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Nibiru Planet X Update June, 2014

Updated on January 31, 2015

Follow The Money

Often when searching for the truth one need only follow the money to discover the true motives behind any given scenario. A small article in Yahoo.News described how Swiss private banking group Edmond de Rothschild has raised $530 million for its first Africa-focused fund.

In the last ten years billions of dollars have been invested in upgrading Africa's infrastructure, ostensibly to help feed the over 30,000 humans that starve to death on that continent everyday but in reality to create a manageable living environment for the rich elite of the world to move to when the Polar Shift begins in earnest.

From past Polar Shifts the rich elite and various world governments know that the continent of Africa will survive relatively unscathed from geographical upheavals, due to earthquakes, volcanic activity and floods. This continent will provide a safe haven for the rich elite to escape to when rising sea levels, 300 to 600 foot tsunami's and collapsing coastlines and overflowing river basins make living intolerable in their countries of origin.

By building roads now, constructing secured compounds and creating housing for the middle class they intend to use as laborers to construct their New World Order after the Pole Shift, they will already have a working infrastructure intact after the Pole Shift decimates the rest of the worlds population.

This also allows them to hoard and store resources, construct underground bunkers, staff security personnel and create slave labor camps away from public scrutiny.

Most of the poor nations of Africa welcome these large influxes of cash and resources that create jobs and raises their living standards, without recognizing the truth behind these investments.

When one recognizes that large banking conglomerates never make investments based on kindness or humanitarian concerns then it becomes easy to find the true motives behind their decisions. That is why I chose to write this article Nibiru Planet X Update June, 2014 to allow an unaware public recognize the truth.

Transition From Awakening To Preparation

One of the most recent videos made by Marshall Masters, a self proclaimed Nibiru Planet X expert, describes to the public how the End of the World, Mayan Calendar hoopla, was actually a CYA (Cover Your Ass) event, promoted by The Powers That Be to awaken mankind to a new way of perceiving their world. In this article Nibiru Planet X Update June, 2014 we will explore the evidence of events that are leading up to the Polar Shift.

It meant awareness about the right to choose, an international day for people to stop, look and contemplate the world and what that portends for our future. Consequently none can weep about not being given the opportunity to choose and say what you may about the cable channels because we believe they are entitled to their advertising dollars because they did a bang up job of awareness and prior to December 21, 2012 awareness was the mission.

So now mission accomplished, where does this leave us!?

Given that folks have had their awareness opportunity of choice and plenty of time to make it, its Mission Accomplished for Awareness. Now we have a New Mission, the Mission is Transition, what do I mean by that? Well for those of you that are Seekers of Truth, were looking at a slow motion train wreck over the next few years and our goal is to help you transition through that. To get through the difficult times of moving into a post historic world following a Global Cataclysm.

By promoting this event as well as debunking it at the same time they have now, not only revealed that a global cataclysm is possible but have also kept the public firmly entrenched as skeptics due to the fact that no destruction actual occurred. This has kept mankind from taking the Nibiru Planet X topic seriously while revealing it at the same time.

So to emphasize the point, keep in mind that The Powers That Be are playing both sides of the same coin, information is coming to the surface to allow the public to choose what to believe. This tactic allows them to reveal the potential threat while keeping the World's infrastructure in place and prevent global panic.

This type of CYA (Cover Your Ass) misdirection has been used constantly throughout history to reveal to the public the potential for disasters without actually admitting to knowing that they're imminent. This is designed to keep the public firmly entrenched in the idea that they're safe, going to their jobs, paying their taxes and keeping the enslaved infrastructure in place.

A perfect example of this would be allowing Zecharia Zitchin to publish numerous books about Nibiru Planet X and the Annunaki for over thirty years, only to promote a smear campaign and supposed 'death bed confession' that the subject is total nonsense.

What I find particularly amusing about the so-called 'Death Bed Confession' by Zecharia Zitchin is that The Powers That Be expect us to believe Zitchin's confession and yet we are told that all other 'Death Bed Confessions' by others such as astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin), inside whistle blowers and researchers (Dr. Ben R. Rich, Skunk Works director), not too mention U.S. Navy Chief Astronomer Robert Harrington, U.S. Navy pilot Admiral Byrd and General James Forrestal, is total nonsense and the delusional ramblings by those seeking attention on their way out, get real guys you can't have it both ways.

When Marshall Masters talks of preparation, he is really talking about mental preparation. You can store all the food and supplies you want but being ready means being able to mentally handle the coming cataclysms. Keeping an open mind and learning as much as you can about your changing environment.

