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Updated on December 29, 2012

My Planet is Earth.

We have a huge solar system with about 8 discovered planets by mankind. Life started on Earth and with technology we were able to get information about what is above and beyond earth. So far by spending millions of money we have only been able to derive as this planet the livable one. There is no proof of life on any other planet, as yet!

Adam and Eve were born on this beautiful and serene planet. Gradually, we multiplied. Today, the earth population is ~6 billion. We are all scattered on this planet, which has been given different names of countries and cities. We are all living our respective lives and mingling with the people known to us. We are enjoying the free bounties provided by our planet earth such as oxygen and water, which we take it for granted not realizing that other planets are deficient in it and thus, till, now, no life has been found on it.

We have taken our planet for granted. And are abusing it by not conserving the natural elements found here. We see the changes in our climate. Evidence of observed climate change includes the instrumental temperature record, rising sea levels and decreased snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere.


The Average temperature is predicted to increase globally over this century with an increase of some extreme weather events and changes in rainfall patterns. Some of the physical impacts of climate change are irreversible. Sea level is expected to rise 18 to 59cms by the end of the 21st century. The impacts on human systems of climate change will probably be distributed unevenly. Climate change will result in reduced diversity of ecosystems and extinction of many species. There will be increase evaporation in some places, which could result in some extreme weather. Glacier retreat and disappearance is seen in some places. With the sea level rising there has been a rise in the temperature and that has reduced the ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Ocean acidification is an effect of rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans may decline with severe consequences for ocean life.

Let's Join Hands to Save this Planet

Impact of Global Warming

Global warming seen in developing countries has led to high rise in poverty. Roads, pipelines, airport runways, trains tracks require regular maintainance with higher temperature variance. Crops are getting destroyed with change in temperature and inadequate rainfall. That has led to drought in some places. Food scarcity in some regions. Also an increase in food prices has led to the people not getting their staple diet because of the affordability reasons.

Because of the unstable ecosystem, animals are migrating for food and that has led to terror in the cities. Forests not getting enough rainfall are facing drought and has increased the susceptibility of fires and getting burnt down. This change in the warming has also effected the health of some people. Infectious diseases have spread in developing countries and that has increased the risks of death. Children are also at risk. Global warming will reduce access to clean water and food supplies. Violence and disease are expected to be more frequent and intense making the future of the world's poorest children more bleak.

This is what we have done to our earth, our planet. We got a beautiful planet and we have turned it into a junk yard. We have to do something before this explodes.

Let's try to take a U-turn by turning this junkie into a beautiful planet again. For, IF we do not put a reverse gear to the above changes, this planet will go into global warming and we all will cease to exist.

Choice is OURS!!


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