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Red-Shift and The Big Bang Theory

Updated on January 19, 2015

If you stand at the side of a road and observe a speeding motorcycle approach and then pass by and move off into the distance you will notice that there is a difference in the sound you hear from the motorcycle as it approaches you and moves away from you after it passes you. The difference you notice in the frequency of the sound approaching you and moving away from you. The sound of the motorcycle as it approaches is of a higher frequency and sounds shriller that the sound as it passes and moves away.

The reason for this difference in frequency is because the motorcycle is catching up with the sound waves emanating from its engine and so the waves in front of the motorcycle are squashed and therefore of higher frequency. The waves behind the motorcycle are stretched out and so have a longer wavelength and shorter frequency.

Scientists used this thinking to explain that the Universe is expanding and the stars are moving away from us.

Light like sound can be seen as waves. White light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow ranging from red to blue.Each colour of light will have its own wavelength and frequency. Red light will have the longest wavelength and shortest frequency while blue will have a shorter wavelength and higher frequency.

Using the analogy of the motorcycle approaching and then moving away we would expect a star that is approaching us to have higher frequency and so the refracted light from a star that is approaching the earth should be seen as blue and we should see the emitted light as red light if it is moving away from us. Scientists checked in every direction and found that the refracted light from every star and galaxy was emitting red light. They concluded that all the stars were moving away from us. They also found that the stars that were furthest away were shifted more to the red which meant that they were travelling faster away from us than the ones near us.

This was the basis for the Big Bang Theory of the Universe which simply states that the universe must have been created from a single point which then exploded in all directions. The galaxies furthest away and travelling the fastest came from that initial Big Bang!

Living in a Bubble


Even though Einstein developed the Mathematics to predict the idea that matter could collapse into a single infinitely dense point under certain circumstances he was unable to believe his own Mathematics. He just could not imagine matter collapsing into a single tiny dense point in reality. The idea of the universe being created from a Big Bang was inconceivable to him.So what did he do? He made up an explanation for why this couldn't happen so that his own discoveries fit in with his belief system. This is Einstein's second greatest blunder! His explanation involved making up a limit to which matter would never compress beyond. Robert Oppenheimer, the Physicist involved in the Atomic Bomb Project criticised Einstein for not trusting his own Mathematics. Oppenheimer didn't pursue the matter as he became a target of Senator Mc Carthy and simply became too depressed and disillusioned to muster any enthusiasm in controversial areas like this any more. It was not until another Scientist, also involved in the Atomic Bomb Project, John Wheeler came along and ran with Oppenheimer's ideas that any progress was made. As a result of John Wheeler's work inspired by Oppenheimer's open criticism of the great Einstein that Black Holes were discovered but that is a story for another Hub.,

Breaking Free


In this article I have explained how by explaining the sound of a motorcycle passing we can learn about our expanding universe which must therefore have come from a single infinitely dense point.

I have once again shown how even the greatest minds are held captive by their own belief systems. Even when the truth is there staring us in the face we make up stuff to account for what does not fit what we believe to be true.

In my private practice as a Hypno-Psychotherapist here in the Isle of Man I treat many people who come to me suffering with a wide variety of conditions like; Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD, Lack of Confidence, Irritable Bowel, Tinnitus, Fears and Phobias, addictions, Sexual Problems, Eating Disorders, to name but a few. Every one of these people shares something in common. Each one is "Shipwrecked" and I provide a "Safe Harbour" for them to heal themselves. Each one is firmly convinced that there is something wrong with them and they want to be fixed. The very first obstacle we face is the belief system of the person seeking help. Unless that person is willing to entertain new more constructive beliefs about themselves and the world they live in then they are as enslaved as Einstein was and will make up stuff to support their belief system to maintain their reality. This is where the HYPNOSIS comes in. I require every client to learn the art of Self-Hypnosis before they come for their first session. I tell them not to show up unless they have played my audio which teaches them the Art of Self Hypnosis for at least a week. Playing the audio every night before going to bed teaches them how to suspend their belief system so when they come for therapy they are in a position to entertain the notion of change and the possibility that believing something new about themselves.

Not all of us have the natural capacity to entertain new ideas especially if they conflict with our world view and belief system but with the power of hypnosis this is something everyone of us can learn to do.


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    • profile image

      Li Kong 

      7 years ago

      The following are the explanations why the discovery of Edwin Hubble does not provide a good evidence that our universe would be expanding currently:

      a)Despite many red shifts through telescope from astronomers, it does not provide the proof that this universe could be expanding for the following reasons:

      1) The possibility that our universe could be very huge that it would take more than trillion of years to reach the opposite end of the sphere. The assumption is based upon the following factors: This universe is assumed to be as a shape of sphere with external boundary and all galaxies were assumed to pull within the boundary of this universe.

      Let’s use a transparent ball to illustrate. Imagine that you would stand at one end of the sphere to view all the surrounding movement of galaxies. As all the galaxies were advancing at a high speed your end to the point that is opposite than you that form a half complete round, you certainly would visualize that all the galaxies were advancing as if that they are leaving away from you since their movement in speed is a few time faster than your galaxy. As this universe is very huge so much so that it would take a very long time, let’s say, more than a trillion years to reach the point that is right opposite to the point so as to make a half complete turn of this universe. Despite many galaxies have been moving towards the point that is right opposite to the point where you are viewing through telescope, the result would turn up to be many red shifts to be appeared in the sky. As universe is too huge for galaxies to travel from one end to another and only a few have completed a half turn to move than to the starting point of the sphere where you are, it turns up that they are many red shifts than blue shifts.

