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This day in WW2 September 23rd

Updated on October 7, 2012
A British Salvo falls short during the Battle of Dakar
A British Salvo falls short during the Battle of Dakar | Source


King George VI broadcasts to the British people and institutes the George Cross and George Medal as civilian awards.

Dakar, French West Africa - British ships of Force M lie off the coast. They are transporting Free French troops under Charles de Gaulle. The general broadcasts surrender requests to the Vichy French defenders at 7am and 8am. Emissaries sent to Governor Boisson are sent packing. A third appeal from de Gaulle is ignored. At 10.50am the coastal guns and ships at anchor in the port open fire on the British ships. The British return fire but are forced to postpone the landings


The Comite National Francais is established in London. Charles de Gaulle is the leader.

A markerTuapse -
Tuapse, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
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Eastern Front - The Russians counter-attack in the north-west suburbs of Stalingrad.

German Army Group A send an assualt group to capture Tuapse. A port on the Black Sea north-west of Sochi.

Guadalcanal - The Americans start limited operations to push the Japanese away from Henderson Field.

New Guinea - The 128th Regiment of the US 32nd Division is airlifted to Port Moresby. General Thomas Blamey is given command of all Allied forces on New Guinea.

Madagascar - The 22nd East Africa Brigade enters Tananarive.

A markerTananarive -
Antananarivo, Madagascar
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Italy - The Us 5th Army commences a general advance to the north whilst the British X Corps pushes towards the Nocera-Pagani Pass and on the road betwen Salerno and San Severino. Stout German resistance slows the Allies although Montgomery's 8th Army occupy Altamura.

Mussolini proclaims the Italian Social Republic and forms a new government which controls German held land with the exception of Trieste, Istria and the Trentino-Alto Adige which are under direct German control.

Eastern Front - Konevs Troops enter Poltava after a three day battle and then move towards Kremenchug.

New Guinea - The Australian 20th Brigade advance towards Finschafen. They take an airfield and reach the river Bumi where the Japanes have set up strong defences.

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