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Nibiru Planet X November 24, 2013 Volcanic Eruptions Herald Polar Shift

Updated on November 24, 2013

Mount Etna

Mount Etna continues to erupt escalating the danger to nearby residents.
Mount Etna continues to erupt escalating the danger to nearby residents. | Source
Volcanic eruptions are a clear sign that our planet is undergoing extreme tectonic plate movement.
Volcanic eruptions are a clear sign that our planet is undergoing extreme tectonic plate movement. | Source

Volcanic Eruptions

Seven different volcanoes erupted in one day this week, in different parts of the world, providing even more evidence of the impending Polar Shift. While skeptics remain convinced that Nibiru Planet X doesn't exist, the awakened population of this planet are provided with daily reminders of its passage. This article Nibiru Planet X November 24, 2013 Volcanic Eruptions Herald Polar Shift will show how these and many other developing natural events are shaping our world leading to the Polar Shift.

  • An underwater eruption off the coast of Nishino-Shima island, near Japan has created a new island in the Pacific Ocean. These new islands from submarine volcanic eruptions are becoming more and more common as the tectonic plates of the Earth continue to adjust.

  • On the other side of the world in Italy, the active volcano Mount Etna has begun to exhibit stronger eruptions on a daily basis, leading to many cancelled flights and worried residents.

  • Across the Atlantic Ocean in Guatemala, the Santa Maria, Santiaguito and Fuego volcanoes have increased their activity sending ash clouds as far away as the State of Florida in the United States.

  • Meanwhile the neighboring country of Mexico have their own volcanic eruptions to deal with from the Colima and Popocatepetl volcanoes which have been continuously erupting for months now.

  • Further south in Chili, South America the Chaiten volcano continues to exhibit strong seismic activity and earthquake swarms which is a precursor to eruptive activity.

  • The Sinabung volcano in Indonesia violently erupted on Wednesday of this week sending an ash plume more than 30,000 feet into the atmosphere, almost five miles high. This volcano remains on alert status Red, while restricting any airplane travel.

  • Still in the Ring of Fire region the Langila volcano of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is showing increased activity from satellite imagery. Also other PNG volcanoes Manam, Ulawun and Tavurvur have shown increased activity as this region of the Earth is directly over a major fault line.

These seven events over a wide range of topographical territory shows that our planet is swiftly undergoing many tectonic changes that the public is not being made aware of at this time. This censorship of information is not an oversight or lack of interest but a designed plan to keep the sheeple from recognizing that the Polar Shift is indeed imminent.

Typhoon Haiyan

These types of storms can be easily enhanced and herded by introducing charge particles in the atmosphere.
These types of storms can be easily enhanced and herded by introducing charge particles in the atmosphere. | Source

Migration from Natural Disasters

Migrating away from regions that have been inundated by natural disasters is only a natural reaction by those living in the area but a very real concern for governments trying to feed and shelter their populations.

Natural Disasters, as they are called, can be very demanding on the poorer countries of the world that struggle to support their populations even during times of relative calm. It is only natural for people to seek better living conditions elsewhere and this creates refugees.

Many countries have very strict immigration laws, which prevent refugees from entering and of course this restricts those affected by natural disasters from simply leaving. Australia is one of these countries that prevent any boat people from immigrating to their land from the Indonesia region, even though the whole country was founded on immigration (1901) just over one hundred years ago.

As the people living in the island nations in the Ring of Fire are becoming painfully aware of they are literally trapped as their islands sink in elevation, are pummeled by volcanic activity and rocked by numerous earthquakes. Yet only a few hundred miles away more than enough land exists in Australia to provide a safe haven.

Tectonic Movement and Weather Manipulation

Tectonic movement leads to other natural events such as flooding and extreme weather. Because as the surface of the land moves it will invariably raise and lower sea and river beds, which displaces large volumes of water. Often times this kind of flooding is blamed on extreme weather events such as thunderstorms, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Make no mistake many governments throughout the world have the capabilities of creating extreme weather and have been doing so for years, because so many sheeple are unaware of this doesn't make it less true. Much of the extreme weather mankind has endured for the last fifty years has been manmade as our governments become better and better at weather manipulation.

A weather weapons treaty was signed into law back in the 70s between all the major Super Powers that would prevent their use during times of war however this treaty did not preclude them from using them in times of peace. Many countries have used this technology to create snow when hosting the Winter Olympics. This is not any new conspiracy or knowledge it is just information that is not widely known.

So when earthquakes occur that alter river beds and coastlines they are often followed by heavy rainfall as a way of masking the flooding that will occur shortly afterwards. This is done by the Powers That Be through weather modification so that the locals and the rest of the world through the Fake Stream Media will not recognize how tectonic plate movement world wide is creating so many floods.

A perfect example of this is Typhoon Haiyan which tore through the Philippines a couple of weeks ago. While it can be difficult for weather manipulation technology to create many large storms, what is done, is to enhance and manipulate through direction existing storms.

By dumping charged particles into the atmosphere ahead of existing storms, they can be lead in a certain direction. These weather modification techniques are unseen but very affective and have been going on for years.

