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Would checking out for the Maldives weather forecast for dry season really necessary?

Updated on September 2, 2012

The maldives weather forecast

The perfect sunny days on a lovely tropical island are what everybody is dreaming about. You can spend most of your time with number of outdoor activities during both the afternoon and the evening.

Nothing can beat the tropical holiday atmosphere when there is no rainfall all day long. When you are planning to go for vacation, Maldives would be more popular destination in term of the number of visitors every year.

There is no exception on planning before you go to the Maldives islands which you may need to fully pay more attention to.

After all, a good simple planning over few key elements that will lead you to a more gratification in the end; however too much planning will lead us nowhere.

Anyway, the first thing you might need to do perhaps is to check the Maldives weather forecast before you decide to go there.

Normally, the Maldives weather has what a typical tropical island usually has, the rainy season and the ideal dry hot season.

So if there is time available, you may choose to come in dry season between month of October through end of March in every year. Therefore anytime in between April and October you can expect rainfalls rate at higher level.

There are many websites around that offer information about Maldives weather information on daily, monthly as well as yearly basis.

How is temperature in Maldives in September?

How would we know temperature in Maldives at any given month?

Let’s say the only spare time for you to have a vacation is on September, and you might need to know how is temperature in Maldives in September?

All you need to do is to find out from several sources or websites.

As easy as typing the question “How is temperature in Maldives in September” into the search engines you will get more than what you are looking for.

This is actually what I found, when I typed how the temperature in Maldives is in September, I could get much information from many, reliable websites.

My finding was basically the weather condition in September is probably not a good time for you to spend your time in the islands.

This is because there will be still rains during the month as it is still under the summer monsoon season, which in other words the wet rainy season.

However if September is the only spare time you have then it is still all right.

You still can go in September considering the temperature during the month will be around 27 to 28 degree Celsius, which I think is fine for you to explore the islands while at the same time doing more underwater activities such as diving.

The disturbing sea level rise in the Maldives

Recently the Maldives sea level rising issue has grown and what will be happen next?

The beautiful 1190 islands are surrounded by reef forming shallow lagoon, arguably one of the most scenic group of islands, one of the best popular tourist destination from around the globe.

All of these coral islands are low relative to the sea level. In average they are lying less or as high as 2 meter which is around 7 feet high.

For about the last two or three decades the population has also been doubling, this means there are more structures built on top of the habitat islands than it used to be. There are only couple of hundreds islands that are left unpopulated.

Nevertheless, looking at the population growth lately you may expect them to be fully occupied in years to come. The growing population alone would not make direct impact on the seal level rise in the Maldives.

However the human activities that contribute to the global warming which eventually leading to the Maldives sea level raise is another issue that we all should be worry about. Now is the time for all of us take action.

Reducing emission of the greenhouse gases is the utmost, otherwise if this keep on going, the sea level will continue to get higher at much faster pace due to extreme climates or heavy rain falls.

Luckily the government from the republic of Maldives has already went for the first initiatives by promoting the use of more environmental friendly alternative and renewable energy resources.

Utilizing more wind turbines, installing more solar panel and coconut husks fuel based power plant are among that already in place to prevent the growing number of air pollution, and the number will be expected to gradually increase for years ahead.

For a relatively small country that is a really good start, however this effort will only create a tiny impact in the long run.

After all, this is the more complicated issue that every country in the world should take more action to slow down the global warming formation.

Unless we want our next generations to live and be able to see the heavenly tropical islands just like the Maldives, we should definitely act now, not tomorrow, not next week or month or year, but right now, we are racing against the time to save Maldives and our own planet.

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    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Rice Girl 2011 , thank you so much for your time to write such a supporting comment, I personally think you will make way much better article on topic like this, which I hope you will someday. Nevertheless I completely agree with you on this issue. Maldives alone will never enough to deal with this problem, it is more on global scale, every country in the world should taking part to make immediate change. I see that the problem is how we can design the best strategy to make a quick impact without having to spend too much money for these changes alone. This perhaps the first step and challenge we should all think of for the time being. Thank you so much to leave your thought it means a lot to me and a lot of people who wish for the the change to come.

    • Rice Girl 2011 profile image

      Rice Girl 2011 

      6 years ago from Southeastern United States

      The first thing that caught my attention was the exquisite beauty of the photos. I have never been any place such as this. But as I read on, I realized the message of what is to come if global practices do not change. Harbingers are often ignored, at least in American society - if it is not going to have an immediately detrimental effect, than why change what has worked so well for all these years? Others see that they can not do enough to make an immediate change because of the monies involved, the inconveniences to themselves, then it is easier to do nothing.

      Then you have such individuals such as Ed Begley, Jr., Robert Redford, Ted Danson (save the oceans), just to name a few, who lead by example. Howver, while their personal funding is not a bottomless pit, they often do what most Americans either can not because of funding or because their live in communities that are not interstructurally ready. As an example, I live in a rural community that would ably support a conversion to to solar power, however the "powers that be" decided rather than enable cisizens to convert to solar power, our solar power abundances are to be sold to the state of Califorinia - at a tidy little profit. Leaving the economically challenged area I live in with regular electric power which is quite expenseive, especially as compared to the solar power option.

      Please continue to write articles such as these. There are people who do read and listen. They may have contacts who are financiallly apble to advocate for change. Great hub. Voted up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting.

    • greeneryday profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Some tropical country

      Julie DeNeen, Yes it is always a good idea to check for the weather before going somewhere... thank you!

    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 

      6 years ago from Clinton CT

      Wow...what beautiful pictures. Great hub! I always think about the weather before I go somewhere. thanks! :)


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