      2) The second possibility is that many galaxies might have advanced faster from yet and yet many galaxies might have made a complete half and full turn and yet the galaxies might not as what we think to keep rotating themselves and these could result that they do not turn back to us and they are beyond our telescope and technology that can be reachable since the universe is too big for us to imagine.

      3) The third possibility is that all the clusters of galaxies could be advancing in the same place and same direction just that most of the galaxies are advancing faster than us as if that their galaxies are moving further away from us. As we are in this tiny world and cannot have the full sight of this universe, we could not reject this possibility since it might be so without our full view of this universe since the astronomers just looked at the sky with a telescope that comes to their conclusion without viewing the universe as a whole. No matter how advance is the technology, it is unless to build an advice that could capture the whole view of universe from one end.

      4) The fourth possibility is that majoirty of the galaxies might have made a full complete in this universe within the boundary of the universe in many years ago, such as, more than a few thousand years ago. What the astonomers that have seen right now with many red shifts do not reflect the universe might be expanding since there might be a period of times in many years ago that almost all the galaxies have made a complete full turn and it turns up that many galaxies have turned up to be red shifts currently. Or in other words, it would take many years later, such as more than a few thousand years, in order to have many blue shifts instead of red shifts at that time.

      5) The fifth possibility is that universe was created in infinity and that all galaxies are advancing ever since the past. If that is so, it is erroneous to use many red shifts as discovered by astronomers to conclude that the universe is expanding.

      There might be other possibilities that you could think of why there are more red shifts than blue shifts and yet it does not come to the conclusion that the universe is expanding. As there are many alternative possibilities, to jump into conclusion that the universe is expanding through many red shifts being discovered is rather a little speculation.

    • Spirit Whisperer profile imageAUTHOR

      Xavier Nathan 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you for your comment.I am very interested in what you say regarding not remembering your dreams as a result of your head injuries.I would recommend you look up a treatment called TIR. I use it in treating victims of trauma and it is 100% successful. You sound very interesting so I will be reading your hubs and will get back to you as soon as I do.

    • Cagsil profile image


      7 years ago from USA or America

      A very interesting hub to say the least. When I was younger, I taught myself how to hypnotize myself. It was something that helped me sleep better at night. I would do it from time to time and found it helped alleviate stress build up. I was able to free my mind. However, I find it interesting that after a few accidents, with regards to head injuries, that I do not remember my dreams anymore. I'm not particularly worried about it and was never one who could control dreams to begin with. But, as I grew even older and studied many aspects of living, I did learn that my dreams(sleep state) really didn't matter with regards to remembering. At least I learned something new from your hub and that I am grateful. Much appreciate. :)

    • Spirit Whisperer profile imageAUTHOR

      Xavier Nathan 

      7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you for reading my hub and I am glad you liked it. people are so creative in that there is no limit to the ways they can see things. Every theory is left with at least one loose making room for the next. I have written quite a bit on hypnosis and hypnotherapy and you may find those hubs interesting too.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      7 years ago from England

      Hi, I love anything to do with Space and quantum physics! so this is perfect for me. the new theory coming out of QP is that we are just a part of a series of other dimensions, that is why gravity is weaker than it should be, even on the sky at night they were talking about this, so maybe there is more to all of it than we know, as for the hypnosis, I do have a few self help tapes at home, and they really are useful, I said tapes because they are old, maybe I need to buy some CD's! really interesting hub, thanks nell

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      7 years ago


      Thanks again for reading and commenting on my Time Travel hub..

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      7 years ago


      Very well done hub.

      While I am not in contention with the brains, I do think that the Big Bang Theory along with the Red Shift was an artificial mechanism to bound the universe to fit their own theories.

      I agree with Einstein, while the math can be done, there is no real indication that it can actually happen.

      The Big Bang is an artificial snapshot of the supposed beginning of the universe. The problem with that is that it sheds no light on the events that came before the Big Bang.

      Another great mystery that is not explained by the Big Bang Theory is the failure to find A Grand Unification Theory to bridge Quantum Mechanics with Astro Physics.

      My opinion is that it is entirely possible that instead of the Big Bang there was a portal where something from inside the portal escaped creating our universe. Much like a black hole concept.

      It is interesting that the scientists have only theorized what they think are black holes being created. What is lacking is actually seeing the other side of a black hole. It may very well look like the Big Bang.

      There is no real explanation from the scientists on what caused the singularity, or even better what caused the reversal of the singularity.

      From our vantage point on Earth and even in the depth of space that our probes have reached the whole guess on distance, size and speed of objects light years away is tenuous at best.

      These are most estimated by the intensity of light perceived from the earth or from the probe, but the distances that are in light years are just wild guesses.

      I am not saying that this is pure trickery on the part of the scientists, but the guesses are based on non verifiable assumptions.

      The Big Bang makes the assumption that we want to verify with the doppler shift that the universe is expanding. But if it turns out there is another explanation for the creation of the universe than the Big Bang, all bets are off.

      Light is treated as both a particle and a wave. Talk about apples and oranges, more like fruits and vegetables.

      I did a hub on time travel, I would like to know your thoughts on that subject.

      Voted Up


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