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Nothing is Nothing; All Is Nothing, We Are that Which is the Incomprehensible Nothing of Everything

Updated on January 27, 2013

MODE of Cosmc Therapy Esoteric Psychology

 Imitation of Life
Imitation of Life | Source

A MODE of Cosmic Therapy Enrichment E-mail O-Gram Invitation: Life's Everything It's Not Been, Yet!

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it is you who you retire with. If you have lived the hours offered in the manner conducive to your particular style, then no more can be added to the equation. It's all about being productively content on your terms, not someone else's.

The moment you seek something it flees. The moment you speak a word it dissolves. The moment you view a situation, it shifts. The moment you encounter a person, the probability of ever knowing that person diminishes. Your unwarranted interference disables the relevancy of the truth of which it represents.

You are far removed from the very thought of what you imagine and flaunt. You are the incomprehensible simplicity of nothing. You, acting as the martyred buffer in your relationships, sanctify the image you maintain. {The inviolate MIRROR}

Your life, as you imagine it to be, reveals itself in continued fluctuation. The constant mysterious rhythmic pulsating ebb and flow of the in and out eternal process never ceases.

Neither you, nor your life is what you THINK it to be. “IT” is so far removed from the glorified ideas you attach to it, along with the exaggerated significance.

You want it to matter; it does not. You want to be important in it; you are not. That which supercedes everything is omnificently nothing. We cling to that which is indescribably mysteriously unfathomable as if we might lose it; we can not.

Drawing from the incalculable center point of nothing, to produce the ineffable circumference of everything, we all partake and contribute to this great mystery. What we believe to be one thing is anything but that. In the ever fluid universal gaseous ‘substance of primordial matter encased in energy’, there exists no opposite. We exist because we do not. {Contrary to what we try to force ourselves to believe and prove.} We are not separate from the unified cosmos.

We are the divine dimension of that which is all consuming and ubiquitous. “…in him we move, breathe and have our being.” We are the conclusion of everything which constitutes the origin of nothing. [The beginning and the end]

When “Yes” appears, “No” immediately links to and with it. All things arise from the nothing that exists before ‘the’ anything manifests. Nothing exists outside of itself in order to incorporate itself. Before “IT” exists, it does not. In other words, NOTHING brings with it everything that can or ever will be.

When the idea forms in your mind that a realm of possibility is available that you are not taking advantage of, or that things could be different from how they currently exist, you are at war with yourself. Nothing includes everything at the precise moment of its unfolding. Not later. Now.

If you can but begin to digest the magnitude of this statement, you will also be able to absorb the realization that consequences which rise up haphazardly or seem to occur quite randomly are in fact sequentially ordered and structured according to the necessity of the whole. Nothing is out of order nor can it be.

The idea that any circumstance in your present life can be altered in any way is fictitious and absurd. Things are how they are, regardless. IF it’s not on your path, you can’t have it.

In the futile efforts and outrageously self-defeating attempts you arrange to change something about you, the other or any existing situation, you are but merely shouting ostentatiously loud/clear while reinforcing the crystallized fact that you don’t want to participate in your life as it is unfolding. Makes no difference whether you want to or not, you WILL go through the ‘situation’ allotted to and for you.

You are acting like a spoiled brat whining and pining about the so-called hardship and/or dislike/disapproval of present details enmeshed. But, the involvements (relationships) in your situation have been precariously selected to perform a multifarious function not unlike the liver which enables the heart to pump purified blood. The act of purification is a vital component of your animated deluge.

You erroneously believe there is another set of circumstances you may join or create. {Much better to your specific liking or more adjacent to your elevated stature.} False.

You must walk through the seemingly barren to reach that which you deem productive. The hideously alluring hypnotizing notion that you can do something ‘different’ other than what you are currently doing is notoriously debilitating. In defense, you rise up in jabbing declaration: “But, I am not happy nor are my talents being utilized. I am not appreciated, acknowledged for who and what I really am. He/she doesn’t love me like I deserve to be loved.

