.

Yes, Your Entire Birth Name (with its unique sound and flavor of your voice applied) is the first place you will begin the sacred sensual sexual artistic transformation. As has been stated in other articles, you shall repeat your name 15 times aloud in a mirror for the next 100 days. Call the indicated names with passion and conviction, aloud.

Do not simply repeat without emotional intent. Call yourself as if from a faraway field. You are asleep and must be awakened. Try to do this ritual at the same time every day. It’s your choice but as with anything of artistic value, your practice and putting it into operation on a regular basis will yield results more enlivened, polished and potent.

The ‘Name Calling’ process will seem a little awkward at first because you have never heard the name you were born with spoken by the voice intended to speak it. The power associated is invigorating and sexual in nature. Sexuality is highest form of spirituality available to mankind. Remember: You are a sacred sensual sexual artistic being.

You are deigned to create and manifest artistically while on the Earth Plane. If you so choose, you may record your sacred sexual feelings.

They will no doubt astonish you since you are at present unaware of them. Write without passing judgment. The name you were given at birth is loaded with enormous celestial power in vibratory sound. The vibration is awe-inspiring and inspirational. You will see a change in attitude simply by acknowledging the inherent sacredness in your personal name.

The need to gossip will slowly be diminished. The sound of your birth name is directly linked to your life’s imbued passion, artistic talent, sexual attractiveness, purposeful action, voluntary participation and productive work in the world. You ask the question: “What am I to do while on Earth?”

The reverberating sacred sound of your name will show what, where, how, when you do it.

When you seriously and reverently decide you want to discover what you are really all about, you will be given guidance unlike anything you can possibly imagine. This guidance is divine in nature and shall arise from deep within the recesses of your own soul.

You were born to do a great work. Everyone has that artistic ability, dramatic talent and musical potential. Whether you consider this to be magical work or not is irrelevant; it is the greatest work you will ever undertake.

Wisdom of the GREAT work in you takes a vast amount of your time. (Every second of your waking hours and even when you sleep is devoted to remembering who you are in the cosmic scheme of things.) Eliminate haste or the need to hurry, rush, or get it done. Be patient and long suffering with yourself. “…all day long he stands with outstretched arms in long-suffering…” (Paraphrased)

It would be ignorant to try to rush things along. Forcing unnatural speed is an unintelligent way. Put that foolish unproductive idea aside forever. Bury it. Work SLOW, SLOWER, SLOWEST and then after a season when the time has arrived increase the speed of effort naturally but only for a short duration.

Once, after methodically, patiently, painstakingly, slowly and enduringly attending to work of observing yourself, without relent, your life’s artistic actualization takes place. Your part is to tend to the erotic flame of the sensual project. Yours is not in the manifesting of the idea. That comes from a much higher sphere. Preparation is miracle key! “…keep your lamps filled with oil…” (Paraphrased)

Do not skip or play down the importance of this first essential part of calling out your birth name. To make ready the earth vessel is the elementary step in realizing your artistic god-given potential. Remember always and never forget: what is being worked in you is a miracle of sanctification and purity and it is only by/through self-observation that this miraculous pleasure filled feat be accomplished.

It is imperative you come to terms with your sacred sensual sexual artistic nature; until you do, you will remain somewhat dissatisfied on every level.

Call yourself everyday. Aloud with sensual conviction and sexual expression!

The sound of blue in you...

And, What IS The Sound of My Name?
And, What IS The Sound of My Name? | Source


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