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Society flaws - The Show

Updated on March 12, 2012

Is it a soapbox?

I want to start by saying that the story I am about to share did not ruin a wonderful time with wonderful people in my daughter's (K) family! I saw an amazing show that amazed both me and my daughter. Did I mention that it was amazing? The story I tell is about the people around us and their behavior.

This is the reason that I do not do crowds. The sample set is just to large and you are always going to run into something frustrating. Someone will always be obnoxious and rude. In this case, it was the majority. Most of the time it does not affect me. A lot of people are lost and focused on the most useless of things. Many are not able to see the big picture at all. It is the new way of society. The most important things are tangible items, fashion, and how people view you. Family is more of a requirement than a purpose. Good job, nice car, pretty wife, cute kid, family pet, sexy physique, stylish hair, trendy wears, and the illusion is perfect tho lacking meaning and purpose most times. Some of my most amazing friends were able to go through that stage and come out of it in tact. They kept what they built, learned that it was not satisfying then injected meaning and happiness into their lives. I love seeing that happen. Unfortunately, I don't see it often. I can't say that there is anyone really to blame since these things are part of our society and can not be changed by small groups. This lifestyle does bring some serious drawbacks. Each drawback gives enough fuel to support countless hubs. The pressures of fitting into fashion and physical trends. Society's promotion of low self esteem and elitist thinking. How it provides fuel for bullying, low self worth, shallow thinking, judgement of others, and overwhelming debt to name a few.

This hub is not going to go into all of that. The one attitude that I think is responsible for what I saw deals with the feeling of entitlement. So the story begins. The most amazing show was Michael Jackson's Immortal Tour by Cirque Du Soliel. My daughter's cousin (Uncle D - he is older than K and its easier to call him uncle), his mother, and his sister drove about 2 hours to come take us to this show. This family has amazing love for my daughter and for me and wanted to share the show with her. Michael Jackson is her favorite artist. I know, she has amazing taste! :D
So we happily ventured out of our suburban area into the city for the show. I grew up in a city a lot larger than Orlando. I love the architecture, the culture, the different people and their styles. My daughter loves those things too. The city is exciting, but we both have a higher appreciation for our peaceful surroundings. Seeing the drunk people, the people who are barely dressed, and everything else you will normally see didn't bother me. It never has, that is part of life. My daughter already knows that there are many life choices. We saw a young woman, stumbling drunk, being carried into the show. K and I talked about it since she noticed. We both thought that it was a waste of money for her to see the show because of her condition but I don't teach K to judge so that was the only thing that was said beyond explaining why she was acting so strangely. What bothered me was after the show. I was actually disappointed in people. Most of the time, I am not surprised, but the sheer number of people who showed such selfish, rude behavior took its toll on me so much that I told D that he would see my angry side if we hung out more often.

Uncle D is wheelchair bound. It is not something that K or I pay particular attention too. We never treated anyone differently because of what accessories they decided to carry around with them so a wheelchair is not a big deal to us. He is uncle D. We do, of coarse, recognize that there are somethings we have to do differently, but not many at all. The Amway Arena is huge. It has a lot of stairs and escalators. It has a few elevators. I do not expect people to give D any special treatment. I don't expect him to show up and have the crowds parted down the middle like the Jordan River so that he can pass. He doesn't expect it either. He waits his turn and has proven more patient than I am. We get him into a main elevator. It takes a while because people pass him to crowd the elevator and now he has to fit sideways in order for the doors to close. The elevator is filled with people who can take the stairs or escalators, but not one of them offered to dismount to let him in. That is fine. Everyone is excited about the show. He fit. His mom went with him. The rest of us preferred use the escalator. Obviously, there are seats dedicated to those in wheelchairs and such. He can't exactly go down the stairs for stadium seating so there is a mini elevator to take him to his seat. Getting into the seat was fine. Leaving the show was the problem.

It started when the masses got up to leave. The wheelchair seating area was also a landing. People seated below and above can come together in this area in order to take the small staircase onto the right floor. There was one landing per floor. The crowd was very thick and the small elevator was behind them. People packed in tightly to try to get to the stairs. They deliberately ignored countless excuse-me-please's and can-we-get-by's. D's mother and his sister had to create a human barrier to stop traffic long enough for D to get by. They did this instinctively. They were used to being ignored. Even with the human barrier and the very noticeable wheel chair, people were still trying to get by and go around him. They would not stop for a second. I noticed, but I still was not annoyed.

