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Spanish Lesson Thirty-Nine: This, That, These, and Those

Updated on September 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This is lesson Thirty-Nine! That means next week we'll have a new Project Lesson and Quiz pertaining to lessons Thirty-One thru Thirty-Nine. I'm so excited about the progress we've made thus far and all the lessons that are upcoming! I will be revealing your project as well as your next quiz. Thanks so much thus far for your page views and dedicated readership. Anyway, welcome to this week's lesson. I thought I'd finally crank out a lesson on This, That, These, and Those. It sounds like it'd be simple, but still I get a little confused when specifying things. Anyway, there will be a chart and explanation of what's going on with everything.

I'm really excited about this lesson and more to come. I'm always looking for more ways to incorporate some hands on learning for everyone. One day I might make some videos? Who knows? My imagination is broadening and hopefully these lessons will be more fun, more informative, and more interactive. Just sit tight for those improvements.Now, let's continue.

Today's Goals: To be able to describe items as This, That, These, or Those. To incorporate such language into Spanish knowledge.

Today's Vocabulary

Hey hey! There isn't any vocabulary pertaining to today's theme. So we'll work on our weekly hodgepodge of words. Hopefully I'll find some more awesome adjectives and nouns for you all. By lesson Forty-One, I'll expect to have an awesome book with lots of wonderful words. As far as verbs go, I already have a book for that. ;)

Today's Tips: Watch a TV show in Spanish without subtitles. See what you can catch. Then, keep watching the show. Are you starting to understand some of their words?


To Demand/To Urge/To Require: Exigir

To Explain: Explicar

To Express: Expresar

To Fabricate/To Manufacture: Fabricar

To Be Lacking/To Be Wanting/To Lack/To Miss/To Need: Faltar

To Congratulate/To Felicitate: Felicitar

To Feast/To Entertain/To Celebrate: Festejar

Reflexive Verbs

To Get Sick/To Fall Sick/To Become Sick/To Fall Ill/To Become Ill: Enfermarse

To Become Angry/To Get Angry/To Get Cross: Enojarse

To Be Mistaken/To Make A Mistake: Equivocarse

To Take Notice/To Pay Attention/To Settle: Fijarse

To Inform Oneself/To Find Out: Informarse

To Enroll/To Register/To Sign: Inscribirse

To Be Interested In: Interasarse


Lyric: Las Letras

Limerick: El Limerick

Stanza: La Estrofa

Chorus: El Coro

Beat: El Ritmo


Melody: La Melodía


Itchy: Irritado(a)

Sweaty: Suduroso(a)

Dry: Seco(a)

Clammy: Pegajoso(a)

Smooth: Suave


Hey Everyone! Here's today's Warm-Up. We'll do another three question quiz for your review. These questions come from Lesson Eleven. So take another look at that lesson if you don't remember it. Good luck and I'll see you down at today's chart!!

This, That, That One Over There

Masculine Singular
Feminine Singular
That One (Over There)

These, Those, Those Over There

Masculine Plural
Feminine Plural
Those (Over There)

Using This, That, These, and Those

Hey everyone! So yeah... see what I'm saying? It's a bit complicated if you're new at it. I still haven't gotten it down packed yet. This, That, That One Over There, These, Those, Those Over There... there are six choices to choose from and don't forget you have to follow Gender of the word. So therefore, you have to pay attention to Gender and Number in this case. Let's see an example of each case.

Esta mesa está roto. This table is broken. Singular feminine noun.

Esa mesa está roto. That table is broken. Singular feminine noun.

Aquella mesa está roto. That table over there is broken. Singular feminine noun.

Note: When using a masculine noun, simply follow the chart and create your own sentences using the demonstrative adjectives.

Estas mesas están rotos. These tables are broken. Plural feminine noun. Remember that your adjectives need to also follow number in the case as well as any verbs that exist in the sentence.

Esas mesas están rotos. Those tables are broken. Plural feminine noun.

Aquellas mesas están rotos. Those tables over there are broken. Plural feminine noun.

Again. Follow your chart to interchange with masculine nouns. If you need additional help, check out the links below for more information. Also remember that these demonstrative adjectives go directly before the noun(s) it represents. Any verbs and following adjectives much match the number (either singular or plural) than the noun(s) mentioned in the sentence. Good luck with your practice. Try out some more sentences with these words.

El Apartamento--->Sucio (This apartment is dirty)

La Lampára---->Rota (That lamp over there is broken)

La Gente----> Alto (Those people are tall)

Los Ojos---->Hermoso (These eyes are beautiful)



Hey Everyone! It's that time again. It's time to prepare for your homework assignment tonight! Remember these assignments are to help you conjugate verbs properly. If you get stumped, look up the verb online or in a book to help with conjugating. It's always good to remember how to conjugate verbs. You never know when you might need it!

There are some exceptions to the rules. Don't fret, you'll find them out soon enough. If it's a regular verb, easy peasy. If not, then there might be a bit more difficulty. Your answers are below this section. Here are some more verbs to practice the Present Indicative, Preterit, and Imperfect Indicative.

If you need anything refer to: Lesson Five, Lesson Twenty,Lesson Twenty-Five, and Lesson Thirty-Five.

Acelerar (To Accelerate/To Speed Up/To Hasten/To Hurry)

Aceptar (To Accept)

Acercar (To Bring Near/To Place Near)

Don't forget! Next week you'll have a new Quiz and Project. Get ready for that!!

Present Indicative Answers

Me Abburo
Te Aburres
Se Aburre
Nos Aburrimos
Se Aburren

Preterit Answers

Me Aburrí
Te Aburriste
Se Aburrió
Nos Aburrimos
Se Aburrieron

Imperfect Answers

Me Aburría
Te Aburrías
Se Aburría
Nos Aburríamos
Se Aburrían


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This intaimofron is off the hizool!

    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      AE Williams 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      No problem! I hope you enjoy the earlier lessons. They aren't as well organized as the later ones, but at least you'll get to see some progression! Let me know what you think of them.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting but before reading I am going to look for the first one in this series and I shall get back you.Thank you so much for sharing.



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