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The Event, Is It The Sign We Have All Been Waiting For?

Updated on April 9, 2016

Making The Connection

Learning to make the spiritual connection to the light energy that is in all of us will help us to remember who we really are.
Learning to make the spiritual connection to the light energy that is in all of us will help us to remember who we really are. | Source

My Event

The truth isn't a conspiracy if you deny it, it is just an excuse to continue to search for it. Once we recognize that the truth to everything is inside us and has been there our entire lives, we will realize that only our own fear and ego is what has preventing us from becoming aware of this startling fact of life. This article The Event, Is It The Sign We Have Been Waiting For? will expose the simple facts that the entire human race has been denying themselves for thousands of years.

A recent trip to the Smokey Mountains in Eastern Tennessee, showed me how willing I have become to ignore the simple truth of my life. My intentions were to under go a Quantum Healing Hypnotic Regression Therapy Session in the hopes of finding out what my purpose for incarnating on this planet was. To find out who I really am and what the truth of my existence is all about.

My ego or more simply my fear prevented the hypnotist from being able to put me in a trance. Just like my many failed attempts to astral project, every time the hypnotist came close to putting me into a trance my ego resumed control. My fear of allowing someone else to have control prevented me from letting go. Ultimately it lead me to question my own motives for the entire experience and my conclusions disturbed me to my core.

Here I was looking to let some Higher Power, perhaps my subconscious or my spirit guide reveal to me the purpose for my existence, when ultimately that is the entire reason for incarnating here in the first place. Every clue pointed to the simple fact that my whole life and every life on this planet's ultimate purpose is to come to these conclusions on their own.

Certainly I was frustrated, as I had created such high hopes and expectations for this event but this experience was not a failure, just the contrary. It motivated me to search for the real reasons for why I felt this Therapy Session would lead me to the answers that I have sought my entire life. Suffice to say I did not give up and it was not the money I had paid for the session that motivated me but the sincere desire for enlightenment.

On the last day my conclusions were confirmed when I was put into a light meditative alpha trance which was designed to remove my fear and reassure my ego but lead me to having a conversation with a power greater than myself. Before I reveal what that conversation was like and what transpired, let me share with you some of my knowledge and the history behind the topic of that conversation.

Spiritual Awakening

Once The Event takes place everyone on the planet will have a Spiritual Awakening!
Once The Event takes place everyone on the planet will have a Spiritual Awakening! | Source

The Event

This Event described on such sites as and other sites, is a precursor to the ascension process and is designed to awaken the human race to the fact that we are not alone and never have been. It is designed to level the playing field and reveal once and for all, the Alien/UFO phenomenon.

It is a way for the Council of Worlds to enlighten the entire human race all at once, to reveal long buried secret information hidden by our Governments and to allow humanity to decide their spiritual orientation. Although it will be an Event many have been waiting for, many may panic as it will shatter their current paradigm or world view.

All factors have been taken into consideration and prepared for and that is why it is so long in coming, as it is imperative that the majority of the human race can handle the information that will be revealed. Without a doubt many will be angry and perhaps violent or suicidal and this is why it is imperative that the rest of us help them to understand and remain calm and not to panic.

The Event

Recently I had been reading on the internet about an Event that will shape humanity's destiny and lead us into the Golden Age of Mankind. An Event so powerful, so unmistakeable, so profound that no one will be able to deny it. I was under the false impression that this would be caused by Nibiru or Planet X and the Polar Shift but I now realize that is not so.

Certainly Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift will have a profound impact on life on our beloved Earth but this is not The Event I had been reading about. The Event as I had read about would begin with a burst of love and light sent from the central sun of our Universe. This burst of energy would not just affect Earth but the entire Universe and bathe every living sentient being in an unmistakeable feeling of love, light and peace.

  • This Event will be the beginning of change so profound on this planet that no one will be able to deny it. It will change our social structure, political nature, economic system and religious beliefs and that is only the beginning.

  • This Event will lead to the arrest and imprisonment of the criminal elite, Illuminati, Cabal (whatever you wish to call them) that have raped, enslaved and pillaged the masses for untold generations. This removal of the powerful rich elitist that have run our world for so long will pave the way for our entire banking structure to shut down (for two weeks) only to be rebooted by the Vatican's vast wealth and other funding designed to provide a more fair and equitable system for every person on the planet.

