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Quantum Has No Pull

Updated on September 15, 2017


The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is an expensive white elephant in Geneva, Switzerland. It's mission today is to discover two of the breathtaking particles that 'science' 'predicts': the Higgs and dark matter. I say breathtaking because the Higgs is a particle of mass, something like searching for a particle of love or of intelligence. Since when are abstract concepts made of particles? And dark matter is an ad hoc creation of the religion of Mathematics. A galaxy does not revolve like the solar system where the planets on the outer edge Pluto/Neptune orbit around the Sun much slower than the planets on the inside Mercury/Venus. For mysterious reasons a galaxy revolves like a carousel with the horsies on the inside going at more or less the same rate as the buggies on the outside. But how can this possibly be? It destroys Newton and Einstein in a single blow! The equations are all wrong! Ergo, enter dark matter. This conveniently invisible yet heavy 'stuff' surrounds all galaxies and provides the necessary mass to make the equations come out right and leave both Newton and Einstein sleeping peacefully with their gold medals. Now all we have to do is just have the astronomers point their telescopes at the night sky and see if they can find this invisible 'stuff' somewhere. They can do that in their spare time after they finish looking for gravity waves, 0D black holes, parallel universes, and the moment of Big Bang Creation.

The LHC is a bastard child of the religion of Quantum Mechanics. It was predictable that once the mathematicians of the first half of the 20th Century began to chop up the atom into little pieces and then those pieces as well, at some point they would require more power. They built Fermilab, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), and now the LHC, the darling of the Math Klub. But Quantum is CONCEPTUALLY wrong! It has a fatal, built-in contradiction. Quantum PREDICTS (to use the favorite word of the religion of Mathematics) a fundamental or elementary particle. You cannot continuously divide a particle in half and hope to arrive at the particle that constitutes it all. But, the day that the mathematicians hold a press conference and tell the world that they have discovered the mother of all particles, the nosy reporter in the crowd will ask, "What is it made of?" And the process starts all over again. The particle mathematician asks the politician for more money to build more powerful smashers to get to the next level of Greek-letter particles. The results so far are that we have left poor William of Ockam biting the dust. We are not closer to the mother of all particles as 'predicted' by the likes of Bohr and Heisenberg when they resolutely decreed in 1936 that Quantum is now a complete theory. Quite the contrary. We have over 200 particles in the particle zoo and officially 16 in the Standard Model. And counting!

The glaring omission from the Standard Model, however, is the graviton, the particle of gravity. After a hundred years of Quantum, the mathematicians have been unable to fit this particle into the puzzle. Gravity is where Quantum and Relativity are incompatible. That's the reason we have the poppycock called String Theory (ST) today. ST has the task of merging Quantum with Relativity: the quantization of spacetime!

Why is the graviton so elusive?

Well, it should have dawned on any rational person that a tennis ball can't pull on a baseball. Discrete particles have no way of PULLING! If you wish to pull, you invariably MUST have an extended object such as a rope or cable or thread. What Quantum Mechanics will never discover is the force of pull!

So, you ask, "How is it that the the proton stays together inside the nucleus of the atom if it is made of three quarks?"

For this part of their magic show the Quantum mathematicians invented the gluon, a particle that 'carries' negative momentum from quark to quark. Yes. I know. I realize that this is a bit 'unintuitive'. You may not have realized the full implications of what the mathematician has just told you. He is telling you that the tennis ball spits a gluon marble at the baseball and when the marble strikes the surface of the baseball, rather than push it away, it draws the baseball towards it. Stunning, huh? Well, if you haven't realized it already, you were not talking to the director of the psychiatric institute, but to one of the patients who routinely impersonates him.

Not all is negative, though. There is something positive coming out of the LHC now and then. Comedy. Some of the bean brains manning the accelerators are still worried that they might create a black hole in the process of smashing their way to the Higgs. The uproar prompted the scholars to ask for funds to investigate the matter and put the world at ease that the chances of such an occurrence are very slim. And they didn't discover the Higgs or dark matter yet, but they found that light travels faster than light. Then, the orthodox mathematicians spent more funds debunking the finders of such a find. We're back to normal, thank God!

The song is a tribute to the LHC, to Man's gullibility, to the Emperor's New Clothes. The grown up crowd can continue gawking at the bare-assed emperor while he rides around in his 'robe'. But please don't mess with the poor kid who naively just tells it like it is.

Quantum has no pull

B. Gaede – Jairo

How does a quark pull a quark

Pitching gluon stones around?

How does the nucleus maintain

its discrete members bound?

How does a proton compel

electrons to obey,

come what may,

come what may?

Integrity is all

you make the call

How do you pull

two abstract nulls together?

How do you bind without


The scene’s beyond the mind

Out of sight, out of time

Extension is required to


Discrete objects can only push back

How do you

tie without rings, with no


what ain't even a thing?

tell me now tell me how

A hammock needs two trees,

can’t you see?

‘Pull’ does not manifest

between bees.

So please explain how….

How does the Sun pull the Earth

without touching its skin?

How does the Earth keep the Moon

orbiting its spin?

How does a magnet attract

another back to back?

Tell me now

Tell me how

And when it turns around

they both repel,

heaven and hell.

Have you observed this


Why does a pen fall to earth

instead of to the sky?

Tell me why,

Tell me why,

Could it be that its tied

by countless little threads,

head to head?

How do you bind without


The scene’s beyond the mind

Out of sight, out of time

The logic isn’t there, I’m


Discrete particles can’t


Why does a pen fall to earth

instead of to the sky?

Tell me why, Tell me why,

Could it be that its tied

by countless little threads,

head to head?

So please explain how….





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