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This day in WW2 September 22nd

Updated on September 25, 2012


At least 15,000 tons of bombs have fallen on Britain since August 13th "Eagle Day"


Eastern Front - Heavy fighting in Stalingrad. The Luftwaffe continues intense raids.

A markercephalonia -
Cephalonia, Greece
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Eastern Front - The Germans admit they have evacuated Poltava, to the West of Kharkov. Poltava, extensively damaged by the retreating Germans, is now indefensible against the advance of Konev's Steppe Front.

Italy - The British X corps (US 5th Army) recieves orders to advance on Naples. The US VI corps pushes towards the Avellino-Teora line in preparation for a further advance towards Benevento. The 8th Indian division arrives from Africa in the 8th Army sector.

Greece - in Cephalonia, the Italian Acqui Division lays down its arms. The Germans respond by killing 5,000 officers and men. The Acqui division had already lost 1,200 men and 446 officers in action prior to the surrender. The division was virtually wiped out when a further 3,000 men were lost when the ships taking them to prisoner of war camps were sunk en-route.

Pacific - Admiral Halsey asks rear admiral Wilkinson (in charge of landing forces) to prepare plans for the invasion of the northern Solomons. These plans will contain the decision to occupy the Treasury Islands and Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville.

South-West Pacific - Sector Headquarters (Macarthur) issues instructions for operation Dexterity. The invasion of Cape Gloucester, on the western tip of New Britain. The ultimate objective is the Japanese base at Rabaul at the other end of the island. Operations are planned for 20 November but will be postponed until December 26th.

New Guinea - An amphibious force under American Rear Admiral Barbey lands the 20th Brigade of the Australian 9th Division at the mouth of the river Song, 6 miles to the north of Finschafen. Escorting destroyers put up a brief barrage and aircraft support the Australians in the landing and subsequent advance towards Finschafen.


Arnehm - The British XXX Corps is slowed by stubborn resistance. A brigade of Polish Paratroops moves south of the Rhine and Arnhem. The Poles are supported by advance elements of XXX Corps and attempt to cross the Rhine but are driven back.

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