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Milestones and Meanings - Seeking Inspiration from the Things We Do

Updated on December 10, 2013

The Number 100 is Significant in People's Minds

When I started many hubs ago, and I read about other people writing their 100th hub, I thought I won’t create something about my 100th hub. Even 2 hubs ago, I thought about the topics I will write about next, and writing about my 100th hub wasn't even on my mind. But then after I published my 99th hub, something came over me. I can’t explain it exactly. It is a mixture of being proud of getting to number 100, and the feeling that it should not be ignored, it is worthy of me acknowledging even a minor achievement.

This got me thinking about why is the number 100 significant? What is it that makes us think 100 is any more special than all the numbers that preceeded it? I thought about all the different things 100 means. To be 100 years old, means you have lived a century. Schools place significance on the first 100 days of school. The president’s first 100 days in office is worthy of making news. When a television show reaches 100 episodes it is eligible for syndication. A football field is 100 yards long. Ben Franklin is on the $100 bill. The boiling point of water is 100 degrees celsius. In aspects of time, and place, in sports, and finances, and in science the number 100 is significant. Numbers in general are associated with religion, superstition, mysticism and symbolism. There are societal and mathematical reasons the number 100 has meaning, mainly because our decimal system is zero based.

Numbers Are a State of Mind

But in psychology, the question arises why do we give numbers meaning, and what makes 100 so special? It is a man made concept built on the belief that 100 is a milestone. But 100 could have arbitrarily been a different number. We adopted and accepted this concept. How we understand the meaning of numbers is a result of our experience, exposure and adapted beliefs.

People, as a rule, like round numbers. Numbers ending with a ‘0’ usually denote a landmark. It helps make something memorable. We set up benchmarks that help us see where we were and how far we have come. 100 hubs ago for me, it was summertime, there was a heatwave going on. The world series and super bowl hadn’t been played yet, and it was a different year. 100 hubs ago, gas was about $2.75 a gallon, today it is about $3.45 a gallon. The Tuscan shooting had not happened yet. Mubarak was running Egypt, Libyans were not yet fighting for their freedom. 100 hubs ago, I didn’t exist on hubpages, I didn’t have the new hub friends I have made, and my mother was still alive. My life has changed since 100 hubs ago.This 100th hub has allowed me to reflect on the last 6 months. And it is this reflection that helps us see the big and small moments we have experienced. It is not the number that is significant . It is the idea that we can celebrate a minor achievement and mark the passage of time . And it helps motivate us to make more milestones, and to help us get through some difficult times. Great accomplishments are based on the small milestones and progress we make.

Celebrate and Take Pride in Yourself

To move forward, we need to be motivated. These milestones are a measurement of our progress. Milestones help motivate us, and inspire us to reach just a little further. Inspiration exists within us and around us. As you seek to go further, reach farther and find fulfillment in your life look for these milestones. Milestones have meanings and they will give you the encouragement and motivation to know small successes. Ask yourself, where were you 100 hubs or 6 months ago? Celebrate yourself and take pride in where you are today, and how far you have come. Look for inspiration within yourself and from others. Listed below are 100 ways to get inspired, be creative, and motivate yourself. (And some of my hubs that are related to helping you be inspired that I hope you will read.)

