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Intuition: Why do we Just Know? - (Part One)

Updated on February 8, 2012
Can we Really be In Tune with our Universe?
Can we Really be In Tune with our Universe?

Hearing your inner senses.

Do you Believe in your powers of intuition? Can you Focus those powers to create an event that will change your life? How do you use that focus to win, or to understand your place in your universe? Can your focus help you Just Know the lottery numbers before they are drawn, or provide you with the confidence of just knowing how to do something well, that you have never been trained in? Yes: Just believe.. In yourself, your knowledge, your heart and your mind. Focus on that belief.. It will surprise you.

I once sat with a group of friends at my home waiting for the national weekly lottery to be drawn live on television. The prize pool had grown to the highest value ever and to us, as sociable kiwis; this was the perfect excuse to throw a 'pot-luck' dinner party preceding the event. Just prior to the drawing of the first ball in the Jackpot, someone suggested that we each guess our choice of individual numbers and continue to do so, prior to each ball being drawn. So we did. In that single focused two minutes; in sequence; 6 little numbers were drawn that completely changed my life.

I Wonder How I Knew That?
I Wonder How I Knew That?

How come I Just Knew That?

At that time I didn't really understand the potential and relevance of actually picking 6 numbers in the correct sequence in regard to; the further development and reliance of that intuition, in bringing about future positive outcomes. It was not until years later that I found out how much your 'insight' relies on your overall positivity and attitude. Up until then I had only 'tested' or 'experimented' with my intuition.

From my 'self testing' came an understanding that I should Never question or doubt the sense at those times. It is a positive attribute that only seems to happen to me when I am positive and focused in myself. How strong is this sense that is either unwittingly or knowingly available; How important is being focused when it comes to achieving a particular desired result? Very. When you are positive in your outlook on life; you are open to all 'vibes' that come your way. You are also giving off positive vibes that others are open to, focusing is only a concentrated state of this. If you completely focus on the reasons why you are positive; others pick up on your 'vibes' and want to know you better. I personally find that if I want to achieve a particular goal; then I just have to 'Let the Goal Know' and visualise the result for the time that it takes to have the goal come to me. This is a very good exercise to practice with your pets as animals 'sense' more acutely than humans; which in itself should be asked Why, don't you think?

Of course if you are attempting to do this exercise with people, it will only work with people who are open to you; for example another positive minded person. A great deal of negative minded people are 'glued' to their negative perspective and allow that attitude completely undermine their self esteem to the point they gain most of their satisfaction from bringing others down. I try to avoid those ones as much as possible, as I find that such people seek out negative company. In saying this, I believe that there are two types of negative people; those who are not interested in changing their attitude and those who would change to become positive if they knew how to. I have found that this group really do have potential, when they make that change.

An Intuitive Positive Attitude.

Where Ever You May Roam.

Do we have Intuititive Experiences to teach us?

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All Roads Lead to Rome:

Are you blessed, cursed, starstruck or just lucky when your Intuition is at times so acute, that you Just Know in advance, what is about to happen? Or are you merely in tune with your universe? This article covers intuitive steps or events. These are my steps and have sculptured my life: you are on a path for your life; our paths may be similar. Previously unnoticed steps have helped me understand and accept who I am to my universe; as opposed to what that universe represents to me the individual. Time has helped me gain the wisdom, to realistically believe that the steps over which I have passed, form the path that I am; by way of positive change within my universe; bound to follow, without fear; or reservation.

I believe that we all are directed to follow some predetermined set of challenges and experiences, so that we may be able to find our destinies and understand the soul within which drives and guides us to find; our home. Each step on our path carries a set of lessons, which may be learnt at the time, or at some future time in our journey. In that respect, intuition forms an integral part of knowing who we are, our potential and whom we will in time evolve to be. I am sharing my life experiences, so that I may illustrate to you, the benefits of striving to gain a point in your life where: You Just Know.

Perhaps that in itself is a step on our respective paths. If so, then it could be said that the steps beyond that point are those that do take us home; to our Rome. I have many more steps to follow and explore: Writing is one them. My life has been a lucky one that has taught me to love, to loose and to love again. It is a lucky life that has taught me to believe in myself and care the same way for others, along with trusting all the lessons. I am sure that our individual paths all converge over time and we may meet as kindred souls who will inevitably Just Know: All roads lead to our 'Rome'.

How many steps in our paths? I do know; but am sure that each step taken, also leads us to greater wisdom and inner tranquility. My step today is to write. It takes courage, honesty, belief and intuition to do so. Yesterday, writing was not a step that I had seen ahead of me. I do not know the expanses of this world; but I Just Know that my path has lead me here to meet kindred souls, with greater skills. To a brighter place where collectively; we can help other travellers on their paths; believe and reach the potential within.

Do you Act On those Intuititive Experiences?

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Follow the bouncing ball.

When we take the time to review our lives; what is most apparent; is that there have been many key events and experiences that have had a very definitive relevance, in measuring our progress to our 'Rome.' Often the relevance of some events are so subtle, that they were, or remain unseen by us. If you analyse your life Positively and Objectively, you will find that you have actually learnt something very positive from the event. You may not however, previously realised the fact or gained an accurate understanding of why you have experienced the event.

Each positive lesson holds a major relevance overall to the unconscious bank of information that we accumulate, process and quite often misfile. We tend to think of that as being our 'experience' which of course it is, but it is far more valuable than to merely assign it to a file titled 'stuff I've done' as that tends to retard its 'real time' application. All information gathered can be said to be relevant to our future intuition folders, yet at times; is not identified as being only one part of two factors required for a task. In essence, we store fragments and live our lives not taking the time to 'defrag' our conscious mind, so that our unconscious mind can be programmed to operate at its fullest capacity. We are after all a computer with emotions, feelings and a memory capacity of an unknown size.

Some intuititive signs are so subtle that we walk right past them.
Some intuititive signs are so subtle that we walk right past them.

Exploring an Intuititive event.

By reviewing your life on a step by step basis, in say: 5 year blocks; you will find that It may not be until you have stumbled off your path, or something that at the time you considered to be a negative event; has provided you a positive lesson intuitively. It is generally not until you believe in yourself completely, that you can match the mental relevance. In The Power of Personal Objective Planning; by Pearldiver, a working exercise is provided to learn how to defrag your cerebral hard drive and to identify the relevance of those key events within your life to the objectives or goals that you have.

In the next part of the Intuition series, I refer to an example of a major event in my life, which I did not appreciate as being a key turning point in my life. The event taught me several important lessons from that singular event, although at the time, I did not understand the whole relevance of it for years. When this event was analysed in a life review; I found that the key Lesson that the event taught me was: Trust and Believe that no matter what; you are Safe.

© Copyright 2009 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved.

Everyone has the ability to develop intuitive awareness.

Thank you for reading my works please be sure to rate this article and leave a comment if you enjoyed it.... Pearldiver
Thank you for reading my works please be sure to rate this article and leave a comment if you enjoyed it.... Pearldiver | Source

I Believe This Team Will Win! - I WAS RIGHT!


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