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The Mathemagicians

Updated on March 12, 2016


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Pinky and the Brain (p-brane)

The mathemagicians have taken over the world. The patients have gained control of the asylum. The mathemagicians tell you what to think, say and do.

You may disagree. You claim that you are in full control of your own thoughts. You are an independent thinker or believe yourself to be one.

So where did you get the ideas you have? Didn't you get them from reading popular mags such as Scientific American or Astronomy? Didn't you get them from the news or from reading National Geographic or similar mags? Didn't these sources reduce to common language what the 'scholars' and 'researchers' wrote in journals such as Nature and Science? Didn't the editors of Nature and Science rely on 'peer' reviewers to approve the articles for publication?

So who are the 'peer reviewers'? Who are the people that determine what you will read and what you will NOT read? Who determines what is Science and what is not?

They are known as 'mathemagicians'! Whether in Paleontology, Economics, Physics or other discipline, the folks who control what you read are the same folks who give Nobel medals to each other.

How did the dinosaurs die?

Very simple! An asteroid hit the Earth and killed all of them. Thank God for that lucky strike or the T-Rex would still be on the streets of New York!

Will the economy recover?

Of course! Business comes in cycles of boom and bust. The market goes down. The market goes up. Read Keynes or Friedman. They've been blessed by the peers. Authoritative knowledge! Believe with your eyes closed! Certified information! Proven theories!

Why doesn't the Moon drift out of the Solar System?

You shouldn't even ask at this point! Space is warped! We've 'known' that for over 100 years. The Earth weighs down and forms a dent in the concept of spacetime and our natural satellite has no choice but to roll around the casserole like the little ball around the roulette. The Sun does the same thing to the Earth. The theory has been confirmed by the NASA Gravity Probe B Experiment.

We're done! Isn't Science wonderful? Once you can parrot these certified, proven theories by memory, you are an educated man of the world. You can small talk in any social gathering and look like a million dollars.

But where are the dissenting views? Where can you find someone who challenges the dogma?

They are known as self-publishers. They publish on YouTube and Facebook because they are censored by the 'peers' through the regular channels. Self-publishers are known as cranks or crackpots. There's a lot of crazy folk out there, don't get me wrong. But to bunch everyone in the same basket is simply an attempt to protect the mathemagicians' religion. The system has evolved to where new theories can only penetrate the mass media if as a minimum they are erected upon the 'proven' platforms of Relativity (warped space) and Quantum (discrete particles). Nothing else has a chance of reaching the public.

The 'peers' give prizes to each other and determine what gets published.
The 'peers' give prizes to each other and determine what gets published.

Atheist judged by Islamic judges

Imagine being an atheist, for instance, and writing a paper arguing against the existence of God. You submit the paper to a 'respectable' journal and the editor delegates the job of reviewing your 'findings' to the 'peers'. It turns out that the peer review board consists of 3 Catholics, 2 Muslims and 1 Buddhist. What are your chances of being published?

Now imagine submitting a paper arguing against warped space or particles of mass to a peer review board consisting of 3 relativists, 2 Quantum mechanics and 1 string theorist. What chances do you think you'll have of being published?

The mathemagicians have worked their way to a catch-22 situation. They want to hear vibrating new theories on the one hand, but they censor anything that is outside of Mathemagical fizzix on the other. Julian Schwinger had predicted that something like this would happen one day:

" The replacement of impartial reviewing by censorship will be the death of science.”

We are now in the censorship phase. We can have no more rational discussions in Physics because the 'physicists' have been conditioned to the religion of Mathemagical fizzix and will not listen to anything outside these boundaries. They are in charge. They control the media. They have access to the funds. The contemporary Inquisitors have the power. Humans will soon become extinct. We die with the idiocy of Relativity, Quantum and String Theory. There is no possible alternative.

The Mathemagicians

Words & Music: B. Gaede

We are here to tell you that we are just a few,

but we control the journals out there,

we decide what you believe, know, think, say and do

Metaphors are tools, we use them on you fools

and you don’t understand the difference,

that’s how our interpretations become rules

We got all the funding that Congress passed around

and in return we give back nonsense,

we write in a language no one can understand.

We scribble equations, put chalk on the board

and you gawk at the funny symbols,

anything that we don’t teach is ignored.

We tell you that space can warp like bubble gum,

The net is just a simulation,

in spite of this you sing and dance to the beat of our drum

We tell you the Higgs is a particle of mass,

and you open your mouth yet wider

Please drool on your own shoes, you stupid dumbass

We tell you that time can stretch like a rubber band

and you run home and kill your grandpa,

you are such an ignorant retard, a worm knows not what

We tell you a star can be compressed into a dot and that

Creation was a causeless wonder,

and you stretch yer ears to hear the thunder of Big Bang

We’re admired scholars, this gives us the power,

We rule your world from classroom pulpits,

we decide what you may publish and at what hour

We reward ourselves with every Nobel Prize,

You memorize all our one-liners,

you worship us more than Hollywood movie star guys

We are not the many, we are just a few,

But we control civilization,

pseudo intellectual graduates are what we brew

We get all the funding, but money’s running out,

Time for consternation,

Will we escape tribulation? Yeah!

The Mathemagicians


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