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Truth Exists, Fiction is Created by Government Coverup

Updated on December 19, 2012

December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 is the date for Full Disclosure in an effort to save the planet from Apocalyptic Cataclysm!
December 21, 2012 is the date for Full Disclosure in an effort to save the planet from Apocalyptic Cataclysm! | Source


It seems that the governments of many countries are preparing for Full Disclosure with Brazil, India and China leading the way. However due to safety reasons and travel this cannot happen until December of this year.

The reasons that we haven't been back to the Moon is consider by many to be that we are not allowed to. That the Alien presence was already there waiting for the astronauts of the Apollo missions, however our Government chose to keep this a secret. The reasons behind this will be fully explained as we move into a new Golden Age. It seems that for mankind to survive the ongoing Polar Shift we will require Extraterrestrial help and the conditions of that help will be Full Disclosure.

According to researchers, as reported in the India Daily May 12, 2005, the Federation of the Universe representing 88 star constellations will make it official and visit Earth in December of 2012. This will bring and end to all the UFO coverups, as the earth has finally been deemed ready to accept their place among the stars.

Among the information that will be revealed is what happens to us after we die, where we originated from, that gravity is a wave and not a force, how and why the evolutionary process occurs and all possible dangers to our planet that we are currently unaware of.

Full Disclosure

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Do Aliens Exist . . . You Betcha!

The truth about Alien contact has been hidden from the public far too long. In this article Truth Exists, Fiction is Created by Government Coverup we will explore the reasons behind the cover up, the Alien presence on Earth, in our Galaxy and Full Disclosure and why it is imminent.

Knowledge is Power, this is a fact and those that don't have it, usually end up paying for it, ask anybody that has a student loan!

The reasons behind the World wide coverup of the Alien presence is all about power and control. Those in power want to keep it and use against those that are not.

The age old excuse that society will panic due to revelations about Extraterrestrials is no longer valid due in large part to the publics conditioning and acceptance of this eventuality. It is also due to our expanding perception of reality and better understanding of our past. TV shows and Movies have helped greatly in our awareness and perception as has the endorsement of the Pope.

The biggest contributor to our awakening consciousness has been the World Wide Web which quite literally puts information from around the World write at our fingertips. The India Daily has come out with many interesting articles on the subject and is leading the way in Full Disclosure. This online source has provided readers with valuable information on a wide range of scientific advancements not found in Western media stories.

In a January 2007 article in the India Daily Technology section it talks about how ET's usually visit planets before, during and after Galactic Alignments due to the expanding awareness of the native inhabitants. They discuss how these cyclic alignments are started in higher dimensions as a way of evolving lower dimensional beings to expand their awareness and evolve the species.

It is apparent that India's Space Research Organization works closely with ET's and have been 'leaking' technically detailed information to the India Daily for publication and ultimately Full Disclosure despite warnings from the U. N., which is in charge of keeping this technology a secret.

The India Daily has gone on record as saying that Full Disclosure cannot happen until December of 2012. Why is 2012 so special, simply because the Mayans and others have prophesied it to be special? I believe there is more to this story than merely Mayan prophecy!

"In concealing the evidence of UFO operations, the Air Force is making a serious mistake."

Lieutenant Colonel James McAshan
US Air Force

Cornell University Earth Wobble

Legal Aliens

I would really like to see other Worlds, hopefully the their immigrations laws won't be as bad as they are on this Planet.
I would really like to see other Worlds, hopefully the their immigrations laws won't be as bad as they are on this Planet. | Source

Metal Boxes

These boxes are designed to slow and lessen the significance of major earthquakes by using a vibration technology not unlike HAARP.
These boxes are designed to slow and lessen the significance of major earthquakes by using a vibration technology not unlike HAARP. | Source

Truth Exists

Truth stands alone and cannot be altered however fiction is constantly changing.
Truth stands alone and cannot be altered however fiction is constantly changing. | Source

Why I believe Full Disclosure is Imminent

There are many reasons I believe that Full Disclosure is imminent but one of the main reasons is based on my favorite topic the ongoing Polar Shift. The changes to the Earth are obviously being controlled to a certain degree which leads me to believe that those doing the controlling were expecting the population to become more aware of the crisis at hand.

Because the coverup of the Pole Shift has to a large degree been quite effective, I believe that a change of strategy has occurred. This strategy will have to be in the form of making the populace more informed of the present situation and so more of the Alien presence will be allowed to happen.

Another way in which to inform the public will be in allowing the Nibiru complex of planets to become more visible to the naked eye. What most people do not realize about Nibiru is that it has many moons/planets that orbit around it. These planets or moons are much smaller but have been shown in videos and photos to be present.

