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The landing on, and the journeys to The Moon. The secret Illuminati space connection. The Illuminati colony on The Moon

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Moon landings, The Illuminati, and Doctor Henry Kissinger.

One of the most debated issues in conspiracy circles over the last forty years is the notion that The Moon landings never really happened. Many people believe that the pictures that were beamed around the world in 1969 through to 1972 were in actual fact taken in a back lot somewhere, and that the whole thing was orchestrated by the very sneaky American government of the day, in order to distract the people from examining too closely into the various nefarious activities that the said government was doing at the time.

I, in my position as The President of The Ancient Society of Secret Historians, am in possession of the truth about what happened all those years ago. There was a fraud perpetrated on the people of the world; but the nature of it was radically different from the accounts that are currently circulating around the internet. There was a series of moon landings. They have never actually stopped. The big secret is not that the journeys never happened, but that it was not humans who took those "giant steps for mankind". It was pigs instead. For the first time in forty years the true story of what happened is now about to be revealed before your astonished eyes.

Those of you who are familiar with my earlier accounts about The Illuminati will know that there exists in the porcine community a secret and very malevolent organisation called The Illuminati. This body was founded by The Three Little Pigs, and is dedicated to furthering the power and the interests of pigs for all eternity.

The full story of the origin of The Illuminati, and their continuing influence in history can be read only here.

It was through the then US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger that The Illuminati first got involved in the space race. Dr Kissinger had an eye for the ladies and in 1966, before he had a position in the government, he had an affair with the then unknown porcine actress Miss Piggy. This lady/pig later went on to become very famous as the star of The Muppet show, but in the mid-sixties she was living in New York City and it was there that she met the future Secretary of State. As a pig she was a dedicated member of The Illuminati. It is believed that she targeted the professor because The Illuminati wanted to promote his interests in order to further their own. Anyway the actual love affair only lasted for a few months. There were some passionate nights spent in a suite in the Waldorf Hotel in New York, and a couple of weekends spent in a luxury cabin in The Rocky Mountains. All of this was paid for out of Illuminati funds.

As often happens when two charming and mature adults have a "no strings" affair they remained the best of friends when the relationship ended.(They still see each other from time to time.) It was through contacts arranged by Miss Piggy that Henry Kissinger came to the notice of the republican candidate for the Presidency of The United States Richard Nixon. Large amounts of Illuminati money, channelled from a Swiss bank was used to finance "Tricky Dicky's campaign, and when he was inaugurated in 1968 the organisation called in its debt.

  The Moon. The truth about the landings.
The Moon. The truth about the landings.
This is not a picture of a human being.
This is not a picture of a human being.
The Illuminati moonbase.
The Illuminati moonbase.
President Obama. He knows the truth.
President Obama. He knows the truth.
Miss Piggy. Her contacts in high places facilitated the fraud.
Miss Piggy. Her contacts in high places facilitated the fraud.

The Illuminati achieve their moon landing.

The Apollo space program was then about to reach it's climax. Plans were well advanced to send the first spaceship to land on Earth’s satellite. The plan under the Carter administration had been to have human astronauts in the capsules. But with the new regime all that changed. At a special meeting of the inner cabinet held in March 1968, it was decided to substitute members of The Illuminati for the astronauts that were in training. It was the strong hint from Dr Kissinger's former mistress that she might go to the press with her story that decided the issue. Besides The President hoped that more funds might be forthcoming to help in his re-election if he cooperated. A footnote to this involves the so called "Watergate affair". Woodward and Bernstein,(the two reporters who have become famous for supposedly unravelling the scandal that erupted during the second Nixon term), were actually the victims of the most thorough double bluff disinformation campaign ever mounted in the history of the great American republic. The whole sequence of events that they thought they had uncovered was actually just stage managed by the administration to distract from the real scandal, which was that the space astronauts were pigs instead of human.

The actual landings did go ahead very much as they were portrayed. The only real difference is that the sequences that show humans entering the spaceships were faked, and the men that were interviewed afterwards, and that took part in the parades, and have been making a good living on the lecture circuit ever since have all been actors. The money that they have been able to make has assured their silence until now. I give them notice that "the gravy train" will henceforth be off the rails. I hope they have assured their pensions.

The Illuminati Moon Program today. The Illuminati Moon Colony.

I said earlier that the moon landings have been continuing ever since. They are, but they are not flying from United States territory. If you remember your history, you will know that President Richard Nixon visited China. This was regarded as a foreign policy triumph at the time. Indeed many people say that it was that President’s redeeming moment. What is not known about, until now that is, is that the Chinese communist party then, and still is totally dominated by The Illuminati. This ought to be no surprise as China has the largest population of pigs in the world. A secret agreement was made between the United States and the communist/pig regime that the moon landing program would continue, and that our nearest celestial neighbour would be colonised by illuminati colonists by the year 1992. The launches were to be conducted from a secret location in the region of the Sino/Tibetan border. The situation now is that the colony has been established. It did not become operational until 1994 during the Clinton administration. When George W Bush became chief executive he was told about it, but he forgot. That is why he was talking about making a return to The Moon. Barack Obama knows. That is the real reason why he cancelled the Moon program. Money had nothing to do with it.

You may ask what became of the first pig astronauts. They did not return to The Moon. As you know Miss Piggy went on to become a very famous actress in The Muppet Show. Fans of that brilliant television programme will remember that there was a sketch called "Pigs in Space". The actors in that memorable portrayal of the travails of interstellar travel were all former lunar astronauts. They were promised the parts if they never revealed their true identities. So far it seems to have worked.

The Illuminati astronauts discover a new planet.

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    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Thanks for commenting artblack1. I thought the Muppets were brilliant as well. I was shocked when I realised what some of them were up to.

    • artblack01 profile image

      artblack01 5 years ago from New Mexico

      This was funny! Thanks. I loved the Muppet show as a kid.