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This day in WW2 September 21st

Updated on September 25, 2012


Eastern Front - The Russians admit Kiev has fallen.


Eastern Front - Russian troops continue to hold German assualts in the north west suburbs of Stalingrad.


Eastern Front - Chernigov is liberated by Rokossovsky's forces after 3 days of bitter fighting. Chernigov lies between Gomel and Kiev and was completely destroyed by the Luftwaffe in 1941.

Italian Front - General Alexander plans future operations in four phases.

  • Consolidation of the Salerno-Bari line
  • Capture of Naples and Foggia
  • Capture of Rome
  • Possible attacks on Florence and Arezzo

The Germans evacuate Sardinia and move the evacuated troops to Corsica.

Solomon Islands - The Americans discover that the Japanese have abandoned Arundel Island after taking 600 casualties in it's defence. Japanese troops are abandoning the central Solomons and concentrating their forces in the Southern Islands.

New Guinea - An Australian Brigade sails from Lae to Finschafen. Another sails to Langemak Bay whilst two others are airlifted from Nazdap to Kaiapit in pursuit of the Japanese garrison of Lae which is retreating along the valley of the Markham river.

show route and directions
A markerfinschafen -
Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea
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B markerlae -
Lae, Papua New Guinea
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C markerkokoda -
Kokoda, Papua New Guinea
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D markergona -
Gona, Papua New Guinea
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E markermilne bay -
Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
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F markerport moresby -
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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British paratroops are overwhelmed at the Arnhem Bridge. The rest of the British 1st Airborne form a defensive perimeter on the North bank of the Rhine to the west of Oosterbeek.

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