Yellowstone Animal Migration

Yellowstone Volcanic Activity

Recent articles have shown that Yellowstone National Park has experienced and uptick in seismic activity. While the USGS has been ordered by our own government to downgrade and censor any information pertaining to these events, the information has leaked out.

It is a known fact among volcano researchers that earthquake swarms are precursor to large volcanic eruptions and this has been proven over and over again throughout time. In a recent article in Tribcom, Wyoming's New Source, The University of Utah Seismograph Station reported five small earthquakes including those with magnitudes of 3.4, 2.7 and 3.2 in a 20-minute period starting at 3:33 a.m.

Earthquake information specialist Paul Roberson said there were another 20 to 30 small quakes Tuesday morning that hadn't yet been posted on the university's website. He called it a fairly normal swarm for Yellowstone. He didn't expect there to be any damage.

This is a fairly common disinformation tactic, to keep the public misinformed as to the true nature of earthquake swarms. By reporting that 'no damage' is expected from these earthquakes, the public will not recognize the significance of these events.

If one is to understand the importance of earthquake swarms they can research the event themselves or pay attention to how wildlife in the area is reacting. Mass migration of animals have begun away from the impact area, including bison, elk and deer. This is a red flag and cannot be disguised as anything but what it is. Animals instinctively know when seismic activity warns them that a huge natural disaster is beginning.

Yellowstone National Park Official's have reported that animal migrations are just a natural part of their ecosystem and happen every year however what they don't say is that these migrations happen in the winter, when animals move away from the park to find grazing regions and return in the summer. This is the exact opposite of what is transpiring right now, as the animals are moving away from the park in the summer.

This event is just one of the many reasons I chose to write this article Nibiru Planet X June, 2014 Update. It shows that not only is our own Government aware of the coming Polar shift but that they are censoring any information pertaining to it.

Data Unavailable

The reason I have chosen to publish an Nibiru Planet X Update June, 2014 after months of inactivity is the recent censorship of information from the United States Geological Societies (USGS) own website pertaining to earthquake and volcanic activity world wide. Over thirty of my past articles showed that links to important information on up to the minute earthquake and volcanic activity world wide had been terminated and that the links no longer exist.

Sure enough upon further research, I have found that sites to information pertaining to Yellowstone National Park, daily earthquake and volcanic activity world wide and global flooding events had been deleted with no explanation. This is a red flag to anyone paying attention that the global tectonic plate shifts are beginning to become more pronounced.

Now the next step in the information/disinformation game is to prepare for the publics reaction to the transition from skeptics to believers and any ensuing panic that may occur. This is why almost every U.S. Government agency has been arming itself to the teeth from Homeland Security, which can be justified, to the United States Postal Service (USPS), Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which cannot.

Now granted the NOAA does run the Coast Guard but is primarily a data reporting agency why would the USPS have a need to deliver mail by gunpoint? The point is they don't but in an effort to maintain order in the event that the public begins to riot from food and water shortages, help prevent mass migrations from coastal areas and contain large populations in cities and urban centers, its best to have as many armed personnel as possible.

As of the writing of this article Nibiru Planet X is clearly being seen on a daily basis in the Southern Hemisphere but this news is not being reported in the United States. When the censorship of this information begins to trickle in and it will and eventually the public in the Northern Hemisphere begin to see it with their own eyes on a regular basis, that is when the proverbial *$#@ will hit the fan and who knows how the public will react.

That being said recently French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told the press before a meeting at the State Department and I quote . . .

“And very important issues, issue of climate change, climate chaos,” the foreign minister said. “And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos, and I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success on this very important matter.”

What I believe he was referring too was a significant rise in sea levels world wide coupled with large scale global volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Many Heads of State and World Leaders are privy to information pertaining to the fact Nibiru Planet X is in our solar system and as the Polar Shift draws near they're now voicing their concerns and fear under the guise of 'climate chaos', which will undoubtedly result from continuing tectonic plate movement.

United States Shoreline

This what the U.S shoreline will look like if all the polar ice melts.
This what the U.S shoreline will look like if all the polar ice melts. | Source

Europe's Shoreline

This what Europe's shoreline will look like after all the polar ice melts.
This what Europe's shoreline will look like after all the polar ice melts. | Source

Rising Sea Levels

There is growing concern in the scientific community that show that rising sea level models based on melting Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets have been grossly underestimated, much like the recent announcements in the same community ridiculing manmade climate change scenarios.

While most models a decade ago predicting the melting rate of the World's polar ice sheets, based on the rising world temperatures, had them enduring until at least the end of the century, new reports by scientist conclude that the polar ice is melting at a much faster rate.