In the last ten years many island countries in the Ring of Fire have actually sunk in elevation by over 40 feet. This phenomenon has gone largely unreported world wide however the locals are quite aware of this and these kinds of drops in coastal elevations are happening right now all over the world.

Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines

Second Sun

Most second Sun photos are not this distinct as the glare of one usually prevents a good look at the other.
Most second Sun photos are not this distinct as the glare of one usually prevents a good look at the other. | Source

2 Suns

Most second sightings occur during hazy or cloudy conditions which cuts down on glare from our Sun.
Most second sightings occur during hazy or cloudy conditions which cuts down on glare from our Sun. | Source

What the Powers That Be Fear

What the Powers That Be Fear is that the sheeple will begin to realize that earthquakes due to tectonic plate movement is the real reason for the rising sea levels, flooding, sinkholes, natural gas and industrial explosions, land and mud slides and bridge and building collapses, not human error, poor craftsmanship and extreme weather.

Because once they do make this connection then it will only be a matter of time before they begin to look for the reason the tectonic plates of the world are on the move. Of course the only reasonable explanation is that a large planetary body is affecting the Earth's magnetic field. Because Nibiru Planet X is difficult to see, TPTB have been careful to discourage any connection to it, such as second sun sightings.

Because this is a new phenomenon, it stands to reason that this planetary body must be a new addition to our solar system. They, The Powers That Be, fear the sheeple will begin to demand answers and recognize the connection that a Polar Shift is imminent. This could lead to panic and a natural migration away from coastlines. Which in turn could lead to a breakdown of the infrastructure of many countries as the sheeple migrate away from ports that allow shipped goods to enter into their countries and ultimately feed the populace.

So far The Powers That Be have maintained this conspiracy of silence and manipulation flawlessly but as the tectonic movement begins to become more severe, as we can see due to the recent rash of volcanic eruptions world wide, the deception will will be exposed.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather events can happen suddenly so being prepared is your best defense.
Extreme weather events can happen suddenly so being prepared is your best defense. | Source

Extreme Weather

As the magnetic force of our planet changes daily from the magnetic force Nibiru Planet X it has a direct impact on the Earth's weather and regardless of manmade manipulation will cause untold structural (shelter), crop (food) and water damage. One of the least known concerns for areas that are flooded is fresh water.

The influence of Nibiru Planet X has on our planet is not strictly related to tectonic stress but has also increased the wobble of the Earth, which in turn has directly affected our weather by altering the jet stream.

This has allowed more cold air from the polar regions to move towards the equator and pushed warmer air from the tropics northward. The wobble of the earth also has a huge influence on ocean currents, which in turn affects weather patterns.

The storm that swept through Europe last month is direct reflection of this phenomenon, known as extreme weather. However what many people take for granted is our power grid, which millions depend on to supply everyday needs.

As more and more regions of our world flood from earthquakes and tectonic stress, maintaining the crippled power grid caused by these events and storms becomes a very real concern. This is when becoming self reliant, frugal and prepared becomes paramount to survival.


Having a five gallon collapsable water container (filled), a weeks worth of non-perishable food items (canned or sealed) and an emergency pack filled with medicine and basic camping gear can mean the difference between life and death.

However all the preparation in the world, won't help if you haven't created a healthy state of mind, which will prevent you from undo panic and fear.

Our society is based on fear on many different levels that many of us simply do not recognize and because of this we have a tendency to panic when things don't go as planned.

However now is the time to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically by meditating and contemplating what you can do to ensure your survival in times of stress and chaos.


So while the tectonic stress created by Nibiru Planet X continues to create large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, our changing weather patterns and rising sea levels lead to more flooding, inevitably creating more refugees and putting even further stress on struggling economies world wide.

The Powers That Be haven chosen to keep vital information from the public, supposedly to quell panic and keep infrastructures intact however if we pay attention to the signs planet Earth is showing us on a daily basis we can become aware of events and so become prepared for them.

Nibiru Planet X November 24, 2013 Volcanic Eruptions Herald Polar Shift, shows that what we can't see can hurt us, if we are not prepared to survive the unknown. This is why it is so important to share information through the internet while we have the opportunity. Because once the power grid does go down it may take weeks, months and even years to restore it. So now is the time to begin to learn survival skills, educate yourselves on ways to provide for you and your family and be aware of our changing planet Earth.

News on Nibiru Planet X

© 2013 somethgblue


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Try Wormwood, you dolt, for a Bible reference. No where in any of my articles do I declare a date or year for the Polar Shift however since NASA has already acknowledge Nibiru's existence, I need not prove anything.

      Feel free to believe what you wish, the article isn't trying to prove anything, just allow those with a brain food for thought, obviously you don't qualify.

    • CreeViking profile image

      Robin Olsen 

      7 years ago from Rural Canada

      These Niburu nuts could never get anything straight because there is nothing there to get straight. this is all made up based on the discredited works of Zacharia Stichen. Niburu is not mentioned in the bible at all anywhere (another false claim that is actually new to the 'Niburu' fad). These types simply push the dates out and insult anyone who disagrees with them. First it was 2012 - no show, then 2013 - again no show and now 2014 and I have even seen some who are now saying 2017. I don't know why people write about such utter garbage but even worse, I don't understand why anyone believes them. Nice comment TexasTruthTeller

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Oh . . . tsk, tsk little boy, let me be clear . . . I don't care where you live and never will. Safe locations do not concern me, nor does the New Madrid Fault Zone, its meaningless, where you exist in your heart is important.