We then get D into the small elevator. Other's noticed and decide to squeeze into the elevator with him. They did not want to wait on line to go up a small flight of stairs. Now I don't know if they thought this was a normal elevator that was going to take them to the main floor or not. I didn't really care. I was more along the lines of 'oh brother.' I was not annoyed yet. We did the sardine thing for just a few seconds. Now it was time to get to the main elevators. We were on the 5th floor. There were so many people that we had to wait on the elevator. Like I said, that doesn't bother me. D waits his turn. Then people start swarming around him. 5 or 6 elevators come and go and when the doors open people skip him, swarm around him, pack the elevators, and leave him waiting. Now, it is getting to me. I look around and observe. These people were not debilitatingly obese. They were not aged. They had no physical ailments that I can see. There were no casts, no crutches. I saw one pregnant woman who had to have her husband protect the belly from the crowd pushing into the elevator. That bothered me. Respect her space, she is noticeably pregnant! They were rude and lazy! They were young women who absolutely needed to wear super high heels to see the show and walk around downtown. Now they are drunk and tired so they push themselves into the elevator. I saw young men, who showed off their muscular, gym ladened physiques pushing thru with this air about them like it was their right not to be subjected to the stairs. I couldn't help but wonder what the muscles were for.

Now, I don't mind waiting. That doesn't bother me at all and the family had to wait a long time until the crowd died down. What angered me was that not once did anyone show courtesy. Not once. D had to pay for all the arrogance, the senseless fashion choices, the laziness, and the drunkenness of others. I am a thinker so the more time I had the more I could think. They made this magical contraption that would carry you down the stairs continuously. There is no need to wait for it. It is on all the time. It only goes in one direction. You don't have to move at all once you are on it. It is called an escalator. Drunk people can even sit on it until it is time to get off. It is amazing and obviously not well known. I don't blame you for being drunk or wearing the wrong shoes. If you are too drunk then you shouldn't be on any machinery since there is a risk that you may hurl. I blame you for being selfish and self centered. I blame you for not using other resources. What is the difference between an elevator and an escalator? The one that stands out is that a wheelchair can't use it.

I guess I was just raised differently. I am young and strong. I will get out and give my spot to an old woman, a pregnant woman, any family with a special needs child, or any wheelchair. I am willing to go as far as give up my seat on a plane as long as I am not in route to an emergency or leaving my daughter waiting. It is just what you do. You don't try to squeeze by the wheelchair to the point of almost putting your hands on the wheelchair to move it out of your way to get your skinny, high heeled, drunk self on to an elevator that is literally 2 feet from an escalator. That is just absurd. Who teaches this? Really? Ok, cut me off in traffic because I drive the speed limit. Judge me with out knowing me. Race me to the check out line and take my spot when you know you saw me. That part of human nature is quirky. I find it funny but there is a line people. You will be old one day. You may even be in a wheelchair. Reap what you sow applies here. If not because it is the right thing to do, do onto other what you would like done to you in the event that you get there someday.

The worst part is that somewhere down the line, people learned this behavior. Children can be naturally courteous. "You dropped this mister." "Oh, thank you!"

Angry Girl Rant

I understand...

I don't express myself in the same way. I represent a different age group. I don't use the same language. I don't want to drown people. There are many huge differences between Jenna Marbles and myself but I can relate to her message and frustration about peoples priorities today. Plus, it is always pretty funny to see someone on their soapbox especially from someone who is my polar opposite.

The positive side of hope.

Here see, this is perfect. Here is an example of just plain human kindness. No reward. No big payoff. No fifteen minutes of fame. It didn't take too long. Your life is not completely disrupted. Just the right thing to do people, come on! You can do this. Piece of cake!


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      It was an awesome display of good people doing something because it should be done. 30 or so dolphins beached themselves and some people came thru to pull them back out to sea.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      It kept freezing on me so I left it alone.. Frank

    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Thank you for reading it and commenting Frank! What a huge compliment. Plus any compliment from you is rated heavier to me.

      I notice that when I write like this, not many comments pour in but people do read them. I was beginning to think I was a bit scary with this one. Scary or not, here I come... :D

      Thank you so much again Frank.


      Did you watch the dolphin video?

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      moms-secret I'm going to go on record saying this was the best hub I read so far today.. clever and entertaining..yeah wish I knew how to share it down the feed so the late waker-uppers can have a glance at it Societry flaws.. the show up and amazing


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