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The move to eliminate the display of parts of our history

Updated on July 8, 2015

The history of our country runs deep from the beginning to today and into the future. It is important that we not forget the challenges we have experienced as a country. Today there are efforts to take part of our history out of public view by demonstrating to have symbols which have long been a part of our lives. Some of these symbols may be controversial while others are attempts by individuals or groups to impose their ideas on the rest of us. We have certain rights granted to us in the Constitution and no individual or group of individuals have the right to restrict our activities granted by the Constitution.

Flags of all kinds throughout our country’s history represent different things. It does not matter what their purpose was or what they are today. We as individuals have different impressions or ideas about what any particular flag represents but it does not make it any less representative of a part of our history. There are new movements to have some flags removed from public buildings including our own national flag representing all the states. Flags are a symbol of the history of our country and in some cases there are laws on the books that give us the right to display various flags if we so choose.

The battles or wars we have been through as a country have made us what we are today. Flags bring back memories which should be embraced not removed from public view. Granted some may represent a time some individuals would like to forget but they are none the less part of our history. If we let any individual or group of individuals start complaining about displaying anything which is part of our history it may forever be lost for future generations. It is important to learn from our history and restricting the display of any part of our history we may fail to learn from it. Learning was important at the beginning of our country and it is just as important today.

Controversy is not new to our country it has become a way of life for some individuals but it makes us think about the topics involved and in some cases we may question opinions we have established. A specific example of efforts to restrict the display of which is a part of our history which is embedded in the principles on which this country was found is the display of the Ten Commandments. Many court battles have been fought surrounding the display of these commandments some were won by those who support their display and some were lost. One interesting fact which has never been a part any complaints about displaying the Ten Commandments is they are on the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. The point to make is if these principles were displayed without their connection to the Bible there would be no objection to displaying them on public property. Many if not all of the principles in this document are part of the laws on the books.

There are many laws on the books which in some cases should be displayed for public view. Many laws have impacted our country and are part of our history. Should we forget these laws were ever passed? Today our history books from what I understand have been created in a political correction philosophy and much of what we learned when we were in school has been changed or eliminated. Our history and the importance of events should be openly discussed by all generations to learn the reasons they occurred to help in preventing them from being a part of our future. Eliminating the rights we have to display historical documents or to discuss any event within our history presents a different picture to future generations than what really happened. As mentioned above us as individuals have different perspectives about things that may not agree with others. This is our right but it is not the right of others to impact our rights to display or discuss any historical event or object.


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