  • This Event will lead to the Full Disclosure of the Alien/UFO phenomenon that so many know of but no one can prove. It will allow for the release of censored information on a scale that will make the Renaissance look like a Kindergarten class.

  • The Event will provide for a complete restructuring of our health care system that will include cures for diseases not money making treatments. It will involve holistic medicine, vibrational frequency treatments and spiritual solutions, that will cost the individual nothing.

  • This Event will bring and end to our oil based economy and transportation systems, allowing for clean energy and vehicles to finally become a reality. It will allow for free energy to finally be realized and applied to every home in the world.

  • This Event will show how information and technology has been with held from the human race, including an entirely operational space fleet, star gates, teleportation, time machines, moon bases and the true nature and history of mankind.

  • This Event will lead to an all new educational system designed on the truth, spiritual enlightenment and reestablishing our connection to Mother Earth. It will create a whole new way to consume food, eliminating the need for the slaughter of animals. It will allow the human race to live in harmony and peace with the planet while learning how to live without creating pollution, fear and greed.

All that being said you can now see how I might be motivated to trying to confirm some of these profound changes by undergoing a Quantum Hypnotic Healing Regression Therapy Session. I have been writing about many if not all of these changes on Hub Pages and other sites for over three years, now. So for me to finally have the hope that these kinds of changes might actually occur in my life time, I had the intense desire to seek some kind of confirmation.

This confirmation came for me, as I mentioned above, in a telepathic conversation with light beings during an meditative alpha trance.

Ascension is the Goal

The whole purpose behind the events unfolding now in our lives is to propel mankind into a spiritual awakening that will eventually lead us to ascension. Our planet has already begun this process which is causing most of the geographical and weather events that are so common now. The Mayans new this, as they kept a detailed calendar, that allowed them to recognize when our planet would align with the Galactic center.

The Powers That Be and rich elite are fully aware of this also and are using any means possible to keep the public in the dark, through the controlled media, by claiming climate change is due to our own negligence and pollution. Do not be fooled, the public is no more to blame for the weather and tectonic stress, than they are for the endless wars or economic strife.

What I choose to call the Keepers of the Garden but many others call the Council of Worlds has maintained a stringent control system on what information the public is allowed to become consciously aware of about our solar system and those that live in it. They are now allowing more and more Alien contact to be made through channeling, conscious contact, videos and pictures as means of awakening the populace.

This contact is what is awakening the masses through sites such as YouTube, ZetaTalk and Light Workers which contain vast amounts of credible UFO sightings, information on various Alien civilizations and the reasons they're here now.

The reason so much information is being released now, is that the ascension of Earth and our civilization is near and the more people that can awaken and remember their true existence the easier it will be for all of us.

Once humanity reaches the tipping point, where the majority of mankind has awakened spiritually to the true nature of their existence, then the ascension process will begin for humans on this planet.

In the past this has happened to many groups of people that seemed to vanish into thin air, such as The Anasazi in New Mexico and some of the Mayan Civilization.

However The Event that I mentioned above will ensure that we reach the tipping point but this Event will not ensure that everyone reaches a spiritual awakening. This is why it is so important for those of us that have already recognized this knowledge, ideas and experiences to share what we know with others. So that we may help those undecided or on the fence and to help those in denial to refrain from panic.

Top of the Smokies

The view from the top of the Smokey Mountains was breathtaking.
The view from the top of the Smokey Mountains was breathtaking. | Source

Many Mountain Streams

Gatlinburg has many mountain streams flowing through the region.
Gatlinburg has many mountain streams flowing through the region. | Source

Pristine Wilderness

The pristine mountain wilderness has many hiking trails that offer serene peace.
The pristine mountain wilderness has many hiking trails that offer serene peace. | Source

Moon Over the Smokies

At 10:30 a.m. the Moon was still very prevalent in the sky on my third day in the Smokies.
At 10:30 a.m. the Moon was still very prevalent in the sky on my third day in the Smokies. | Source

Buzzing or Ringing

Have you noticed a buzzing or ringing in your ears when you are outside?

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Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg, TN:
Gatlinburg, TN, USA

get directions

Located in the heart of the Smokies, this picturesque town is a popular tourist attraction but offers beautiful scenery and peaceful serenity.

Alpha Trance

While I was meditating the hypnotist or facilitator as he chooses to be called, asked light energies to fill my consciousness with their being. I close my eyes as I meditate and this always gives me a visual representation of a void but during this experience the void was filled with light.