      Because the Polar Shift is ongoing it doesn't matter when YOU think it will happen, it is happening now.

      Because you don't write articles, you just disparage other peoples work, by definition that makes you a troll. Don't care about Nancy's MUFON interview and will not watch it, not interested.

      Until you write an article I will not take you seriously and consider you a social bed wetter seeking attention where ever you can get it. BTW immature is spelled with two m's, thanks for commenting as your inane drivel always makes me chuckle.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      For years your OWN words claim the polar shift is ongoing. Repeat ONGOING. But you suddenly changed your tune that it is heralded and in 2013 which you fixed to events picking up at the end of 2014. So which is it? Ongoing or not yet? Clearly the pole shift will not happen in 2013 and is not ongoing! So why should anyone listen to you when you cannot even get that much correct? You showed you are a Zetatalk denier although you steal from it constantly. Is that you live in TN which per the Zetatalk safe locations info you used earlier you think you are safe from the PENDING New Madrid disaster prediction you also stole from Zetatalk? You are not in a safe location at all. BTW I used Texas to keep unethical people like YOU from knowing my identity and location. I already live in a safe location according to Zetatalk. A big fat OOPS! for you living in TN! It must make you very mad that I best you again and again so you do not allow most of my comments to post. And to think how often you accuse others of being trolls. I post the truth about Nibiru and debunk plagarizers like YOU. That is not trolling. It is a public service. You better rush to listen to Nancy Lieder's MUFON interview. She shared inside or private Zetatalk which you can steal and claim it was one of your nonexistent sources. You do not already know because YOU know nothing about Nibiru without Zetatalk, the same REAL source you suddenly debunk. Gotcha by the way! You have no idea who I am and nevet will. I do not do this for attention for myself unlike YOU. You are so imature.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Proof, proof . . . we don't need no stinking proof! Well, at least I don't, mainly because I don't need proof that God exist, I don't need proof the Sun will come up tomorrow, I don't need proof to know in my heart the truth, I just don't need it, its for suckers that can't think for themselves and need others to do their thinking for them.

      Just as I knew you would come back for more, I also know that Nibiru exists without the slightest amount of proof. I don't need proof to know UFOs exist, that our Earth is Hollow, that 9/11 was false flag event, that the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids.

      While you and the rest of the sheep are waiting around for proof or someone to tell them what to think, the rest of us with a brain are expanding our horizons and preparing for ascension.

      I don't provide proof , I provide food for people with a brain that are hungry for knowledge, you really should try feeding it and letting it grow.

    • CreeViking profile image

      Robin Olsen 

      7 years ago from Rural Canada

      lol, your too funny. Your insults did not bother me, I just noted that your very first reaction to anyone who disagrees with you is to use insults, this is a sure fire sign that you know absolutely nothing at all.

      You have no evidence, no proof, no science nothing you have nothing but insults.

      Your free to continue to post your little insults since that is how you 'provide proof'

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      hi blue...

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Oh, I'm sorry is Creeboy considered an insult, only someone insecure in their own self confidence and intelligence 'might' even remotely consider that an insult. My bad, I didn't know I was dealing with a sensitive little girl, find a tissue, dry your eyes and join the big boys table.

      I was just trying to illicit a response, gee how did I know that would work? Could it be that I instantly knew I was dealing with an inferior intelligence?

      The speed of light varies depending on how close it is to other gravitational bodies. Einstein's theories are a perspective bound from planetary observations, having never been outside our own solar system, trying to develop theories base on this limited perspective is just narrow minded and WRONG.

      Nibiru has been here for ten years, nothing mystical about it. However what is mystifying is the limited narrow minded thinking of a planetary bound species pretending to know all there is about the unlimited vastness of space.

      It is like pretending to know how to ride a horse without ever having been on one.

    • CreeViking profile image

      Robin Olsen 

      7 years ago from Rural Canada

      'creeboy'? When someone answers with insults in universally proves they have no argument whatsoever.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      My sources tell me the end of 2014 will see the beginning of the Polar Shift in earnest, probably some sort of Full Disclosure event, possible attempt at WW III by TPTB.

      Creeboy, Nibiru isn't hurtling through the solar system, it is already here and has been since 2003. Without a doubt HAARP is involved in many of these events but is just an attempt by governments to mask the true event, the Polar Shift.

      Nothing mystical about it, except perhaps as a catalyst for ascension.

    • CreeViking profile image

      Robin Olsen 

      7 years ago from Rural Canada

      2012 has already passed, there is no Niburu, no planets hurtling through our solar system at warp speed, nothing natural goes faster than the speed of light. Stop trying to find mystical answers, you think there are too many eruptions and you wanna know why? Look up HAARP and look no further than your own government.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hmm... seems to be unfolding the exact way the whistleblowers said it would!


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