This is already happening in many areas of the World and right here in the United States as well. Recently many Alien devices have been found along major fault lines and coastal areas, designed to help slow the tectonic movements of the Earth and lessen the impact of earthquakes. These devices are strange metallic boxes that emit a humming sound found up and down the West Coast of America, specifically Oregon.

Although many reports have these boxes washing up on shore, they are unable to move them and have been seen in relationship to many UFO sightings.

More reports of strange ‘humming’ and unmovable boxes that appear on coastal beaches in Oregon have surfaced. The appearance of these boxes have been linked to recent UFO sightings and are similar to reports recently released by the British M.o.D. which describe boxes off Sri Lanka.

Bill Hanshumaker, a public marine specialist and Doctor of Marine Science at Hatfield Science Center was quoted as saying “I don’t know what they are”. It was also reported that the boxes cannot be moved even when pulled by a four-wheel drive truck.

Although many Governments have assured the public that they are being investigated, no one seems to have any reasonable explanations besides what I've gleaned from Zeta Talk and mentioned above. These boxes are designed to be cloaked and thousands of them are used underwater so they can't be seen by the public.

This is just one of the tactics being used to slowly make the public aware of not only the Polar Shift and Nibiru but also the Alien presence. I believe more and more of these unexplainable events, devices and disclosure will take place leading up to December of 2012 and Full Disclosure.

Another event of disclosure is the obvious slowing of clocks and the fact that the Sun sets sometimes in the SouthWest and sometimes in the NorthWest. More and more people are becoming aware of both of these phenomenon, although many just don't get it.

Interview with Mr. X

Quazar 3 Planet Jumper

Will the Aliens sell personal spacecraft to private citizens?
Will the Aliens sell personal spacecraft to private citizens? | Source

Galactic Alignment

The Alien presence will help to insure Humanity reaches the Golden Age.
The Alien presence will help to insure Humanity reaches the Golden Age. | Source

Mr. X

Mr. X was the first whistle blower ever to be interviewed in the Project Camelot series which has found World wide fame through YouTube videos. Mr. X was a civilian clerk with a security clearance hired by the US Government to archive material, data, videos, photographs, devices and evidence collected by various Government agencies including the military on UFO's since the late '40's.

I have provided a short interview with him by Project Camelot, he died of a massive stroke before he could reveal more.

He did reveal that if the World's Governments did not disclose the Alien presence and provide the truth to the public, that the Aliens would, the deadline was December of 2012. He revealed that the Aliens would conduct massive landings World wide December 21 or 22 and provide the truth all at once all over the planet, probable through telepathy or using the World's media.

The World's population would then be given a choice to travel with the ET's and learn to live a spiritual existence or not and stay behind on Earth.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript of the interview;

There will be a mass of information released that will shatter most of our beliefs. Some will panic because their belief system will be shattered. Some will be angry because they have been lied to for so long. Some will believe that the end of the World is here. Most will be confused about religious issues, since the truth will be told and the truth will shatter all religious beliefs. We will learn the true history of man through the ET's and the Power That Be. It is inevitable. If the World stays on the track it is on- and I see no reason for it to change-we will have to be shown the truth. And if those that run the World do not do it, the ET's will.

I have often dreamed that if everyone knew the truth all at once then the world would be a much different place as many Governments and Institutions would become obsolete overnight.

I believe that many Ancient cultures were told of the significance of the date of December 21, 2012 and a way to chart that date. I believe over time the importance and the information provided has changed as stories have a tendency to do.

I believe that channeling or telepathic communication has been used to inspire spiritual growth after the murder of many of the spiritual beings sent to this Planet. I believe that much of the inventions and perhaps even imagination is really our way of limited access to other dimensions of thought and communication.

I believe we are the children or offspring of a Galactic species of humanoids that plant life throughout the Galaxy as a way of furthering their species, known as Pamspermia. When their children reach a certain spiritual and technological sophistication they are then told the truth of their origins and invited to join the Galactic Empire, through the Full Disclosure process.

I believe our time has arrived and we will all soon know the truth of our existence, I look forward to the opportunity.

In Truth Exists, Fiction is Created by Government Coverup I have tried to share some of what I know on the subject of Extraterrestrials, the Universe in which we live and why it is important that we continue to awaken to the truth. The Big Lie is not just about UFO's and Aliens but quite literally everything we have been taught. It is time to open your minds and your hearts and realize The Truth Exist and Fiction is Created by Government Coverup.

Spiraling Through Time Space


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