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Types Of Doctors

Updated on October 22, 2011

A doctor is some one who basically cures a diseased or an ill person. Doctor has the remedy of all the diseases and is the person you turn to when you are suffering from an illness.

Although there are many different types of doctors that deal with different kinds of diseases and disorders of particular human parts, few of them are given below:


Cardiologists are the doctors that deal with cardio problems i.e. problems related to the human heart. Today heart problem is one of the most common illnesses faced by people.

A large amount of people die of a cardiac arrest every day and 80 out of 100 people are likely to suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure.

Therefore middle aged people should regularly visit a cardiologist to check their heart rate and see if there is a change in their blood pressure.


Nephrologists deal with problems related to kidney. They usually deal with patients suffering form severe kidney disorders and treat the patients using heavy medications or by practically removing wastes and harmful toxins from the kidney.

The most common kidney disorder is the kidney stones which are usually removed by these nephrologists. People who suffer form a kidney failure as result of another disease such as diabetes also head to nephrologists to carry out the procedure of dialysis.


Dermatologists are the doctors that deal with any problem related to the skin. There are many types of human skins and various disorders of the skin.

The most common skin disorders are acne and rashes. Acne is caused by various reasons and is mostly treated using medications. Plastic surgeons are also included in the category of dermatologists.



Dentists are the doctors that deal with the teeth and the jaw. 

In other words a dentist deals with any oral complications regarding the teeth.

Dentists should not only be visited in the case of a problem or a disorder, rather a dentist should be visited regularly for a checkup as teeth, of all the other human parts, are more susceptible towards a bacterial attack.


These are the doctors that deal with a mental disorder.

A mental disorder refers to an imbalance in the human behavior and actions caused by an emotional burden, stress or any internal disorder.

Mental disorders include: depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, bipolar disorder etc.

The job of the psychiatrist is to detect the psychological disorder the patient is suffering from and to prescribe the suitable medication to the patient.

Often people confuse a psychiatrist with a psychologist, although both deal with mental disorders, a psychologist treat the patient with therapy and tries to get into the root and cause of the emotional stress causing the disorder whereas the psychiatrist deals with the medication part of the treatment.


Neurologists deal with the human brain and the nervous system.

Neurologists and psychiatrist should not be mixed as a neurologist has nothing to do with human behavior or a mental disorder; their duty is to deal with the functioning of different parts of brain and the nervous system which also includes the spinal cord.

Usually when some one goes through a head or a spinal injury the brain suffers and stops functioning normally, that’s where a neurologist is needed. Being a neurologist requires a lot of skill.


A gynecologist’s job is to deal with the female reproductive system.

They cure any problem in the uterus of a female and also carry out the procedure of a child’s delivery.

They take care of a pregnant woman and her fetus during the gestation period.


An anesthesiologist deals with the administration of anesthesia to the patients.

Anesthesia is a drug that is used to sedate a patient before an operation.

The amount of anesthesia that should be given to the patient varies form patient to patient.

These doctors specialize in the field of anesthetic administrations and medicines.

An Optometrist using an optical retractor on a patient
An Optometrist using an optical retractor on a patient


An optometrist is an eye specialist and deals with any problem relating the human eye.

Optometrists deal with any infection or the injury of the eye.

They also deal with any type of visual impairment.


An audiologist is a doctor who deals with ear problems. They treat any sort of ear infection, injury or a hearing impairment or a disorder.


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