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What is Potential?

Updated on December 31, 2012

We Have Unlimited Potential

We have the potential to do more than we realize
We have the potential to do more than we realize | Source

To Dare To Dream

To dare to dream, to dare to do, how does our untapped potential help us accomplish our dreams? Our minds, our imagination, our creativity hold the potential for all we want to be. Your potential lives within you every minute of every day, waiting to develop and show the world who you are naturally.

If we look in the direction we want to go, we have a better chance of getting there. Many sports greats know this secret. Our thoughts are the most powerful tools we hold within us to gain what we want. The possibilities and our potential are lie within the passions of our hearts and minds. They can lead us in a direction we want to go. Positive thinking means a lot. Negative thoughts can interfere greatly

What messages do you tell yourself? Do you talk negatively to yourself? Do you think highly of yourself? Do you value your special qualities? Where do you want to go? It doesn’t matter what mistakes you have made, except to learn not to do the same thing again. It doesn’t matter what happened in your past, except to use your prior pain to straigthen your resolve, and your prior successes to build upon. If we are what we eat, than we are what we think. What do you think about most often?Do you have a positive or negative outlook? Positive self affirmations are a start of positive thoughts that can lead to better things everyday for yourself. Positive self affirmations help you feel better about yourself each and everytime you repeat it. The more you say it, the more you repeat it. Inspire yourself and you can begin to tap into your potential for success.

Personal Satisfaction and Potential

Successful thinking begins with positive thoughts about yourself and about the people and things you surround yourself with.

To dare to dream... is the start to fulfill your life with the things that bring you personal satisfaction. Your belief in your abilities are what stand in the way of your potential. We sometimes limit ourselves and fail to walk in the direction of our desires. We lose faith in ourselves, at times because life beats us up. We may naturally feel inadequate, insecure, and inferior and these feelings hold us back or stop us from even trying. Dare to believe... and you just might achieve. Dare to hope... and you might be surprised. Dare to try... and even if you fail, you can try again. Dare to be bold... and you might get somewhere. Dare to be brave... and you might gain in your self confidence. Dare to experience... and you might feel. Dare to discover... and you might learn. Dare to be true to yourself... and you might see your expectations come to fruition. Dare to love yourself... and you might see your own value. Dare to be aware... and you might get to know yourself. Dare to do... and extraordinary things may happen. Dare to rise to your potential... and you might achieve.

Potential is not just a way of thinking, it is doing. Potential is more than attitude, and more than just a personality. Potential is not just words, it is an unshakeable belief that will make you do things more than you have ever done.

Potential starts with knowing yourself. It is intertwined with our self confidence, positive thinking, and desires about what we want for ourselves.

Let’s begin by looking at our own sense of control. Confidence helps us be in control of our lives. Confidence gives us the ability to believe we can do things. When we feel out of control, stressed, and focus on negative things, we feel inferior and a lower sense of self confidence. Learn to gain a sense of direction that has a purpose and helps us feel motivated and determined.

How to Reach Your Potential

Know what you want, know who you are. A.S.K. Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge will lead you towards your potential.

There are steps you can take to help you reach your potential:

  • know what makes you feel satisfied
  • surround yourself with people who respect and value you
  • encourage yourself
  • be a doer
  • be honest and true to yourself
  • know your strengths
  • utilize your personal resources
  • build your self esteem
  • appreciate yourself

The better you feel about yourself, the more you will recognize and value your own potential. As you learn to rely on yourself and take responsibility, your self esteem will grow and you will learn what you can do well easily. From this, you can begin to develop your potential and build upon it. Take risks by doing and you will begin to see that you have the potential to create, and to accomplish.

Realizing Your Potential

As you do, you will make mistakes and that is okay too. No one is perfect and you can learn so much from your mistakes. Just by working hard and putting your effort into something, will both build your self confidence and help you discover talents that may have been somewhat dormant within you.

By teaching yourself about committment and determination you will be setting a mindset that will harvest the greater potential you do have. As you do things, you will be formulating a better way to do things and building your organizational skill that will help you put your best effort forward. Move on from the mistakes so that you can see what you can do next. Be realistic about your mistakes and your efforts so that your dreams can be achieved.

Appreciate and acknowledge your effort. Each time you try you will become more of an expert of what to do and what not to do. Your potential will develop from your experiences. Trust in yourself that you have the ability to make good judgments. Help yourself believe in who you are and all that you can do. Think positive, believe, and expect good things, even when you meet disappointments. Look at your mistakes from a different angle so that you turn it into an energizing learning experience. Look ahead and have a can-do attitude.

Developing your potential is up to you, if you believe you have it and choose to use it, you will find great reward and much satisfaction in many of the things you do.
Winston Churchill said “ Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.”Why is it important to be true to yourself? When your desires are part of you, you are more likely to have a passion and true belief about what you want to do. The truth within you, knowing who you really are will bring out your potential and your innate ability.

Your potential and knowing and believing in yourself comes from within. Having self confidence will help you perform more effectively and achieve at a higher level.

"With realization of one's own potential and self confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." - Dalai Lama

Developing Your Potential

When you develop the best within yourself and maximize your potential, we all win. Potential is uniquely personal to each of us. Yet, it has the same meaning of being the best we can and developing our abiities to their fullest.

Find your inspiration in a person, in a place, in a thing in the spirituality that you feel. Let this inspiration motivate you as you take steps to achieve. The things that inspire you should make you smile and make you want to do easily. Inspiration is the fuel that powers your potential.

Confucius believed that a person’s potential is only limited by one’s ability to realize their own true nature and that our ability to learn is increased by how much we think as we study. The more we reflect upon what we observe, what we learn, what we know about ourselves, the more we can tap into our potential. Once we awaken our potential, we will be changed. Our potential is individually personal.

"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." - Confucius

To become more purposeful, in what you do and more self directed in the actions you take, will help you develop your potential and inspire yourself and others to achieve and reach new heights. Developing your potential comes from feeling healthy emotionally. Achieving, being proud of your accomplishments, and developing a good attitude will bring out the potential you possess.

Developing your own potential is important to your success and self satisfaction. That little extra push, that little extra reach will help you discover more of the things you are good at doing, to excel and believe and just achieve.

Once you develop your potential your work is never done. Your potential will take you to new heights and new self discoveries and greater potentials that you have yet discovered. What can be and what you can do makes uncovering your potential very exciting.

Potential doesn’t come from intelligence or strength, or luck. Potential comes from unlocking the truth of who you are and harnassing that which is within you.


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