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Spanish Lesson Fifteen: Saying What You Want To Do

Updated on February 5, 2013

Before You Read

So I've had a pretty good work week. It's been filled with well... work lol. It's Sunday again and it seems like time just keeps on rolling by. I hope everyone has enjoyed their week. :) This week we're on Lesson Fifteen. These lessons are designed for you to be able to go at your own pace and learn Spanish "A Little At A Time". You can learn as fast or slow as you'd like without feeling dumb or pressured to show off. For those of you stumbling upon this for the first time, so welcome to the first time visitors. For those of you returning, Welcome back. I recommend that everyone go back to previous lessons and review them occasionally to help the information penetrate successfully. The link to those lessons is provided below, after the explanation of this week's lesson.

Last week we discussed Food and Dining. If you'd like to review that lesson before going on click--->here. In today's lesson we will be discussing Saying What You Want To Do. A new verb will be introduced as well as new phrases to use. Ready to have some fun?

Previous Lessons

Today's Vocabulary

Today we are discussing Saying What You Want To Do. Our vocabulary will consist of things you might want to do as well as fun phrases to know how to say. Take a look at the vocabulary below before continuing on.


Basketball: Baloncesto

Baseball: Béisbol

Football: Fútbol Americano

Soccer: Fútbol


To Spend Time With..: Pasar Tiempo Con...

To Cook For...: Cocinar para...

To Stay In Bed: Quedar en la cama

To Say At Home: Quedar en la casa


To Wish/To Want/To Love: Querer (e->ie)

To Relax: Relajar

To Listen: Escuchar

To Play: Jugar

To Play (an instrument): Tocar

To Run: Correr

To Jump: Saltar

To Clean: Limpiar

To Exercise: Ejercer (C->Z)

Note: These verbs are broad and just used for your own practice. You can always find other verbs to use for this lesson online or in a Spanish dictionary. Other activities, verbs, and sports will be introduced in future lessons, so keep that in mind.


Today's warm-up is pretty important. First, head back to Lesson Five to review the conjugation of -Ar, -Er, and -Ir verbs is you need to. Secondly, take a look at the chart below to understand how to conjugation the verb Querer which is at the center of the lesson. I wrote its definition "To Wish/To Want/To Love". It has been used in many of those situations. In this case, consider that Querer means "To Want".

Spanish Pronoun
He/She/You (Formal)
They (Informal)/They (Formal)
Ellos or Ellas/Ustedes

Stem Changing or Boot Verbs

Querer is a stem-changing or boot verb. We discussed this concept a little bit in a previous lesson. On the vocabulary list, above I placed (e->ie) next to Querer to signify that the first "e" in the word will change to "ie" before the entire verb is conjugated. This change occurs in every form of the verb except for the nosotros form. That is why the verb Querer is conjugated in such a way. Also take note that these changes only occur in the Indicative or Present Tense of Spanish. We have not moved on the Preterite or Past Tense yet, so consider stem-changing verbs relevant only in the Indicative.

There are other awesome stem-changing verbs to learn in Spanish and today's homework assignment will help you learn those, but for now we'll focus on Querer since this lesson is devoted to Saying What You Want To Do.

Saying What You Want To Do

There is no formula to saying what you want do unlike others. I will however provide one of my own creation. Querer + Inf +Add.

This formula means the verb Querer conjugated to reflect the subject, plus an Infinitive verb. Make sure the verb next to it is NOT conjugated. It remains in its rawest form. Also you can Add additional information to complete the thought. It's very simple indeed.

Quiero relajar mañana. I want to relax tomorrow. That's a pretty good sentence. Also don't forget about Adverbs and Conjuctions that can add more zest to the sentence. Considering using this:

Quiero relajar mañana con Elliot. I want to relax tomorrow with Elliot.That's cool right? Also you can place Querer after the Adverb or anywhere you think it'll work. You can always change it up. Here are some other words you might like to incorporate into your practice.

To Leave: Salir

To Escape: Escapar

To Avoid: Eludir

To Hug: Abrazar

To Kiss: Besar



Your homework for today is to view a video based off of Lesson Twelve. This video will help you recap on how to tell time in Spanish. Senorbelles is my favorite Spanish teacher online and he has a great deal of clarity when discussing a certain topic, take a look at what he has to say.

Also in the coming lessons we'll be discussing a great deal more about grammar and visiting other themed topics in Spanish. Stick around for that. :) Here are some lessons that will be coming soon:

  • What Should You Do?
  • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
  • What Do You Like And Dislike?
  • What Are You Doing?

Next week we will be discussing Showing Possession in Spanish. Make sure you don't miss that one!!

Additional Note: Lesson Twenty we will begin discussing how to talk in the past tense. It's called the preterit. Also, your second quiz will be posted simultaneously. So come for that. It's open note, a refresher if you will.


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