Dr Anders Levermann, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, noted last month’s major scientific report warning that a collapse of large sections of the west Antarctica ice shelf had already begun and was now “unstoppable”.

“We have entered a new era of irreversible climate change, a tipping point of part of the climate system,” he told a side event at the UN climate talks in Bonn. “West Antarctica has tipped and there isn’t anything we can do about it.”

While melting ice is an important consideration when trying to evaluate rising ocean levels, what hasn't been mentioned to the public is how the rising temperature of the Earth's core is also affecting rising ocean levels. Heat from the Earth's core causes not just ocean temperatures to rise but the land around oceans to expand as well, including the bottoms of all the oceans. As the Ocean's floor expands it rises and this causes ocean levels to rise as well.

This factor hasn't been added to public models of rising ocean levels and is effectively being censored from rising ocean levels scenario data. This kind of information is also being left out of reports about recent flooding, as earthquakes do change the bottoms of rivers, river mouths and lakes, which when they rise causes the water in them to be displaced and overflow.

Because The Powers That Be do not want the public to become aware that the core of the Earth is rising in temperature, they have created a plausible explanation for rising atmospheric temperatures. First they called it Global Warming, now they call it Climate Change but the basic premise is that industrial pollution is the cause of rising temperatures.

The reasoning behind creating a false scenario such as Global Warming/Climate Change is so that the public will have someone to blame for the changing Earth, someone or some entity to point their collective fingers at and accuse. What this does is provide a guilty party that everyone can believe in. This effectively prevents the average man from investigating any further, settling on a version of the truth that makes sense to them, that resonates with them, that they wish were true.

The Powers That Be understand how the human mind thinks/works, how the human mind will stop investigating any scenario when they have found a plausible reason for the event. If a human hears the screeching of tires and a loud crash and looks up to sees two cars in a tangled heap they will convince themselves they just witnessed a car crash, despite the fact that they saw nothing. The mind will convince the ego and fill in the blanks, case closed, move on.

Let me be clear, a pot of water does not boil from heated air around it but from heat rising from the bottom of it. This simple scenario explains how as the Earth's core rises in temperature it heats the oceans and land around the ocean's (including the ocean floors), this causes warmer temperatures to be released into our atmosphere.

So yes, by all means, melting glacier ice and icebergs do add to rising ocean levels it does not account for the real reason our ocean levels are rising. The melting ice at the Earth's Poles are due to the rising temperature of the Earth's core, heating the oceans, which in turn heats the atmosphere. As the core temperature of the Earth rises it cause the surface crust to expand, this in turn causes tectonic plates to move, which creates cracks and fissures in the crust to expand which allows more magma to reach the surface, hence more volcanic activity and earthquakes.

Now to add to the scenario I have outlined above earthquakes and volcanic activity increases the risk of coastal flooding by altering coastlines and raising river bottoms , which doesn't allow rivers to dump into the oceans. The water has to go someplace and backs up, overflows and floods.

Recent India Earthquake

An earthquakes that's epicenter is along the coast in the Bay of Bengal is felt as far away as New Delhi and yet no connection is made between this recent building collapses
An earthquakes that's epicenter is along the coast in the Bay of Bengal is felt as far away as New Delhi and yet no connection is made between this recent building collapses | Source

Building Collapses

Buildings continue to collapse in India and human negligence is the story reported to the public to allow them to point their fingers and lay blame. Again this prevents the public from investigating these collapses any further and to accept the the first reasonable explanation offered to them.

Building collapses are common in India, where high demand for housing and lax regulations have encouraged some builders to cut corners, use substandard materials or add unauthorized extra floors.

Yes, all of the above facts are true however one needs to ask themselves why are all these collapses only happening now after hundreds of years of practicing the same substandard construction techniques?

A common tactic by The Powers That Be and the Fake Stream Media they control is to offer the public information that is not disputed, give them a set of facts that are undoubtedly true and make sense and allow the public to fill in the blanks. This gives the public a scenario they can hang their hat on and look no further for any underlying reasons or facts that might offer a different scenario.

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Bay of Bengal, No Tsunami Threat to India, this report is how the Fake Stream Media uses distraction to create confusion when reporting events that are relevant to each other. By including the 'fact' that no tsunami threat had been issued distracts the reader from connecting the recent building collapses to an earthquake that had in epicenter in the Bay of Bengal, even though it was felt hundreds of miles away.

In this story, it describes how this earthquake was felt as far away as New Delhi, was only 10 kilometers beneath the surface and in an area not prone to earthquakes. Residents felt many aftershocks from this earthquake, some lasting as long as 40 seconds in regions not prone to earthquakes.

