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Types Of Nurses

Updated on October 22, 2011

A nurse is not a doctor but some one who takes care of the physical and mental health of the patients. Nurses are highly respected individuals who serve human kind by providing care to the diseased and ill of the community.

There are many types of nurses some of which are:

Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed practical nurses specialize in all the fields of health care. These are the general nurses that are found in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. The job of these nurses is to perform simple mundane functions such as checking the vital signs of the patients, giving injections, making dressings on wounds and aiding the surgeons during an operation.

These nurses also take care of other things of patients such as bathing, feeding and personal hygiene. These nurses can be hired to take care of the patient and to look after his health.

Although these nurses can be used for many purposes they are not trained enough to be given greater jobs, they can only do the basic stuff.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are too like the licensed practical nurses are very flexible, only they are more trained.

The registered nurses apart from taking care of the physical health of the patient, also provide emotional support to not only the patients but their family as well.

They educate the families of the patient about the disease the patient is suffering from and keep them updated with their condition.

Many registered nurses specialize in certain fields, like for certain body parts, certain group of patients or an area of hospital.

For example a registered might choose only children or might want to work only in the emergency rooms of the hospital.

Certified Nurse Assistant

A certified nurse assistant works as an aide for the registered and the licensed practical nurses.

Their job is to take care of patient’s physical health; they check the vital signs of the patient and report the changes to the registered nurse.

They help patients in eating, they bathe them, help them dress, help them walk, they make their beds and make sure that the patient’s room is in order and that the patient is getting his medications right.

They also assist other nurses while they are performing an important task.

These nurses are mostly found in hospitals and nursing homes but they can also be sent to a patient at home for taking care of his physical health.

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is basically a registered nurse who travels from hospital to hospital filling in the space of any nurse who is on a leave or if there is a shortage of nurses in a hospital.

These nurses can do all the tasks and are highly trained. They are also highly paid although they work on the temporary basis. They can work in all the fields and can take place of any nurse in the hospital.

Of all the other types, the job of travel nurses is the most interesting as they get to travel from cities to cities, towns to towns and to different hospitals, meeting new people and learning new things. They also get paid a lot which makes it more interesting.

Public Health Nurse

The public health nurses are also registered nurses who have specialized in the field of community health.

The public health nurses are trained to assist individuals and families regarding health issues.

They travel to homes, schools, colleges and various community centers to teach people about various diseases and help any one who is suffering from a problem. Their job is to find people with health issues and help them out with it.

Nurse Practitioner

These are highly trained nurses who can also at times act as a physician. Although they are not completely doctors they take special courses in medicine and can work in the absence of the doctor.

They take a full responsibility of the patient and can prescribe medications.

They can diagnose and treat certain diseases and can handle different injuries. These nurses are the most trained and experienced nurses of all the other types.

Critical Care Nurse

A critical care nurse works in the ICU and emergency rooms. These nurses are trained to assist patients who are in an urgent need of operation or medication.


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    • NicktheNurse profile image

      NicktheNurse 5 years ago from Huntington Beach, CA

      Great article. Lots of opportunities in the health care field for years to come! Great article! Will vote up! Hope to see more articles like this in the future!

    • thecnatraining profile image

      thecnatraining 5 years ago from Vancouver

      wow there are many type of nurses! great eye opener and you know nurses will be most needed over the next few years!

    • Sun-Girl profile image

      Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Interesting and wonderful hub you actually shared in here hassam, love so much how you classified these types of nurses but i think the best is the certified nurse or what do you think?

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      thanks for this tribute to nurses!