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The Seychelles islands, where is this spectacular tropical weather destination located?

Updated on September 2, 2012

The combination of granite and coral islands formation, the perfect places in case you are looking for unforgettable tropical nature experiences, the Seychelles islands are probably the answer.

It was recorded that until the 17th century there were NO human lived in one of these islands. However things started to change when traders from France spotted the islands and landed.

The moment they found Seychelles, they have decided to stay and began a residential area on the Island of Ste Anne. The French dwellers have brought with them slaves and lived there for decades.

Backed up by the Treaty of Paris in 18th century, the British has took over Seychelles also banned the slavery, dismissed the practice from the entire islands. In 1976 the British granted these Islands to run their own country independently and formed a new republic of Seychelles.

However Seychelles remains as a member of Commonwealth Nations until today. Enough with the story, now there are many things you can do when you have the chance travel to the Seychelles Islands.

Wild birds and giant tortoise are among from many attractions that most visitors are attracted to. You probably need to spend several days’ even weeks just to observe various birds that are come and go off these islands.

Just like any other tropical Islands, these places offer diving and snorkeling activities where you can witness many variations of exotic fishes along with other great underwater experiences.

Animal species on these islands are endemic, meaning they have been living in the area for very long time and constantly evolving. In other words these creatures are native to Seychelles, and some of them are considered rare.

Where is Seychelles on Map

Where are the Seychelles islands located?

The Seychelles are a collection 115 beautiful islands, lie down to the south from equator, within the east African coast and the west of Indian Ocean.

The combination of coral islands, natural beaches, forest and ocean are probably one of the main reasons that Seychelles are more preferred tourist destinations in the globe nowadays.


Pitcher Plant




Few facts about Seychelles islands

Even there are more than one hundred islands; only three of them are famous worth to visit and destined to be traveller choices to visit. So you will never get confused which one to go. These three main inlands are Mahe, Praslin, and La Dique.

Big seychelles mahe island

This is the biggest of the three main islands, Mahe islands Seychelles, where the capital city of Victoria and the International airport are located. About ninety percent of total populations live in this island.

You can go to Morne Seychellois National park that occupied almost twenty percent area of the Seychelles Mahe island. There are varieties of inhabitants from mangrove forests to the Morne Seychellois peak.

What else you can see? Try to look for rare orchids such as the Jelly-Fish Tree, and the infamous Seychelles pitcher, a carnivorous type of plant.

When travelling to the south you may reach Baie Ternay Marine National park, and to the west you will find Port Launay Marine National Park.

There are some other interesting and gorgeous places that you should find out for yourselves when you are in Mahe Island.

Romantic resorts of Seychelles Praslin island

Only about twenty minutes by plane from Mahe, this praslin Seychelles the second bigger island with beautiful beaches.

Praslin has been filled out with romantic hotels and exquisite resorts, perfect spots for you to spend time with someone special or family.

Make sure you get to visit the natural beaches such as Anse Georgette, and Anse Lazio.

For bird lovers this is a perfect place to spend time while observing the native black parrot and bulbul which happen to be rare these days.

Anything else can we do while in Seychelles Praslin island?

Absolutely, when you travel to the south you will find Praslin national park, with the amazing Vallee de Mai, where you can walk through the distinctive palm forest that remain the same since pre-historic time.

Famous la digue Seychelles

La digue island, offers visitors with stunningly huge granite boulders in contrast to the white sand, the amazing view which you might want to remember from the Anse Source d’Argent’s coastline. Be

fore you actually reach the beach, you will have to go through pathway that is surrounded by an old-fashioned coconut plantation, and the L’Union museum. This antique museum will shows you how the coconut is processed in an old fashioned way, which I think, will become quite an experience for you to have.

What about weather in Seychelles? When is the safest time to go there?

The good news about Seychelles is you can go there any given month in a year. What about Seychelles weather forecast?

However, since most of your activities will be outside the hotel, then you might want to visit Seychelles within July and August since rain-fall will be the least.

Try to avoid beginning of any year, such as January, because usually there are a lot of rains. In addition, during the month of December to March, wind tends to be stronger than usual.

Anyway it is still all right for you to visit whenever you have the chance, because both humidity and temperature are relatively stable, around eighty percent and 30 degree of Celsius respectively.

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