It goes on to say that this earthquake has seismologists confused because it is in an area along the coast that does not have history of tectonic plate movement but that it would take weeks for scientist to resolve and of course by then most people will have forgotten about it, a common tactic.

So ask yourself why would a story reported in the Mainstream Media in the Unites States about buildings collapsing in New Delhi, India not include recent earthquake activity in the area? This is exactly how disinformation and censorship works to prevent the average man from making the connection to tectonic plate movement.

Paraguay Flooding

Recent flooding in Paraguay is a perfect example of how the censorship of data prevents the average man from comprehending the reality of the situation. While it is certain that torrential rain contributed to this flooding as described by the Fake Stream Media, it is not the root cause of this flooding.

A recent mainstream media news story (Floods force evacuation of 200,000 in Paraguay) in Yahoo.News describes how recent torrential rains have forced the evacuation of over 200,000 people living near the Parana and Paraguay Rivers. While both facts are true, they certainly don't tell the whole story. The Governor of Neembucu, Paraguay has asked the Red Cross to help feed those displaced by the flooding.

Heavy rains in the Brazilian territory have caused a significant increase in the levels of the reservoirs of about 20 dams upstream the Parana River and it's tributaries in Brazil. The significant increase in the Parana river flow necessarily press the reservoir of the Itaipu Dam, which in turn releases the important step flow of water in the Paraguayan territory. This situation affects people of low lands and river bed areas of Paraná in the departments of Alto Paraná, Misiones, Itapúa and Neembucu.

What is left out of the story is how recent earthquakes in the region have created displaced earth, rising river bottoms and new drainage routes. The Powers That Be have worked very hard to keep this information from the public by censoring earthquake information from USGS sites. An 4.6 earthquake in Santa Cruz, Bolivia June, 28, 2014, recent earthquake activity in Brazil to the North of Paraguay, in Argentina to the South and Chile to the West have all contributed to Paraguay's flooding lowlands.

The reason TPTB have censored this information is to prevent the average man from understanding how earthquakes in their local regions can and do affect flooding and hence make the connection between tectonic plate movement and Climate Change. They don't want the average man to understand that their changing Earth is due Nibiru Planet X's arrival in our solar system.

Because they fear that when this connection is made that it will spread like wildfire and large amounts of the world's population will no longer be willing to keep the infrastructure intact by continuing to go to their jobs, pay their taxes and listen to the world's governments and elite rich. They fear that once the public becomes aware of the truth behind the changing Earth, they will panic and become harder to control and thus keep enslaved.

This is just one small sample of the events unfolding on our planet, that I felt would exemplify and add validity to Nibiru Planet X June, 2014 Update, 'like a slow motion train wreck'.


When the Polar Shift does begin the largest loss of life will be from large coastal tsunami's like this one.
When the Polar Shift does begin the largest loss of life will be from large coastal tsunami's like this one. | Source

SOFIA Flying Space Laboratory

Of course the only way to view Nibiru Planet X is with infrared technology, which is why it took The Powers That Be more than 100 years (Lowell Observatory's mandate) to find it (see Washington Post & NY Times articles 1983). Now to monitor its progress through our solar system and accurately pinpoint the Polar Shift date, as it leaves, requires a telescope such as this. Is this just NASA trying to get better pictures of our solar system and the Universe, or is this our Government's way of closely monitoring a situation they deny exists?

From all the signs, increased large earthquakes, volcanic activity, rising ocean levels, 'climate change', methane gas release (bird and fish kills) from tectonic plate movement, increase in the Earth's Wobble, sinkholes, EMP's, altered appearance of the Moon, rise in meteors and comets from Nibiru's tail, landslides, train derailments, China's 'ghost cities' (China's interior) and shipping 'accidents' it is clear that Nibiru Planet X is here.

This is just one more sign The Powers That Be know and do not wish to divulge its presence to the world but would like to be able to accurately predict the coming Polar Shift, so that they can flee to Africa and other 'safe' locations, well away from the world's coastlines.

Space Telescope

This high flying infrared space telescope allows NASA to monitor Nibiru Planet X and accurately pinpoint the Polar Shift date as Planet X leaves our solar system.
This high flying infrared space telescope allows NASA to monitor Nibiru Planet X and accurately pinpoint the Polar Shift date as Planet X leaves our solar system. | Source

Deep Impact

Movies and the Fake Stream Media

What do Deep Impact and the new Noah movie have in common?

Yes, both are disaster flicks but in both movies, the huge loss of life on this planet is from rising ocean levels. In both cases they show huge tsunami's covering the Earth rather quickly.

Now ask yourself what natural disasters in the last ten years have caused the largest loss of life on this planet?

