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The Power of Personal Objective Planning - (Module Two)

Updated on May 2, 2012
You Just Know the Attitudes of Some People Are Negative.
You Just Know the Attitudes of Some People Are Negative.

Preparing For the Trip Consciously and Subconsciously.

Welcome Back. Hopefully you have spent the last 24 Hours realising that you are Special and that you have good reason to feel that way; You KNOW Every Positive element of your life up to now. You have listed a series of positive personal events or milestones and remembered how good you felt achieving those positive outcomes.

Also, you should have analysed Where You Are and How You Got Here. You have tracked your progress Positively and Honestly - Right? If Not; You will not be able to approach the next steps Objectively. So don't go on until you can. For the next part, you must be in a very positive state of mind as we are going to challenge that state, by dealing with Negative Barriers and Limitations. All those things that get in the way of you achieving your maximum ability. Some will be Real (in a factual or tangible sense) and some will be Perceived by you as being real (eg: Negative beliefs that act as Stop Signs).

To undertake this part of your Personal Objective Planning, there is one other thing that you Must Focus on while maintaining your Positive Commitment to Change.

Take a Deep Breath (or fifty!). NOW.. TAKE AWAY ALL of YOUR EMOTIONS. You are NOT going to let ANY of your EMOTIONS Get In The Way, or Influence the Practical Attitude that you need to apply during this Module.

So, get 2 envelopes and 2 pieces of paper. Mark on envelope one "+" and on envelope two mark "-"... Write on paper one "My Positive Emotions" and seal it in the "+" envelope. On the other write "My Negative Emotions" and seal it in the "-" envelope. Keep the positives (your "+" envelope and your positive list) in a positive place within your living space. Keep your "-" emotions envelope separate in a neutral place. With this simple task, you have gained a subconscious division between the two elements.

DO NOT RETURN OR REFER TO either of these items, throughout this module.

Effectively, for the exercise you have identified to your subconscious mind that you are detached from your both your positive and your negative emotions. Affirm the fact aloud, so that your other senses have been made aware of the separation and your intentions.

"I have detached myself from all emotion. I have only practical energy within my body and my mind. I will deal with all issues today through the use of my practical energy. I will not avoid any situation today. I have the power to look at every situation today objectively, practically and positively. I have the power to see a positive outcome to everything that I see today. I believe in my ability to always remain positive and objective. I have the power to heal my soul in this way. I am strong; nothing that I do today will hurt me."

Memorise your affirmation if you can. Any time that you feel upset, angry, insecure or feel a need to blame, or give up: Reprogramme your subconscious mind by repeating it. The more you tell yourself; the more positive you will become. You are sowing the seeds and terms of a good habit, that will become a prevalent thought and will improve your confidence.

Sometimes Tiny Things Seem So Big.
Sometimes Tiny Things Seem So Big.

Negative Influences and Limitations.

Only a Fool is not true to them self. However, at times in our lives, thanks to the benefit of that horrible (Negative) thing that we call Hindsight; we have all gained an ability to understand from a life experience, exactly what it must be to be a Fool. Chances are, that event made us realise that we needed to approach something more Positively in the future. There was a Positive Upside to a Negative event. Did you add That to your positive list before?

The point is worth considering as; if you consider things from this perspective; you will be always growing positively and always taking the time to analyse the pros and cons of a decision you are faced with making.

One such 'Fool Attack' that I personally experienced once had an extremely negative result, but provided me with an Upside that saved me numerous future indignities, as a result of that result. From that point I realised (positively) that I would never again listen to anyone more negative than myself.

"What Fool Attack?"
"What Fool Attack?"

Make a List of: The Negative Events in Your Life.

As you did previously when you were analysing the positive events within your life; break your life down into Five Year Blocks starting with age 5 and continuing until today. On this chart you are going to list EVERY Negative Event in your life. DO NOT take time to visualise them, just list them with age and a brief note. (eg: Age 3 - Dog Bite, Age 6 - Broke Arm, Age 14 - Dumped by 1st B/F, Age 23 - Arrested, Age 26 - Car Crash, Age 31 - Divorce, Age 32 - Dad Died, Age 38 - Mugged, Age 40 - Fell off Roof Drunk etc.)


Irrespective of how negative any event was: Be Factual and enter it on your Negative List. When you have completed this task; place the List with your "-" Emotions Envelope. Do Not Refer or Return to either of these during this module. The very best place to keep your Negative materials is in a 'neutral' place which requires you to open a door to have access to them. The door represents a barrier between you and your Negative Events and Negative Emotions. If you consider this to be the case, you will think twice before you open the door.

"OMG I Don't, I Can't, I Won't be able to do that!"
"OMG I Don't, I Can't, I Won't be able to do that!"

Make a List of: Your Limiting (Negative) Beliefs.

Now you are going to make a more descriptive list of the things that you Believe Limit You: All the things that you think stop you, or you feel hinders you in some way from trying to or actually achieving the things. Include the reasons that you perceive to exist as well. (eg: I can't speak in public - because I'm too shy). List as many as you can, but do not add more than 5 things that you would like to do; but actually haven't attempted to do. (eg: I don't think that I could Sky Dive, because I don't think I would I would fit into the plane, I don't think I would want to anyway!). Once you have completed this; now be brutally honest and really dig deep to find as many things about you that you can List under the Heading of:

WHAT I FEEL RESTRICTS MY ABILITY TO GROW.. In 4 following specific areas:

Fears that you have. (eg: Spiders - I almost got bitten by a herd of them once).

