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The Teaching Annointing: What Is It? Who Has It? And What To Do With It

Updated on March 19, 2012

What Is It?

©Adrienne Manson, Abundant Waters Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved no parts of this content may be reproduced without the author sole permission

The teaching anointing is a very special anointing, and it is a gift to and for those who are called to teach whether in the classroom or outside of the classroom. First of all what is the teaching anointing? It is the ability to teach and to simplify the subject matter in the simplest order for every student to be able to understand, grasp and implement what is taught. Mind you there are those who are great teachers, but it does not necessarily mean there is an anointing on their life. Ok so you ask what's the difference? The teaching anointing comes upon those who are God's elect and have a specific call and duty to teach God's Word. Those with a teaching annointing have the ability to teach the Rhema of God's Word bringing it to life.


So lets be clear, first there is the natural ability to teach. Some have a passion to teach, and this is there purpose in the life is to teach, but this is separate and apart from the teaching anointing that is on a man or woman of God who is teaching the Word of God. A man or woman of God has the ability to teach God's word, and if the purpose is also to teach in the classroom they will be able to use they same anointing to teach students in the secular classroom. It does not matter where an individual teaches if they are anointed teach you better believe the anointing is going to show up whether in the classroom, library, community center, or where-ever.

Lets be clear on another point. When I speak of the anointing showing up I do not mean jumping up and down with a lot of emotion. That's is out of order, and you will be escorted out due to acting unseemly, and the Principle, or School Administrative will think you aren't fit to teach anyone with that type of behavior.

Who Has It

Of course there are great teachers who are not anointed to teach God's Word. It simply means that have a natural ability to teach, perhaps its their purpose in life, and its their passion. When one is passionate about something they do it well, and very well. Passion causes one to work with meaning, and with heart they put everything they have into what they are doing. They are working to make a difference. So then who has the teaching anointing? Those who are called and chosen, they are set aside to do a particular assignment which is to teach! God gives everyone an assignment. Those who have a teaching anointing have an assignment to teach!

Anointed teachers are a blessing to the Body of Christ and are a blessing to their students. Those who have the gift to teach are able to implement knowledge to those being taught. Even students who may be or have been counted as a special need or have a learning disability those who are anointed for teaching have patience and are able to work with students in a manner that appears to be effortlessly, and tireless in attitude.

What To Do With It

Now that you understand what the teaching anointing is, and who has it -- What do those who have it do with it? They use it! What if those who have the teaching anointing does nothing with it, and chose not to use it? They are held accountable for not using the gift which is given to them. Those who recognize they have an anointing to teach are held to a higher lever of accountability because they know what is right, and what is wrong. What if you have the teaching anointing, and have not used it in a long time? Stir up the gift which is within you. Begin to use it, volunteer, find somewhere to use your gift and share it with others. Remember gifts are not for our personal use, but it is for the Body of Christ, and gifts are given to us in order that orders may be edified. We with the gift and blessed in the doing. What is it to have a gift, and sit on it, it does no one anyone good.

Every single human being has a gift rather it be to teach, sing, or to create arts and crafts no matter what you are gifted to do it is your gift so use it. Thank God for your gift, and use it to the glory of God, and to the upbuilding of His Kingdom.


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  • Inspired Heart profile image

    Yvette Stupart 3 years ago from Jamaica

    Yes, there is a difference between our natural gifts, and the gifts that are endowed by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for these insights on the teaching anointing.

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 5 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Nell, No they arent from a church learning school. I speaking about the difference between those who are anointed to teach the Word. And those who are passionate about the job as teachers in the classroom.

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading about the teaching anointing, but I do have a question? are the teachers from a Church learning school that go out and teach or is it just how they themselves feel about it? thanks in advance, nell

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 5 years ago from Atlanta

    Thank you for taking the time to read about the teaching anointing, and leaving a comment.

  • point2make profile image

    point2make 5 years ago

    Excellent discourse on the teaching "anointing". I enjoyed reading your hub. It was well written and very informative. We all need to stop....listen....and accept our gifts. What a waste it would be to know you have a special anointing from God and never use sad!