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Scholarships for Moms who want to go back to school

Updated on June 20, 2014

Single mother scholarships for back to school


Scholarships for Moms

Scholarships for moms is a blessing to mothers who desire to go back to school to upgrade themselves. Many single mothers find themselves in a situation which forces them to hold down a nine-to-five, a part-time, and in some cases two jobs in order to support themselves and their child/children.

These mothers often feel the need to upgrade themselves so that they can make life better for themselves and their children, but are highly aware of the hurdles they will need to surmount to make it a reality. These hurdles include getting enrolled in a suitable course of study, funding their studies, and joggling these added demands with the already demanding task of raising their children and holding on to their job(s).


Going back to school

Mothers who desire to go back to school to upgrade themselves may find the search for scholarships to be a daunting task. This is a widespread feeling among this group, even though there are scholarships available to assist them with the financial burden.

Mothers who are faced with the challenge of single-handedly raising their children can easily become frustrated with the rigors involved in getting enrolled in an educational institution and sourcing funding for their studies.Many bright and prospective women fall along the way as these demands become too much to handle. This is reflected in the increased percentage of women in many western countries who start, but fail to complete their course of studies.

There are a number of scholarships available to women who had to put their education on hold as because they started having children. These scholarships are available to both single moms and to those who are married. One of the first steps to winning one of these scholarships is to fill out the FAFSA which will need to be processed by March of each yea if they are to qualify for the aide. Single mothers tend to favor the Pell Grant as it covers their book and tuition expenses plus others expenses, and they will not have to pay it back.

The Pell Grant program consists of several grants which are given on a needs-based basis to low-income undergraduate, and select postbaccalaureate students. These grants can be used at over five thousand schools (5000) throughout the US. Students who acquire one of these grants are required to maintain a GPA average as is set by the school. You will only be able to access one such grant at a time, but you can apply for other scholarships for moms which are offered by other colleges. It is advisable that you keep checking the college bulletin boards as available grants are usually posted through this medium.

How To Win College Scholarships


Types of Scholarships for moms

There are various types of scholarships for moms, and these which include:

If you are a single parent and you want to upgrade yourself by going back to school, but know you will need financial assistance, you should take the first step and start doing an on-line search for scholarships for moms. In addition to those mentioned here, an online search will yield results of other types of scholarships for moms, and the requirement for accessing each.


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    • profile image

      Maheswar 2 years ago

      JIRES EDSON says:Hi Sir/Madam, currently Ie28099m a final year ugrtnraduade student at the university of Dar es salaam Tanzania with 22 years old, pursuing BA. ECONOMICS with good academic qualification of 4.3 GPA. my interest is to become a good economic analyst before being employed. please assist me to get scholarship for next year master degree program. thank you all of concern.

    • profile image

      Christy 2 years ago

      This forum needed shikang up and you've just done that. Great post!

    • profile image

      Mayara 2 years ago

      Dear sir respected sir as i cactant before iwant to make more information for you about me iam Abdihakin mohamed muse iam one of the student in camp refugee of sheder(eastern Ethiopia)iam flea from the civil war existed in somalia my age is 18 there is difucult sitution for me becouse of what? I orphan my father died in somalia 2006 and my family are poor and my mother doestnt afford to paid school fees or universal fees in this time iam the oldest child in my family we are 9 children others are smaller than me and my mother confused how to adminstring that family with difucult sitution if i continue my problem it is very difucult for me to live in this camp becouse sometimes ifeel illness when i chacked my health the doctors answered that you are good but you cant adapt the climate of this camp so we are advised to change this climate so that one my greatest problem that i my self confused so iam requesting schlorship in abroad and that one of my problem and iam requested sclorship agensy to suport for me how to manage with my vulnerable family and also in my future. I my self ilike education and iwant to gratuate up to university i realy want to study in canada,usa,finlandorother europe.And ihave good result from begining of my school up to now in my grade 10 igot national exam of ethiopia 85% my grade 11 igot 86% and ihope in my grade 12 much better result. So iam requesting again and again to supor me how to suport my youngerchildren icant conclude my problem so iam requesting again and again to give me sclorship apportunity as a kindly and brotherwoodly if you supor me God will suport you so response us much as posible.. By and good lucky yours Sincerly.