I’m suffocating here; I feel like a dry piece of wood. I need more money and if I leave (doing something else) I can get more money. I’m not doing anything. I’m not following my passion or reaching my potential. My talents are being wasted. I need to be free to pursue what I love.” Bull shit! Everybody’s got a story, so what? You absolutely can not leave a situation until it is time. {For lack of better word}

Don’t let your eyes betray you. What you are currently observing is NOT what is going on. Furthermore, you are incapable of dissecting the events laid before you. Unable to draw an unpolluted unself-serving breath, you are incapable of dissecting the self-gratifying emotionally laden dramatic scenario. You do not possess adequate faculties to interpret the true meaning of the present situation. Your vision is distorted, colored and biased. Your personal intent is tainted.

Though you are incapable of changing one iota of anything that is going on in your present life, IF you were, ‘WOE’ would be the outcome; you remain belligerent. Your attention span is varicose and blemished. You say you desire a thing but before it can be manifested, you have moved onto another interest. You are delirious in your gluttonous appetites and vain imaginings. You are vicious and unabated in your thirst for power, influence and control. You call it ‘love’ but make no mistake about it, the “…heart of man is continually evil.”

Far more is happening than you are in a position to diagnose. Those very aspects, you deem as restricting are in fact, the ones that will liberate you. You are not seeking freedom for yourself but from yourself.

Life appears to be a game of picking and choosing: either ‘this’ or ‘that’ but in actuality, no differentiation avails itself. You are in the midst of the unveiling of yourself in fullness. Without the various privilege of interacting in/with the components in your everyday existence, exactly and precisely, as they unfold, you would in no wise reap the benefits associated.

Though you think you have chosen either one thing or another, all things come from the same stew of ‘life’s inexplicable cycled experience’, par excellence! THIS is as good as it gets.

NO- thing is left out, delayed, diminished, or disrupted. You are definitely NOT being cheated out of anything. Should you make a move in any direction to try to improve your lot, you will inevitably meet the same ‘demon’ of rapacious recompense. Remember: you do nothing except for self-benefit. And, until the ‘wheel’ has turned for you to move on to the next step of your spiraling adventure, you will meet the same occurrences in a different set of people, places and events.

That which you are to experience will be brought to your feet to prod. Your specifically designed journey is conducive to your ‘point in the pattern.’ You, as an individual entity are forever unfolding. You, nor your life, are static. You are simply unable to detect the minuscule fragments of imperceptible evolvement. IF you were able to see it, “IT” didn’t occur.

There is no way to “KNOW” yourself except by and through the relationships established and maintained in your current existence. The patterns held and displayed in these so-called ‘sacred scientific earth experiments’ are the material of alchemical exaltation. All events are designed for pleasure but you must eradicate the idea of your thinking you know what true pleasure entails.

Nothing is indeed nothing which all emerges out of. Zero moved to one and beyond. Nothing is the everything we see, feel, hear, taste, experience and more.


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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      10 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      In the midst of each second of our ever unfolding lives, we are being revealed. The mystery of NOT knowing presents for us the 'soil to toil.' I celebrate your continual harvest.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Your words connect on a very deep level and say so much. Thank you for speaking!


    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      10 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      The beauty you possess is immeasuarble. Everything reflects that which you are. Your innate passion shines forth in each gesture you make do, word you write, speak and whisper. I feel the gentle smile passing trhough the lines you type. Thanks!

    • AEvans profile image


      10 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Wow!!!! Now I see life for its face value, as I always wanted someone to express through their mind, exactly how they see it, and you did. :)

    • Paula Andrea, MA profile imageAUTHOR

      Paula Andrea, MA 

      10 years ago from www.mode of cosmic


      "thanks!" I appreciate your having read the hub. We are all 'artists' in search of expressing that which enflames us. To connect with others, from the same source of divine inspiration, is truly what it's all about. I enjoy being able to write what I'm passionate over and under; in and out and somewhere in between. I count you as a dear friend for having perceived this. Best to ya...

    • glassvisage profile image


      10 years ago from Northern California

      Wow. You are a real writer. Though I of course can't say for sure, I feel like you've really brought something from the depths of your mind here in this Hub. The words flow and connect perfectly. I was amazed and impressed! The pictures went well with the content, too. Beautiful!


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