This light was very bright but would produce various forms of light such as beams, shafts or flares that was incredibly fascinating to behold. He continued to ask for these light energies to move from my crown chakra down through my other chakras to encompass my entire body, which I felt they did. He asked them to remove my conscious fear and reassure my ego that achieving a hypnotic trance would be alright. The effort was designed to help with a later hypnosis session but what transpired was my own question and answer forum.

Before the meditation began I had planted the question in my consciousness 'why my ego was preventing me from allowing myself to be hypnotized' and immediately the thought that came into my head is that because you already have the answers that you seek, the information you possess needs to be applied.

I wasn't consciously thinking of the questions or answers, they just seemed to flow through my head and I seemed to merely be a spectator. As a matter of fact, at that point in the meditation I couldn't formulate any coherent thought process, even though I tried.

It is very difficult to put into words the experience, because the feeling of being a bystander in your own mind, was just overwhelming me. I was in total awe of the experience and just overcome with wonder of how it was possible. It was like two separate entities were having a conversation in my head and I was just there to listen. What was even more odd and profound is that they were talking about me, not to me, which added to the veracity of what I felt.

The conversation basically went like this . . .

What is preventing him from gaining the knowledge he seeks?

"Fear, fear of success, fear of putting this knowledge that he has found to practical use."

Why does he fear this?

"He has been conditioned to fail his entire life, to fear the unknown, not to trust himself."

How does he overcome this?

"By using this knowledge to meditate everyday, learning to listen to his heart and trust it, this will lead to confidence in the process."

Why was he unable to be hypnotized?

"He must learn not to seek the truth from outside sources but to feel it, the information is inside him but he must learn to activate it without help, he can do this, he was sent here to do this, it is his lesson, he agreed to it."

Is their veracity to his knowledge of the Events unfolding on Earth?

"Yes, but his conscious mind has not organized them correctly, they are jumbled, they need to flow, meditation will help this. His information is correct but how they will unfold is still undetermined."

Could you clarify this concept so that his conscious mind can understand?

"The human race can alter the illusion or the story, thoughts are energy. Their entire history is created by their own thoughts or energy. Thoughts create the story. Human desire or thoughts can and do change the outcome of events. They have the power to alter future possible events. They know this but deny it, he denies it because he does not practice it until it is imperative that he do so. It is not an accident that he is where he is in his life, he created this 'reality' (with our help). He has forgotten who he is, this is the lesson all of humanity must learn."

Are there things he needs to do to help this process?

"He knows that his diet is not helping, it must change, he knows how to change it. It is imperative that the cycle be broken, he know this. He knows that he must make the time to invite us in, to invite the light into his heart on a daily basis, to ask for help. He must ask for help, he must ask for the fear to be removed, he must continue to write. He must exercise more and he must practice this on a daily basis. This cannot be done for him."

Why does he not do these things if he knows they will enlighten him?

"As we said before, Fear is the only thing holding him back, that and habit. The cycle must be broken, he knows this. Not all of his thoughts are his own, we implant these ideas in his mind, we show him through what he calls 'synchronicity' that the truth lies within him, that 'he' must seek it and trust it when he finds it."

How does he know it when he finds it?

"The ideas, concepts or thoughts will resonate within him. He will simply feel the truth, there is no need for proof."

What is the buzzing or ringing he hears in his ears when he is outside?

"That is the vibration of his (spiritual/holographic) body as it begins to resonate with the Earth's frequency as it rises to the 5th dimension. It is a physical as well as spiritual process and the body must match, to make the transition."

I had begun to hear a buzzing in my ears while in Gatlinburg that reminded me of white noise or static, which was very distinct that I had only heard occasionally before. It only happened when I was outside and not distracted, just quiet with my own thoughts. It was much louder than the ambient background noise one sometimes hears when all is quiet.

I had serious misgivings about continuing to write, so hearing that I should continue, really helped. As matter of fact everything that had been talked about, I of course knew deep in my heart but like most humans, I have made procrastination an art form.

The conversation lasted for about twenty minutes and covered pretty much the same things, reemphasizing that it was up to me to get results no one else. That I had been lead to Gatlinburg to receive the information I was now getting and that if I applied myself I would get the answers that I sought.

It ended with a message that I think applies to everyone . . .

