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Remote Viewers, Astral Projections and Meditation

Updated on April 1, 2013
Meditation can be used to practice connecting with the soul/spirit through the pineal gland that offers many insights into the truth.
Meditation can be used to practice connecting with the soul/spirit through the pineal gland that offers many insights into the truth. | Source

The Ark of the Covenant

Here an excerpt from Psychic Warrior in which David Moorehouse is asked to remote view some object but it keeps eluding his senses. Military remote viewing is scientifically controlled for accuracy purposes and all remote viewers had another person present that controlled their journey. The remote viewers were never given information that would reveal their targets to prevent them from creating false impressions through preconceptions.

"What is going on David?" said his controller.

"I'm in the presence of the object and it's very weird, as though I were standing in the presence of a very powerful deity. The golden box is a symbol of that power, and it's warning me not to come closer."

"I want you to ignore the warning and get as close as you can. Touch it if you can, and describe the sensation to me."

I tried to move toward the object. "It's a golden box with animals on top of it." (Moorehouse speaking)

"Real animals?"

"No, small statues, and they have wings that sweep backward and up. The box itself is very powerful, or maybe it's something that protects the box that's powerful. Whatever it is, I can't get any closer. I feel I'm in real danger of being hurt, I don't like this!"

"Remember you're not physically there. But tell me what you think would happen if you were physically there? Describe the sensation to me?"

"I think nothing mortal can be in this presence. I couldn't even be in the same room with it; if I were, I'd perish instantly."

"You'd die?"

"No, I don't think 'die' is the word. I'm thinking more along the lines of being vaporized. But I seem to feel that would mean another movement to another place, only I wouldn't have any control over it. What I'm trying to say is, nobody's supposed to be here. Even we aren't supposed to be here; it's an invasion, an intrusion into something very powerful and sacred."

Later, after returning from his remote viewing experience David is told what it the objects is.

"Oh, my God" he said slowly.

Psychic Spies

Little is known about the world of psychic spies by the public at large, this all to real world is shrouded in mystery, deception and skepticism. The term Remote Viewer was coined by Harold Puthoff and Russel Targ in the 1970s to explain the ability of trained psychics to distinguish events, places and images they received while practicing their craft. This article Remote Viewers, Astral Projections and Meditation will attempt to unlock the mystery surrounding extra-sensory perception (ESP) and how it affects humanity as a whole.

Information about remote viewing didn't come to the public's attention until the 1990s when certain governments documents were released to the public. However in an effort to keep up with the Russians during the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) enlisted the help of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to investigate this phenomenon as far back as the late 60s and early 70s.

Service men and women that showed any sign of ESP or other paranormal indications were recruited into what at that time was labelled the Stargate Project for training in psychic spying. One such service man Captain David Morehouse, upon being struck in the head by a ricocheting bullet while on maneuvers in the Kingdom of Jordan began experiencing haunting nightmares and visions. Upon reporting this to his superior officers he was subsequently recruited into the Stargate Program and wrote a book about his experiences titled Psychic Warrior.

Psychic Warrior is a true story of a man destiny for the military elite, that when wounded and then transferred to a top secret psychic spy program trained by the military, learns the frightening truth behind this program and decides to blow the whistle on the intentions by the military to use this new found ability as a weapon.

To prove the validity of the program to the brass, remote viewers were given coordinates to secret military bases in the United States and were told to psychically investigate these locations and report what was there. Since the top elite of our military already knew what was at these bases they could then determine how successful the Stargate Program was in terms of accuracy. All of the remote viewers in these test were able to accurately describe to a 95% percent rate what was hidden at these top-secret locations.

Because these men and women had now gained an ability that the Military and the CIA could not control, the ability to go anywhere and anytime and observe the truth and because the news media had sensationalized the Program when they first learned about it, both government institutions quickly dismissed the validity of the Stargate Program as complete nonsense and denied its existence to the public.

Supposedly the psychic spy programs were terminated in 1995 for failing to produce any useful intelligence, however what is more likely is that it was just returned to more of a Black Ops type of program.

