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Education: Now - THIS Would Be a Curriculum!

Updated on April 2, 2013
Congratulations! | Source
We Lost The Key
We Lost The Key | Source

A Simple New Approach..

The education system is failing us, and the fallout is clearly evidenced by the burgeoning prison system!

Closing schools and building prisons? You do the math!

While government funding is cut for the former - tax dollars are funneled almost without limit into the latter - the bars of which are literally heaving due to the tremendous strain placed upon them by the multitudes of 'shoulda-beens', 'coulda-beens', and 'mighta-beens' imprisoned within.

Is it just me - or is something just not adding up here?

HOW can we solve this critical problem?

Prisons are Thriving
Prisons are Thriving | Source

As the crime rate multiplies - school administrations divide their attention with more critical issues such as whether donuts should be offered in vending machines, whether the word Christmas might be deemed offensive - or whether children as young as 6 need iPads and condoms!

How brilliant is it that our children need a permission slip to go to the zoo - but - schools aren't obligated to inform parents if their daughter is pregnant?

Can you spell a-s-s b-a-c-k-w-a-r-d-s? If not - please don't feel badly - you're in good company!

I'd sure like to know who the brains behind this operation is! My fear is that they're somewhere over in CHINA!

Coming Soon?
Coming Soon? | Source

Here are some 'outside-of-the-(lunch)box' suggestions for courses that might actually teach our kids to get along in the real world...

Sophomore Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Self: Self-Control, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem
  • The Three Musketeers Course: All For One and One For All (Pre-requisite for United We Stand)
  • Anatomy of a Hug: Permission Slip Required
  • Shame: Something to be Proud of?
  • Settling an Argument: Using Your Brain - Not Your MK-47
  • Putting Yourself in Someone Else's Shoes: Permission Slip Required

Empathy | Source

Junior Curriculum:

  • Ego: The Good, The Bad, and The Just Plain Unacceptable
  • Bullying: The Link Between Bullying and Small Testicles
  • Empathy: The Lost Building Block of Civilization
  • Technology: Using the iPhone to Call 911 Instead of Recording Video for Youtube
  • Fifty Ways to Say I'm Sorry: Fifty Ways to Say You're Sorry
  • Gratification: Techniques for Delaying it Until it has Actually Been Earned

In MY School..
In MY School.. | Source

Senior Curriculum

  • Narcissism: The Negative Impact on YOUR Future, YOUR Relationships, and YOUR Life
  • Being Wrong: Making it Right - The Right Way
  • Your Word: Re-Discovering the Lost Art of Keeping Promises
  • History of Social Networking: Forgotten Concepts Such as Eye Contact, Face-to-Face Mortal Communication, and Knowing-your-Neighbors-Name
  • Greed: Examining the Era Before Greed Became the American Way

There are also Masters and Doctorate Degrees Available in:

  • Human Compassion
  • Assuming Responsibility, and
  • Dealing With Being Told NO

Now - THIS is a curriculum that makes sense ! It adds up ! It computes! It works out!

Anything else just seems plain dumb !

So tell me - did I forget any important lessons?



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