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Spanish Lesson Thirty-Eight: Cars and Car Parts

Updated on September 22, 2013

Hey Everyone! I want to first apologize for last week's lesson. As I reviewed this week I found several errors. The vocabulary list has been completed, the charts at the bottom updated as well as the homework. Please excuse those mistakes. To view them click here. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, Bienvenido! It's time to start learning some more Spanish. This week we're going to focus on the Car and Car Parts. I thought that'd be unique enough to grab some attention.

Now last week we worked on Giving and Receiving Directions. I hope that was useful to you all. These themes are meant to expand your vocabulary and ability. I'm hoping to figure a way to incorporate more ways to learn in these lessons. When I do, I will definitely initiate those new functions. As of now, we'll continue along as normal. Oh. Also don't forget that come lesson Forty there will be a new Quiz and Project Lesson. Lesson Forty-One will be another grammar lesson on how to use The Future Tense. Stay tuned!

Today's Goals: To learn and understand new vocabulary pertaining to Cars and Car Parts. To Utilize said vocabulary and be able to incorporate it into everyday conversation.

Today's Vocabulary

Welcome everyone! El vocabulario de hoy will be your usual hodgepodge of adjectives, verbs, and nouns. Also there will be an additional chart of words pertinent to today's theme. I hope these words are helping you all learn new vocabulary. Always look up sites that offer flashcards to learn new words. That's probably the easiest way to retain new words. You can also make your own!

Today's Tips: Watch or read a car review in Spanish. See if you can understand any of the terms or parts of the car.


To Scatter/To Spread: Esparcir

To Expect/To Hope/To Wait (For): Esperar

To Ski: Esquiar

To Establish/To Set Up: Establecer

To Be: Estar

To Estimate/To Esteem/To Respect/To Value: Estimar

To Study: Estudiar

Reflexive Verbs

To Undress Oneself/To Get Undressed: Desvestirse

To Stop (Oneself): Detenerse

To Aplologize/To Escuse (Oneself): Disculparse

To Have A Good Time/To Enjoy Oneself/To Amuse Oneself: Divertirse

To Be (Get) Divorced: Divociarse

To Take A Shower/To Shower Oneself: Ducharse

To Become Angry, Annoyed, Irritated: Enfadarse


Card Games: Los Juegos de Tarjeta

Board Games: Los Juegos de Mesa

Video Games: Los Videojuegos

Pool Games: Los Juegos de Piscina

Tabletop Games: Los Juegos de Mesa

Beach Games: Los Juegos de Playa

Team Games: Los Juegos de Equipo


Silver: De Plata

Platinum: Platino(a)

Gold: Dorado(a)

Emerald: Verde Claro de la esmeralda

Onyx: Ónice


Buenas tardes! Good afternoon! Welcome to the Warm-Up today. We'll do the normal thing today and work on some practice questions. These are here to help you review slowly while we continue learning new things. You can always go back the lesson it pertains to to review what you may have forgotten. This week's questions come from Lesson Eight. If you don't remember that lesson, click the link. Also don't forget to check out today's theme vocabulary.

Car and Car Parts Vocabulary

English Word
Spanish Equiv
El Auto/La Coche
La Puerta
La Rueda
Windshield Wiper
El Espejo
La Luz Intermintente
Brake Light
Luces De Freno
Las Luces
La Cajuela
El Motor
Los Frenos
Air Conditioner
El Aire Acondicionado
El Radiator
Miles Per Gallon
Millas Por Galón
El Airbag

When Discussing Cars and Car Parts...

So readers. I hope this vocabulary proves useful to you. The list to your right is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing things about your car or its parts. The following is a list of phrases that one can use in the event that your car has an issue. Below are common phrases that you and I use everyday.

Mi rodada está es plana. My tire is flat.

Mi coche se sobrecalienta. My car overheated.

Mi coche no arranca. My car won't start.

El aire acondionador no funciona. The air-conditioner doesn't work.

Uno de mis luces no funciona. One of my headlights doesn't work.

Mis limpiaparabrisas están roto. My windshield wipers are broken.

Note: For more phrases, check the links below. They provide a more detailed list of phrases and vocabulary words.


Espero que nadie tuviera problemas con la tarea. I hope no one had problems with the homework. With every new assignment, I think conjugating verbs will just become easier and easier. You have to remember that every verb is unique in its own way. There are some exceptions to the rules, but for the most part, all verbs conjugate the same way in every tense. Your answers are below this section. Here are some more verbs to practice the Present Indicative, Preterit, and Imperfect Indicative. I used the Imperfect Subjunctive earlier. Don't worry. That won't come until later. Here are this week's verbs

If you need anything refer to: Lesson Five, Lesson Twenty,Lesson Twenty-Five, and Lesson Thirty-Five.

Aburrir (To Bore/Annoy/Vex)

Aburrirse (To Be Bored/To Grow Tired/To Grow Weary)

Acabar (To Finish/To End/To Complete)

Oh! Next we'll be discussing This, That, These, and Those. You can't miss that!

Present Indicative Answers

Me Abtengo
Te Abtienes
Se Abtiene
Nos Abtenemos
Se Abtienen

The Preterit Answers

Me Abtuve
Te Abtuviste
Se Abtuvo
Nos Abtuvimos
Se Abtuvieron

Imperfect Answers

Me Abstenía
Te Abstenías
Se Abstenía
Nos Absteníamos
Se Abstenían


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