Since that time many privately run schools teach remote viewing, as anyone is capable of learning the craft, such as the Farsight Institution in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland acts as our inner eye helping us  to perceive images that our spirit transmits to the consciousness.
The pineal gland acts as our inner eye helping us to perceive images that our spirit transmits to the consciousness. | Source

Source Field

What David Wilcock has termed the Source Field could well describe what many use while exploring our inner consciousness, spirit/soul and that inner world we go to while meditating. In his groundbreaking book The Source Field Investigations David explores this source that has been called many things by many cultures and religions throughout the world. For the purpose of simplification I will refer to it as the Source Field in this article Remote Viewers, Astral Projections and Meditation.

In the book Pleadian Mission by Randolph Winters he describes how the Pleadians, an 'Alien' race that colonized Earth millions of years ago, believe that each Universe is created by a single thought by the One original Creator of All. That being said it is easy to understand why humans are able to access the truth through their inner consciousness, by accessing one great Universal Consciousness.

The book goes on to explain how our spirit is immortal and cannot become sick, diseased or otherwise influenced by outside forces. Our spirit is immortal energy that chooses to attach itself to a human body for the purpose of experiencing third dimensional spiritual choices in an effort to gain wisdom and grow. It describes how every sentient being in the Universe has but one ultimate purpose, which is to reunite with the One Universal Consciousness I choose to call God, by growing through spiritual experiences and moving to higher levels of spiritual existence.

This of course leads us to the topic of reincarnation which the Buddhist's believe happens seven weeks after death but the Pleadian's believe takes much longer, (30 to 150 years) based on the current population of the Earth. Regardless of your current belief's, I submit to you that there is ample evidence in literature and doctrine that in fact our souls are immortal and that we are having a human experience by choice.

"Our destinies on Earth are being carefully and meticulously guided by a hidden intelligence, a living energy field the entire Universe is built from."

Bob Frissel, self-styled Rebirther and Truth Seeker, makes similar claims in his third book You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience, in which he ask the reader to entertain the idea that we have all made the choice to have this experience as a means of gaining wisdom through third dimensional experience, the lowest level of spiritual existence.

To offer even more evidence this could very well be the truth of our existence, I offer the experiences of George Anderson, probably the most publicly tested psychic medium in documented history, in his book We Don't Die. George has shared his ability to communicate with souls that have crossed over to the next level we move to after our human bodies die on this plane of existence with listeners on a call in radio show in New York for twelve years and in his book.

The Powers That Be would prefer if mankind would remain ignorant to the awesome power that dwells inside each of us and our ability inherent in all of us to access the truth through our inner consciousness. Keeping humanity in the dark about the true nature of our spiritual essence has been used throughout history to control the masses, spread superstition and fear and create a need for the average man to seek answers to his spiritual questions through religious leaders and doctrine.

Akashic Records

In Eastern philosophy the term Akashic means etheric and refers to the unseen energy of thought that is stored in a ring around the Earth. Often referred to as the Akashic Records, this ring of energy or Source Field as Wilcock describes it is a vast storehouse of every thought, idea or concept ever conceived of by mankind since the beginning of his sentient existence.

This collection of all mankind's experiences and thoughts, is what many scientist and researchers believe psychics, remote viewers and other paranormal mediums are tapping into when they get their visions of the past, present and possible futures.

This 'virtual reality' of information can be accessed through meditation and many believe that it is there for all sentient beings to learn from and experience, not just humans.

Self Empowerment!

Meditation can link our consciousness with our spiritual self  and enable us to control our thinking as we instinctively learn the truth of mankind's existence.
Meditation can link our consciousness with our spiritual self and enable us to control our thinking as we instinctively learn the truth of mankind's existence. | Source

Astral Projections

Astral Projection is a term used to describe what happens when a human experiences an OBE or Out of Body Experience. Of course this concept assumes the existence of humans having a spirit form that is connected to their physical body. It has been described by those that have had this experience as floating free from you physical body and being able to go anywhere in time or space unhindered by physical objects such as walls, land masses, space or dimension.

