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The New Paradigm Opening Pandora's Box

Updated on June 29, 2013

Zero Point Energy

Is it any wonder zero point energy systems don't exist, it would effectively put the Big Oil Monopoly out of business.
Is it any wonder zero point energy systems don't exist, it would effectively put the Big Oil Monopoly out of business. | Source

Nibiru Planet X

Using the red filter method I have captured many images of a plane near our Sun.
Using the red filter method I have captured many images of a plane near our Sun. | Source

New Paradigm

One does not need to be a proponent of a new paradigm to understand that our current state of being does not work. A world based on greed, where the few control the limited resources of the many and often pit their citizens against each other in order to continue this old paradigm, does not work. In an effort to show my readers that I'm not just about doom and gloom The New Paradigm Opening Pandora's Box is an article that will hopefully open some minds and allow the sun to shine in.

War is not the answer, only love can conquer hate!

Marvin Gaye

In a world where scientist's interested in exploring zero point energy systems must go underground to even work on these inventions, concepts and ideas for fear of life threatening reprisals from The Powers That Be and Military Industrial Complex shows just how deep those that run this planet power stretches.

Because energy systems that do not require nuclear fusion or oil would not only be economically sustainable but would effectively make the oil economy irrelevant, The Powers That Be go to great lengths to make sure that these inventions are ridiculed, censored and embroiled in legal battles, so that they never see the light of day.

The most common tactic used, is to get con-men involved in financial backing schemes that eventually create scenario's where the inventors become liable for money the con man collects for the production of these inventions and then disappears leaving the inventors holding the bag and often end up embroiled in lengthy legal battles.

Robert O. Dean Command Sergeant-Major USAF (Retired) Intelligence Analyst Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) had this to say about the reasons why the UFO/ET's secret had not been made public knowledge by The Powers That Be.

He had learned early on in his career that many highly intelligent extra-terrestrial species have continuing intimate relationships with the US Government. That these extra-terrestrial races have been interacting with humanity for thousands of years. This information has remained a secret from the public for many reasons the least of which is that those that continue this relationship benefit greatly from it and do not wish to share their knowledge with the rest of mankind.

He goes on to say in an opening statement in the book ExoPolitics, Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre that the truth is shocking, disturbing , frightening and socially and theologically explosive.

"In my later, more mature years, I have almost come to understand why the secret government has kept a lid on this greatest secret of all time for so long, and why they are so frightened to open Pandora's Box.

You see we cannot open Pandora's Box just a little bit. Once we open it , nothing will ever be the same. A major New Paradigm will come crashing in and our old world will come crashing down. Religion, society, politics - will be utterly changed forever. Obviously, this is what the world's governments fear."

The Military Industrial Complex fears that once the Pandora's Box of information and knowledge is opened they will no longer enjoy their special standing among the human race. That their ability to maintain control over resources, energy and knowledge and for all intents and purposes enslavement of the human race, will vanish.

By keeping mankind in a perpetual state of War constantly scraping just to get by, never having the time to rest, or get ahead and conditioned to play the victim, has allowed The Powers That Be and the Military Industrial Complex to enjoy a life of luxury at the public's expense.

The victim mentality has kept mankind always looking for others to provide help, such as their leaders, or handouts from religious organizations and even God to a certain degree.

For mankind to create a New Paradigm closer to the heart we must individually and as a group stop playing the role of the victim and take responsibility of our actions physically and spiritually.

Hercolubus, Nibiru Planet X

Denial Limits Our Thinking

Denial limits our ability to think outside the box and keeps us firmly entrenched in the victim role, a place that The Powers That Be want us to remain in. Only by restructuring the way we think about our world and the possibilities that exist in it can we ever hope to climb out of the conditioned state we find ourselves in.

Currently our 'civilization' finds itself in a state of economic, environmental and geographical suicide with no hope in sight. Like lemmings we are driven by greed toward a cliff of impending doom unwilling to accept the fact that our current paradigm will inevitable lead to our own destruction.

Only by recognizing our own self imposed limitations, the conditioning our world leaders have imposed upon us in the mainstream media and education systems and our own naive denial can we hope to break free and realize that we can have a world of peace, abundance and sustainability.

Michael Mannion, Co-Founder of The Mindshift Institute writes that for mankind . . .

"To achieve such a radical shift in our existence will require an open mind and a fearless willingness to let go of long-standing errors that are deeply embedded in our religions and science. Adherence to these erroneous views blocks our ability to understand the true nature of the Universe and how it functions."