"We are always with him and love him more than he will ever know. His life as it has unfolded was of his own choosing but designed to make him open to new ideas and concepts. If he follows his heart and changes his daily routine he will find the answers that he seeks and be reunited with his brothers and sisters in the stars."

His brothers and sisters in the stars . . . this thought has stayed in my head to this day and has motivated me to change even more than I already have. I have the courage but do I have the commitment, it is hard when you don't 'see' positive daily results.

When my meditation ended, I was filled with a peace I had never known before, that was quite magical and completely serene. Later that evening I tried hypnotism one more time and was rewarded by reliving a past life that helped me to confirm how physical life works but that I will share with you in another article.

Source Within

Seeking our connection to the One Source of All Creation is what drives me to seek the truth. Recognizing that it is within me has created the fear of finding it.
Seeking our connection to the One Source of All Creation is what drives me to seek the truth. Recognizing that it is within me has created the fear of finding it. | Source

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Good afternoon, I AM Saint Germain.

Now we are going to energize Earth with another delivery of mastery. Details are not to be given.

Thursday, March 6 (2014) we will be needing your attention. Clear your mind and pay attention. Those who can hear our call are asked to answer. No one is being told the content of our call in advance. When we call there will be no time to waste. Answer right away.

This will change your collective consciousness.

Please share.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


I have not written many articles about the Alien/UFO phenomenon, mainly because for me it is a foregone absolute truth.

Carl Sagan is attributed to saying, from the movie Contact "If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space."

When confronted with information or theories that is without absolute proof requires faith and because of this, one must decide for themselves what they believe. Humanity has been conditioned from time immemorial to believe what other people tell them is the truth. Most people would prefer to let others do their thinking for them, as it allows them to agree or disagree, to choose.

I am stubborn in that regard and prefer to do my own thinking but have found a way to determine the truth by listening to my heart. This method takes practice, commitment and the ability and desire to listen for the answers.

I call this 'synchronicity' as once you begin to practice this method you will invariably find that the answers come in a form that you might least expect, your daily life. I have found that if you ask your subconscious mind as you are drifting off to sleep for clarification on any subject that it will answer you in the form of dreams and/or events that take place in your daily life.

Once you begin to practice this method you will find odd coincidences that happen during the day that will remind you of the question or subject asked to your subconscious. It is quite amazing and startling to discover this. Most often you can ask a question or clarification on a subject with an answer already in mind. Then if your answer or thinking is correct you will see positive things occurring in your life, if your thinking is wrong the results will be negative or lead to unfavorable incidents.

For instance you may be thinking about the subject on your drive to work and if you are right, every light will be green. Or you may see numbers that are too coincidental to be chance, such 11:11 on a clock or 333 on a license plate or 77 as the temperature and you will see this over and over again until you make the conscious connection to it.

If your thinking is incorrect or wrong he will stub your toe, or bang your head, or every light will be red and problems will continue to occur until you formulate the correct thinking or answer. This kind of synchronicity has happened so many times in the last five years since I began using this method, that I no longer wonder about it but at first you will be as amazed as I was.

Once you begin to see this and recognize it, you will realize that the odds are astronomically high against it being just chance. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that my experience in Gatlinburg, TN was to drive home a point that has been told to me over and over again by many people whose opinion and advice I admire and solicit.

Many people have told me in no uncertain terms that it is time that I stop searching for the truth and use my knowledge to create my own paradigm or world view based on it. That I should practice this knowledge in my everyday life as a way of confirming my own thoughts, to practice what I preach, so to speak.

It is true that I do not always do this and backslide into old habits, I have not made and absolute commitment to my own ideas and theories. The lingering doubts and ways of my past have a way of coming back again and again to subvert my thinking and commitment to myself. Perhaps it is easier to look outside myself for answers, when I know in my heart the answers lie within.

"The path of least resistance, leads to the garbage heap of despair!" - The, The

Perhaps I also need and Event to propel myself to the next level of human consciousness. However only by recognizing these short comings do I have any chance of correcting them and that my dear reader is why I write these articles, as self exploration and discovery.

Perhaps I should have made the title to this article The Event, Is It The Sign I Have Been Waiting For? but since being human is the only existence I can remember I included myself in the human race and made it The Event, Is It The Sign We Have Been Waiting For?

Dolores Cannon

© 2014 somethgblue


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