That's easy, the India Ocean or Sumatra Tsunami in 2004 and the Fukushima Tsunami in 2011. Both of these rising sea level scenarios offered the victims plenty of warning, which in large part was ignored until it was too late. However what is important to realize is that both show that the largest loss of life on this planet is from rising ocean levels.

Flooding, in any form, displaces and kills more humans on this planet than all other natural disasters combined, this is a fact. So when people ask me what they can do to prepare for or survive a Polar Shift, my answer is very simple.

Move to an area or region that is far enough away from the coastline and high enough above sea level to survive any large tsunami. Realize that public officials are always going to downgrade any scenario to prevent panic and curb mass migrations and take into consideration that estimations of rising sea levels will be grossly under reported.

Hollywood has been trying for years to educate the public to a vast array of topics concerning the truth of this planet and its inhabitants but for the most part the public fails to recognize the message behind most movies.

Checking The Facts

Because The Powers That Be (TPTB) know how humans think and have been conditioning them to 'think' in this manner for hundred's if not thousands of years, they know that they can introduce concepts, ideas and stories that the public will 'believe'.

Even the word 'believe' is a deception, it is actually two words when combined together (belie) define a concept or idea of falsehood. The first word BE, describes a person or thing that exists, 'To BE or not to BE', describes our consciousness. The second word LIE is a word everyone is familiar with but describes a falsehood or deception. The last two letters are a suffix added to a word to give it the term of action or the 'state of' an action.

So these two words when put together without the suffix create the word belie, this is what Webster defines as Belie.

be·lied be·ly·ing

Full Definition of BELIE

transitive verb

1a : to give a false impression of b : to present an appearance not in agreement with

2a : to show (something) to be false or wrong b : to run counter to : contradict

3: disguise

So when we use the word 'believe' what we are actually saying to ourselves is that we accept the existing falsehood of information offered to us by an outside source.

That being said, many people will simply accept information offered to them from an outside source, without ever checking the veracity of that information. For example if a news story says "Officials declare that recent flooding is due to torrential rains in the Philippines.", they know that no one will check if torrential rains actually occurred or what 'officials' declared this, they will merely accept the information because they associate rain with flooding.

I use this example because massive flooding did occur in the Philippines in late December through early January of 2011/2012 and yet very little rain fell nor was it above average for that region in that time frame. Of course only the locals experiencing the flooding were aware of this and they were not interviewed by the Fake Stream Media that was reporting this information. However what did occur was a series of earthquakes offshore that raised the oceans floors preventing rivers in the area from dumping their volumes of water into the sea, thus backing up and overflowing.

TPTB are aware that a very small percentage of the population ever checks the sources used in news articles or TV broadcasts and so can easily mislead and deceive the public. By introducing facts that are true, compiling them together in a reasonable flow of information they can lead the public to an obvious conclusion without ever having to come right out and say it. This allows them to leave out the true reasons behind the story while offering a reasonable explanation for the event.

Another tactic is to show a video clip of a torrential downpour, after all for the public 'seeing is believing', it matters very little if the video clip is torrential rain in North Dakota or the river overflowing is in China, the public has no way of checking the veracity of the video.

Another tactic is to introduce a conspiracy to lead the public away from the facts, this allows the fringe to go off on a tangent exploring a deception, that while seems plausible misdirects and distracts those that will research topics and check sources.

These tactics are one of the reasons I offer my speculation, observations and ideas in the form of articles such as this one Nibiru Planet X June, 2014 Update. Once a person understands the how and why of the conditioning and censorship mankind is subjugated too, it becomes child's play to research topics, read between the lies and use critical thinking to discover the truth.

What I ask my reader to do is to know, not believe. What I mean by that is to absorb any information and consider it, allow it to formulate into your thinking and contemplate the veracity of it. Investigate the parts of it that seem true and resonate within your soul, while becoming aware of the parts that create doubt, because where there is doubt, there is no doubt. Meaning if you doubt any idea, information or concept it is because that wee little voice inside you is telling you to pay attention.

Your soul knows the truth and to prove this, when you go to bed tonight ask it a question, any question and then when you wake up tomorrow pay attention to the synchronicity that happens in your life for the next few days or a week. The answer will come to you, you may recognize it as a thought, premonition, daydream or through information others relay to you but the answer will always manifest itself. When you learn to do this, you will have begun to think with your heart and not your mind, the mind can be changed and often does but the soul knows the truth and will tell you only if you ask for it.

Now granted I can't prove any of these observations nor am I trying too, my whole purpose is to offer the information in a manner the average man can understand, plant the seed and allow it to germinate in the minds of humanity.

Your Welcome.

© 2014 somethgblue


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