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UFO's-From Beneath the Ground?

Updated on March 3, 2013


The Hole

On May 6 of this year, in Bernards,New Jersey a crater appeared in some body’s front yard.

This hole was about 18 inches deep and the size of a coffee table. No explanation has yet been forthcoming as to its cause.

Local Police Captain Byrnes says that debris was spread over a 100 foot area but has had confirmed by the bomb squad, no explosives were involved.

Jerry Vinski, the Director of a near by Planetarium, first suspected a meteorite strike. However he had to later say that it was not a meteor. He said, all meteors have traces of metal, yet they had gone over the site thoroughly with metal detectors but had negative results.

It was suggested that something may have dropped from a plane. An intensive search of both the hole and the surrounding area could find nothing.

Another suggestion has been made: that due to earthquakes and other land movements, an underground hot spring, broke the surface. Water would have exited the ground and then evaporated leaving no evidence. The problem with this theory is that any displaced debris would have fallen back into the hole.


New Jersey June 28,2010
New Jersey June 28,2010

Is This A Mystery?

Maybe not. One theory that cannot be dispelled, at this time, is that if something exited the ground and then had its own power source to fly, then the evidence left would be the same as that being reported.

Seems fantastic?

In New Jersey’s recent history, there have been reports of small spherical UFO sightings. Where did these reported UFO’s come from?

In other Hubs of mine, I have examined the possibility of ancient or alien civilizations living underground. Also there is an increasing number of people starting to believe in the “Hollow Earth” theory.

Is it possible, that when we look to the skies for the source of UFO sightings, we are looking in the wrong direction?


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I love mysteries! lol I always try and look for an interesting explanation, but most of the time it will turn out to be something normal, shame! lol

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Melpor - You may be right, it could be a prank but the police didn't seem to think so. If you are stuck for an answer, it must truly be a mystery. Thanks for dropping by, I always enjoy your views.

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I am not too sure about this one. I am pretty sure there is a logical explanation for that hole. New Jersey sits on a few fault lines and there are a few extinct volcanoes in the area and 18 inches is not that deep. It probably is just a prank by a group of teenagers.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Alice - I don't think a sink hole of this size, would spread debris over a 100 foot radius. As their name implies they "sink". Thanks to all for dropping by.

    • Alice DeWonder profile image

      Alice DeWonder 6 years ago from 3rd planet from Sun

      Here in Florida as well as up state NY their called sink holes.

      The Devils Mill Hopper in Gainesville Fl continues to sink.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 6 years ago

      Reminds me of an episode in the Twilight Zone! Interesting.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      This Hub is like an intro to the "Twilight Zone". I like it. All things are possible. Peter