Faults you have. (eg: My face isn't symmetrical - because my left ear is bigger).

Your Insecurities: (eg: I don't like going out at night - I could get mugged again).

Your Self Esteem: (eg: I can't party hard - because I'm not very good at it).

NOW... List ALL the other Perceived Weaknesses you consider you have:

AND... List ALL the things that you feel threatened by: (eg: Tall Nose Blowers).

GREAT ... WELL DONE... You Have Just Completed The Easiest Section!!

But I'm Learning More About You With Each Barrier I Remove!
But I'm Learning More About You With Each Barrier I Remove!

Describe Yourself to You: Definitively.

To EACH of the following Questions; Write a paragraph that defines your beliefs: These 20 Questions are some of the most important questions that you will ever have to ask yourself. If you can not accurately and honestly analyse your Growth (Limiting) Personality along with your Current Attitude towards key aspects of your life Today: Where will you Be Tomorrow? Understand You practically and Enjoy Personal Change positively: DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF.

1 - What do you believe about yourself? Why?

2 - What do others believe of you? Why / Why Not?

3 - How do you see yourself today: Physically?

4 - How do you see yourself today: Spiritually?

5 - How do you see yourself today: Emotionally?

6 - How do you see yourself today: Practically?

7 - How do others see you today: Physically?

8 - How do others see you today: Spiritually?

9 - How do others see you today: Emotionally?

10 How do others see you today: Practically?

11 How do you see yourself as being Worthy to Others? Why?

12 How do you believe you should treat Others? Why?

13 How do you believe Others should treat you? Why?

14 Exactly how do you feel about Change? Why?

15 Exactly what Changes do you feel you want to make? Why?

16 Exactly how do you want Change to Improve your life? Why?

17 If you consider your Past; what events make you Angry? Why?

18 In what ways do you look to Blame others? Why?

19 In what ways do you tend to Complain and/or Justify? Why?

20 What do you Dislike most about Negative People? Why?

Add to your Answers over the Next 48 hours.

Once you have completed the above questions, then you have completed the hardest part of your Personal Objective Planning. You have some time out due to you as a result of such a concentration of Negative Influences. Did you Cheat? Did you Want To? Were You Brutally Honest?

Where we go from here is; that you take a break for the next 2 days to digest what you have achieved so far. At the moment, perhaps you may feel that you haven't achieved very much. But I Know that if you feel that way; it is because (A) You are Enthusiastic. What YOU need to Know is: Are you Enthusiastic because you are either (B) Impatient (a Limiting Influence). Or (C) You are Enthusiastic because this Has Motivated You in some way (a Positive Influence). Or (D) You are Enthusiastic because You Know reservedly that This Might Just Work for You (a Positive Influence). Or (E) You are Enthusiastic because you are Disappointed in some way (a Non Committed Limiting Influence). Or (F) You Know I'm Deliberately Dragging this Out! Or (G) Subconsciously You Quite Like Believing In Yourself!

You Need To MAKE A DECISION.... It's DECISION TIME and You Don't Have ALL THE FACTS! The Decision that you are going to Make NOW Must be MADE ON THE BASIS OF BELIEF..... You will either BELIEVE From the Perspective of WHAT YOU BELIEVED BEFORE You Started This... OR... From the Perspective of THE NEW BELIEF That You Have Taught YOURSELF As a Positive Result of HAVING STARTED This Program!

Whether you Stop or Proceed is a test of You... Not the Author. Either way; the key in making the Decision, lies within the paperwork that you have generated. If you take the next 2 - 3 Days to Review your notes and in doing so; review the positive notes Last... You May Find that you have left a very important piece of information out of your notes! To save you time it is simply this: Never, Never, Never try to make a practical, positive decision based on a singular Negative Emotion, or a set of them!  ASK YOURSELF: "Why have I got ANY Negative EMOTIONS from which to make a decision on.... When I had previously Sealed ALL My Emotions into Two Envelopes and Entered into Module Two, solely from a Practical (Emotionless) Perspective?"

"Ummm.. I Hadn't thought of That. Maybe I should take the next couple of days to review my notes and think about this!"
"Ummm.. I Hadn't thought of That. Maybe I should take the next couple of days to review my notes and think about this!"

You Might Be Right??

Do review all your notes and write down in your own words the progress that you have made up to now. WRITE IT DOWN... And then Read it Aloud to Your Favourite Person... YOU!

If you then decide that you are going to Carry On with the Next Module (a Good One) Called: The Power of Personal Objective Planning (Module Three): (Exploring Your Growth Options). Then you must do Two Things: (A) Write A Note To Yourself that Says: "Winner!" And (B) Post me a note telling me Why you are a Winner.

If you decide that you can find absolutely no reason why you should believe in the program or MY ability to believe in YOU.. Then Please: (A) Write Yourself a note that Says: "I Quit!." And (B) Please Post me a note, telling me Why?

REMEMBER: The Committment was; to be Brutally Honest.

Thank you for participating. I hope you have enjoyed my presentations and content. Good Luck.

Here Lie 1000 Empty Shells; each of which sadly fulfilled their Lives in the only way that They Knew.
Here Lie 1000 Empty Shells; each of which sadly fulfilled their Lives in the only way that They Knew.

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