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The galapagos islands animals chronicles

Updated on June 19, 2013

Enchanted galapagos island animals species

When you are trying to identify the native animals from Galapagos, they are somehow hardly to be found. Surprisingly, there are only few species of animals of the Galápagos Islands discovered.

Due to the fact that these islands are located 600 miles separated from the nearest bigger land. In addition, the immense scope of very hostile ocean that separating them making even more difficult for any kind of new flora and fauna to extend to these islands.

However, what makes animals in the Galapagos so special because the closeness and accessibility to these creatures turn many scientists into one of the most favored spots to conduct their scientific researches.

Nowadays, there are about 32 species of mammals 49 species of land birds, 21 species of water birds, 34 species of shore birds, 42 species of sea birds, 13 species of finches, 28 reptiles species, recorded that are inhabitant to these islands.

The sea turtles and sea birds are the true species that literally came by their own will diving across the sea and strongly fly, made a tireless long migration crossing the ocean to reach these islands.

In most cases many of the animal’s and plant’s ancestors that are found in the Galapagos today, have been able to reach the islands by accident. They were exposed to winds, sun-lights, and sea water, no fresh water or food to come along while floating by.

These animals plants are the true survivor, the stronger that ever survives, and what make them even more special is because their origin were not from the closest mainland, on the contrary they came from various places that are much farther.

This is probably the main reason the animals of the Galapagos islands renowned for their ability to live in comparatively rough surroundings.

Galapagos islands pictures

The surprising origin animals of the galapagos islands

Animals in the Galapagos are never related to the closest main-land, they were arriving from somewhere much far than you could ever imagine.

The animals in the Galapagos Islands were native in the Caribbean, South and Central America, even some of them were originated further up to North America.

The fiery look of land iguana, the exotic seabird boobies, pelicans, and the famous sage giant tortoise were all migrated from South America land.

The cute little penguins and sea lions even came from the very old-time of thousands of years ago of their original habitat in the Antarctic.

Until now, you would never believe that all these beautiful Galapagos Islands animals were able to survive the unbelievable long journey, comfortably adapting to a newly found foreign environment, and be able to reproduce successfully.

The plants have their own fascinating story to tell. Despite the lack of ability to move, most of them were carried away and landed to the Galapagos as floating rafts, or were blown by winds.

The Galapagos birds also responsible for the plants to be able to reach these islands, as they carried the seeds on their wings or feathers, or carrying in their digestive system. The moment the birds landed and release the digested seed it was the time for the new colonization to expand.


Where is the galapagos island located

The exotic Galapagos is lying on the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles or about 1000 kilometer west of Ecuador coast in the south America.

There are around 13 big islands considered to be "the main islands" in the Galapagos, in addition there are about 6 small islands as well as about 40 islets that forming the group of Galapagos known today.

Map of the Galapagos


Potential threats to animals in the galapagos islands

You will likely find more reptiles in Galapagos as they are indeed the more dominant inhabitants.

The sea turtles, snakes, lizards, and of course the iconic giant tortoise are among the animals that are most sought after by scientist from around globe since very long time.

The real problem is since the 1600th century, human started to explore the Galapagos and carried with them number of animals, plants species that were not supposed to be there in the first place.

They also accidentally brought with them mice and rats on their ships. The human found them a new home to stay, and grow domestic animals such as dog, cat, raising cattle like pig, goat and horse.

What becomes a major concern is the native flora and fauna did not have time to build their own defense mechanism. Often found that domestic animals like pigs and rats would destroy the sea turtle eggs.

Dogs attacking iguana, goats and horses eating big amount of native plants, in addition the goat reproduction rate only create another problem because of limited plant supply available for the native herbivores such as the giant tortoise.

What is more distressing facts is big rats would kill the newly hatch tortoises, and threat their valuable existence in this world.

Luckily, today people, tourist and scientists from different part of the world have joint forces to stop the Galapagos natural devastation by promoting numbers of conservation programs.

With these movements, we all hope that they will continue to prevent any possible extinction, and keep everything in balance for hundred more even thousand more years to come.

Galapagos Islands, Galapagos, Ecuador:
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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      A very interesting and beautiful hub and one that has a lot of meaning in today's world.


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