Lucid dreams as they are sometimes called share one essential element which is that your thoughts guide your journey. This is what I envision when considering what remote viewers experience when they move through time and space and are able to describe their location, events and journey.

However the difference between Astral Projection and Remote Viewing, as described in Richard Webster's book Astral Travel for Beginners is that Astral Travel is the actual separation of the spirit/soul from the body, while Remote Viewers only send a part of their consciousness to remote locations.

What many people believe is that our consciousness is stored in our brain but there is no actual scientific evidence to support this. Even researchers and scientist have not found any evidence to support the idea that consciousness and memories are stored in the brain. While the brain is used to create memories and develop thinking the actual memories themselves cannot be located anywhere in the brain itself.

Remarkable as that may sound, the common belief was created by Wilder Penfield in his book Mystery of the Mind published in 1975 in which he had created the term 'engram', which describes a completely fictional element of the brain that stores memory. His findings were conceived of after conducting surgical experiments on epileptic patients through electrical stimulations.

However the great neuropsychologist Karl Lashley of the Yerkes Laboratory of Primate Biology in Orange Park, Florida completely destroyed the theory created by Penfield when conducting tests on rats. After training his rats to run a complex maze, he then removed sections of their brains to determine which parts stored memories. To his amazement, he found that no matter what section of the brain he removed the rats still were able to remember the complex maze and none of the test subjects failed to run the maze, sometimes even removing more than 75% of the rat's brain!

In Michael Talbot's revolutionary theory of reality explained in his book The Holographic Universe he describes how the human brain may store memory as a holographic code. It provides the answer to why after brain surgery some patients lose the ability to recall certain memories. His theory basically explains that the electrical impulses at the end of the brains neurons are what is used to trigger access to the holographic code, so it is not the memories themselves that are lost but the ability to access them that has become damaged.

His holographic theory provides an alternative concept to the location of our consciousness as well, claiming that, although it is certainly linked to our brain in terms of the way we think and transmit information signals, it doesn't reside in the brain itself, allowing for independent movement.

Randolph Winters in the Pleadian Mission describes our minds in similar terms, made up of two parts, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind receives the input data from our five senses and the subconscious mind arranges them in context of priority. While the conscious mind does the majority of the logical thinking the subconscious mind transmits messages through dreams in the forms of visions and symbols from the spirit/soul.

Because your subconscious mind has no permanent location inside your brain it goes along for the ride when one Astral Projects, directing the journey. However because it is still connected to conscious mind it can be influenced by suggestion and will. That is why Remote Viewers are usually not given advanced information on the events or places they visit as this may influence through preconceived knowledge, their perception of events.

Richard Webster an author and lecturer on the phenomenon of astral travel explains that it is a natural experience and that anyone can learn how to do it. He claims that it is the safest way to travel and that through meditation and concentration we can learn to open up our inner spiritual self and have a very joyful experience.

Meditation has been practice since recorded history in many different cultures  to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
Meditation has been practice since recorded history in many different cultures to achieve spiritual enlightenment. | Source


This photograph of flowing water is the type of spiritual serenity I feel sometimes while practicing meditation.
This photograph of flowing water is the type of spiritual serenity I feel sometimes while practicing meditation. | Source

How many of you use meditation on a daily basis?

See results


Meditation is a form of concentration that enables us to control our thinking, communicate with different levels of our consciousness and develop our spirituality. Although widely associated with Eastern philosophy and religious practices, it has become increasingly popular in Western culture for the benefits it provides our mental state and well being.

Anyone can learn to meditate but just like all forms of mental concentration it requires dedication and practice to really reap the benefits involved. I for one have almost given up ever learning on several occasions to quite my mind and achieve the mental calm meditation can provide, before I began achieving positive results.

