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The Power of Personal Objective Planning

Updated on July 12, 2012
ONLY YOU have the ability to hatch YOUR DREAMS.
ONLY YOU have the ability to hatch YOUR DREAMS.

Know what makes you unique.

It is a basic human trait to want to achieve personal goals within the span of our lifetime. We all have something that we wish to achieve on any single day within the various stages of our lives. To be successful at achieving a goal; we require an understanding of ourselves and all those aspects that set us each apart from another individual. As individuals, we are each made up of different sets of experiences, that have directly or indirectly influenced us; either positively or negatively and helped condition all of our current attitudes, choices, beliefs, knowledge and motivation.

Irrespective of those factors that have impacted upon you as an individual; the very first step to setting an achievable personal goal: Is that it MUST BE personal. Just for you; not for a spouse, partner, your children or your friends. There is an old adage that states: 'You can not take care of others, if you can not take care of yourself.' So, even though the achievement of your goal may be beneficial to your relationship with another; your primary motivation must be driven by a desire to achieve personally.

It is a very hard ask of a mother to put herself first in this respect. Most women when faced with such a task, would digest it with horror, outwardly agree and then magically find a balance that allows them to not separate from any maternal obligation. Of course that can be done by including your children in the exercise, which provides the added benefit of an early lesson in growing self esteem, confidence and independence.

Personal Objective Planning is about being brutally honest with yourself. Completely opening yourself to yourself. Therefore the second step of the exercise is to commit to being brutally honest with yourself. Without that commitment, you can not know definitively what honestly makes you unique.

It takes a great deal of courage to analyse yourself in this way, because you will find that you must reacquaint yourself with things that have influenced you negatively in the past and now you are going to deal with them objectively, practically and honestly; so that you can identify and develop the positive aspects created by those experiences. Can you do this? Yes, Of Course You Can!


Having made the commitment to yourself to be brutally honest with yourself; the third step of 'YOUR' planning program, is to identify ALL Barriers that restrict your ability to move ahead with ease. Your Limitations include those that are factually Real and those that are Perceived by you as being real. Remember that you can not fool yourself here. This is where you get to test your commitment and your honesty. Step Three consists of Two Parts. Do the exercise over a 3 Day period. For the first part below, take 2 Days.

Take your time, think about who you are, where you are today at this point in your life and how you got to this point. Visualise the steps in your life in blocks of 5 years. Begin at age five and list the positive things that you have experienced within each five year block. DO NOT list the negative things, you are looking for only positive elements of your life.

Beside each event, score it out of 10 in relation to how positively the event influenced you. Once you have done this, go back to age five again and this time add briefly a note on exactly what you learnt from each event. Now go back to age five again and read out loud what you have written. As you read it, visualise the occasion.

For the next 36 Hours think Only about the events on your positive list. Add to it if you can throughout this time. These events are responsible for All the Good Habits and Real Beliefs that form the Positive You. They are the foundation blocks on which you will build a future in which you will achieve every future goal that you set. More importantly, you have recorded the facts. Factually, there are NO Barriers in front of you.

We will cover the 'barriers' in the next module, along with techniques you will need to apply to remove the limiting influences that hold you from where you know you should be. In the meantime; Enjoy all the positive elements of your life experiences on your list and think about what your next goal will be when you have nothing holding you back.

Let NO ONE influence your efforts so far. This is YOUR Personal Objective Planning program.

Drive to Your Own Conditions

Belief + Honesty + Commitment + Focus + Persistance:    Will get you to where you want to be and to your full potential.
Belief + Honesty + Commitment + Focus + Persistance: Will get you to where you want to be and to your full potential.

What Happens Next?

Follow the Link to:


To complete your development program you will need to complete the entire series containing FIVE MODULES.

Keep in mind that this program is NOT A TEST and there are NO Wrong Answers other than any you may give if you are attempting to fool yourself. To Ensure that you are always RIGHT simply be brutally honest with yourself.

I am here to coach and encourage you at any time that you may need help, or find that anything at all, leads you off the path that you are now following.

Merely e-mail or post your comments or concerns on this site. I will respond to you by return. Good Luck and Thank you for participating in: The Power of Personal Objective Planning.

This program is subject to Copyright Laws and remains the Interlectual Property of the Author.

© Copyright 2009 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved.

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