What every human on this planet needs to understand is that an oil based economy ONLY truly benefits the 'Military Industrial Complex' which is controlled by less than 1% of the world's population.

Waiting for Full Disclosure

Most of humanity is no longer waiting for full disclosure and no longer trust their government to tell them the truth.
Most of humanity is no longer waiting for full disclosure and no longer trust their government to tell them the truth. | Source

Universal Consciousness

Surely if the nations of the world can conceive of and initiate a United Nations then more intellectual and technologically advanced civilizations in the Universe have also adopted this concept. In the book Exopolitics the author explores the very real concept that this planet has been quarantined until such a time as the majority of the Earth's population is ready to join the Universal Consciousness.

By slowly indoctrinating mankind to their existence they have eliminated the surprise and panic that their existence might cause. By keeping the governments of the world from weaponizing space and not establishing their military presence on the Moon or Mars they have taken the conflict our of first contact. By allowing for mankind awareness of their existence to grow they have set the stage for humanity to realize the ball is in their court.

  • The fact that humanity has recognized that extraterrestrials exist is the first step in realizing a Universal Consciousness.
  • The fact that many governments and there militaries have been running a disinformation-based extraterrestrial masquerade program for many years with the intent of owning the the ET experience shows just how fearful they are of losing control.
  • The fact that academia and knowledgeable establishments have been actively aggressive in their denial of extraterrestrial existence is another sign that they fear the public has already intuitively recognize ET's existence.
  • The fact that the public is no longer reliant on 'scientist' and/or institutions such as NASA for information on our solar system shows that mankind no longer trust these entities.
  • The fact that most of mankind is no longer waiting on Full Disclosure from their governments as we no longer trust them to tell us the truth, shows that we are now ready to interact with extraterrestrials on an individual basis.
  • The fact that extraterrestrials have been interacting with the public in open displays of UFO's and the creation of crop circles shows that humanity has accepted their existence.
  • The fact that more and more channeled information is being accepted as a reliable source of information shows that mankind is already entertaining extraterrestrial ideas and concepts.
  • The fact that subliminal awareness of the ET phenomenon has reached a critical mass means that humanity is ready to join the Universal Consciousness.
  • The fact that humanity is aware that we as a race are evolving with or without our leaders approval shows that we are ready to remove the blinders and join the galactic brotherhood.

These are the signs that the Universal Societies have been waiting and preparing for how to welcome mankind into a New Paradigm Opening Pandora's Box.

Because once this occurs and it surely will, there will be no going back, we as a race will move to the next step of our evolution and will realize our full potential as Universal citizens.


Are you one of the 72 million that believe ET's exist?

See results

Pandora's Box

72 million people in America already believe they are here, where do you stand?
72 million people in America already believe they are here, where do you stand? | Source


Basing our understanding of the Universe on our own limited knowledge of the solar system in which the planet Earth resides is extremely naive to say the least. Regardless of what one believes a Gallup Poll in 1996, of which 100 million adult US residents responded, showed that 72% of the respondents believe that some form of extraterrestrial life exists and of those 45% believed that they had already visited our planet Earth. One hundred million US adults is the average amount of people that vote in Presidential elections.

However because our government still denies the existence of Aliens, UFO's and NASA to this day has not announced any contact with extraterrestrials, the public is obviously basing their information on other sources or perhaps just intuition.

Considering the fact that America's population makes up less than 5% of the world's population it begs the question what the rest of the world thinks about extraterrestrials, UFO's and whether we are alone in the Universe.

Considering America has only been around for less than 250 years and many other civilizations have recorded UFO's and Aliens in their temples, paintings, legends, myths and religions it would be safe to assume that most of mankind believes in the existence of Aliens.

My conclusion is that the only entities on this planet in denial of the existence of extraterrestrials are the ones benefitting from their relationship with them. By keeping the rest of us in the dark about their existence allows those in contact with them to reap the technological benefits and suppress these advancements at the same time.

The bold face lie that humanity would panic is a farce and may have been true in the 1930s but after almost 100 years of steady 'encounters' it has become readily apparent that mankind would welcome first contact.

Can we afford to idly sit by hoping and praying for salvation or dare we take the responsibility and demand action from our leaders and ourselves? The New Paradigm Opening Pandora's Box shows us that the time for creating a new way of life is now.

Exopolitics Alfred Webre


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