For me the experience has come in leaps and bounds, sometimes I will go for days at a time, even weeks, without creating the goals and I have set for myself and then in the coarse of just a few sessions I will make profound advancements. So for anyone just learning I will say don't give up too easily as it takes commitment, practice and dedication. Also I would warn against setting your goals to high in the beginning and that really learning the simple aspects and techniques involved in the discipline are essential for positive results later.

That being said some of the results one can achieve through years of practicing meditation are quite profound and can not only bring peace of mind but an incredible ability to control your thinking and emotions. While I no way consider myself an expert or master, I fully appreciate the mental well being I have achieved since I began the practice of meditating every day.

Most of the worries and stress of the world are caused by illogical thinking!

Randolph Winters had this to say about meditation in his book The Pleadian Mission "Through meditation/concentration you can learn to bring forth the spiritual powers of telepathy, telekinesis, and time travel. These abilities are inherent in the spirit and can be made accessible to the material self through meditation, if you are willing to put in the time and effort."

In Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster he explains the many methods used to achieve astral projection, including meditation. He describes easy to understand directions in a very clear format for those that wish to learn astral projection through the use of meditative practices.

Meditation can be used to help to solve problems in our everyday life by formulating a goal to achieve a better understanding of our motives and emotions that have caused us stress or resentment.

"Within the calm clear space of meditation, it will be easier to recognize where our thinking is erroneous and to adjust it and bring in more realistic and beneficial ideas that we have learned from our spiritual study and practice", says Kathleen McDonald author of How To Meditate.

Analytical Meditation is a practice that can be used to develop a keener sense of how our own mind operates and is used for self therapy. However we must first identify our disruptive behavior patterns and recognize any problems before we begin the healing process.

One of the more interesting concepts about meditation that I hadn't really recognized when I first began was that, as I practiced meditation as a means to clarifying and controlling my thoughts, I began experiencing what I will call negative emotions and thoughts. This is because as I practiced balancing my thoughts and emotions, in essence identifying and examining the ones I wished to get rid of or control, these negative thoughts were the first to manifest.

So in the beginning I found that I had way more negative thought patterns than I had anticipated and felt almost despondent because of this. However after continuous practice the negative thoughts and emotions became less and less as I filtered them out of my consciousness. Once this process had balanced my thinking it was much easier for me to reach a deeper meditative state but it did not happen overnight.

Success breads confidence, just like hitting a baseball or playing golf, practice enables you to identify errors in your swing and areas you need to correct. So my best advice is just continue the process on a daily basis and remember that we took tiny steps learning to walk, meditation is no different.

Seeking the truth through meditation, spiritual enlightenment and God.
Seeking the truth through meditation, spiritual enlightenment and God. | Source

Goals and Conclusions

One of my goals is to learn how to astral project and travel, since I really do believe anyone can learn this, I know that at some point in my life I will achieve this goal and look forward to the spiritual journey, plus I hate plane travel.

I never thought I would ever learn how to successfully meditate and now that I do it on a regular basis it has provided me with the confidence to explore my spiritual aspect even more. I have always believed since I was a little kid that our planet is much more than what we perceive with our five physical senses, however I became sidetracked with drugs and alcohol and it wasn't until I achieved sobriety (eight years and counting) that I began to rediscover my spiritual self.

Learning to write engaging speculative articles has helped me to clarify my thoughts and beliefs as well and has taken me down a path of discovery. I truly began my search for the truth about five years ago, during that time I have graduated from college, secured what I consider my dream job (getting paid to do artwork all day long) and found a serene environment in which to live.

However as I continue to seek the truth I finally recognized that it has been with me all along, all I had to do was find the courage to look inside myself for the answers.

As mankind continues to explore the true nature of its existence through meditation, remote viewing and astral travel I suspect that we will learn to adjust our thinking and evolve to a higher plane of existence. I for one am looking forward to the exciting new challenges mankind will face in the coming years due to the changes taking place on our planet and in our souls.

Hopefully this article Remote Viewers, Astral Projections and Meditation has opened up some new ideas and concepts my readers have not contemplated before.


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