  1. surround yourself with positive people read: Intentionally Positive
  2. change your routine
  3. find spirituality read read: Spiritual Experiences in Daily Living
  4. read some inspirational quotations
  5. visualize achieving your dreams
  6. take a walk
  7. talk to a friend read: Big-5-Personality-Traits-and-Their-Pets and Peoplality-Personality-Traits and Psychological Behavior and Personality Characteristics that People Share
  8. listen to music
  9. use aromatherapy to stimulate your sense of smell
  10. read an inspiring story
  11. do something fun
  12. embrace uncertainty
  13. do something kind for someone else read: Kindness - Lessons for Our Children
  14. empower yourself
  15. do one thing at a time read: Task Scheduling - The Art of Prioritizing Yourself
  16. find your mantra
  17. put your worries in a bubble and blow them away for a few hours read: Health and Hard Times and Grieving When You Lose Someone Close to You
  18. watch a movie that you find inspiring
  19. learn something new read: dogology-famous dogs pawprints in ancient history Part 1 and pawprints in history part 2
  20. read some poetry
  21. meditate
  22. think about your past successes
  23. exercise read: Beginner Tai Chi and Better Health
  24. find your passion
  25. let go of your past
  26. take action read: Weight-Loss-Systems-Getting-a-Slimmer-Waist
  27. be influential
  28. apply some affirmations
  29. write
  30. look at the big picture
  31. use your imagination
  32. just do it
  33. pamper yourself read: natural-remedies-Beautiful-Skin
  34. do something artistic
  35. believe in yourself read: Knowing and Trusting Yourself Part 1
  36. watch the sunrise
  37. make your environment a relaxing place for yourself
  38. sit by a fireplace and enjoy the emanating warmth
  39. read about butterflies read:
  40. believe that you can!
  41. learn from Ben Franklin read: Ben-Franklin-Americas-First-Environmentalist and Making-and-Saving-Money-Ben-Franklins-Way
  42. learn something new about yourself read: Human-Ananomity-Loving-the-Parts-of-Our-Body-We-Rarely-Think-About and Skin Care Facts Part 1 and Skin Care Facts Part 2
  43. say no read: The importance of Saying No
  44. think positive
  45. spend time with someone you love read: What the World Did On Valentine's Day
  46. sit by a waterfall
  47. light a candle
  48. respect yourself read:
  49. do something good for the environment read: Earth-Friendly-Pet-Products
  50. take a risk
  51. reminisce about happy times read: New-Years-Eve-in-New-York-City-and-Around-the-World
  52. clean something read:
  53. eat some m&m’s or something decadent read: M&M's Chocolate Candy That Changed the World
  54. let your pets make you smile read: Dogology-Lovable-Dogs-in-Different-Shapes-Sizes-Types
  55. take a day trip read: Distractions-Car-Accidents-and-Driver-Safety and Driver Safety and Cell Phone Laws
  56. get energized by the refreshing scent of lemons read: Lemons-The-Earth-Friendly-Cleaning-Products
  57. hug someone Petology-Loving-Our-Pets All-Year-Long
  58. do something bold
  59. laugh read: The-Humourous-Side-of-the-United-States-Presidents
  60. compliment yourself
  61. ask for advice
  62. prioritize yourself
  63. do one thing different
  64. ask yourself ‘what if’
  65. buy yourself something new read: Smart Shopping Deals Throughout the Year
  66. take satisfaction in your accomplishments
  67. relax read: Health-and-Emotional-Well-Being-Checkup
  68. donate to charity
  69. get a mindset to do something read: Successness-Self-Determination-and-Other-Factors-of-Success
  70. find pleasure in simplicity
  71. read inspiring moments in history
  72. be patient
  73. take action
  74. recognize your own achievements
  75. appreciate yourself read: Knowing-and-Trusting-Yourself-Part-1
  76. take a bubble bath read:The-History-of-Baths-from-Ancient-to-Modern-Times
  77. take pride in some of your milestones
  78. be around supportive people read: Dogology-Dogs-Uncanny-Intelligence
  79. unclutter your life
  80. watch children at play read: Create-a-Family-Ancestor-Connection-for-Your-Children
  81. volunteer your time
  82. accept yourself read: Psychological Triggers - Why We Do the Things We Do
  83. learn about someone else who is inspiring read: Macys-was-a-Failure
  84. do some gardening
  85. do something nice for yourself
  86. count the stars read: Spacedom-Unmanned-Missions-May-Find-Other-Planets-Like-Earth-in-the-Universe
  87. go to an art gallery
  88. go to a new restaurant
  89. bolster your confidence
  90. do something just for you read: Natural-Healing-Powers-of-Gemstones-Myth-or-Science
  91. trust yourself read: Life-Coaching-Courses-Knowing-and-Trusting-Yourself-Part-2
  92. be determined
  93. dare to step out of your comfort zone
  94. read something from your favorite author
  95. protect yourself read: Jealous Lovers and Therapy and Jealous Couples and Are Tall Men More Jealous than Shorter Men
  96. instill a sense of desire for yourself
  97. look for opportunities in the moment
  98. be a leader read: Success-What-Do-You-Want-Deciding-and-Guiding
  99. learn a new joke
  100. take that first step

Celebrate Your Big and Little Milestones

Celebrate the Big and Little Things You Do!

Acknowledge and celebrate the big and little things you do. Everything you do does matter. You can inspire others and you can be inspired by the circle of influences in your life. For those of you who have written a 100 or more hubs, or achieved something you have wanted to do, congratulations on this milestone. For those of you who haven't yet, I encourage you to go for it. Whatever you do is an achievement that will always be yours.

“Our achievements of today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you.”                ~ Blaise Pascal ~ (French mathematician,philosopher, and physicist 1623-1662)

Remember your accomplishments big and small. Reflect on where you have been and where you are going. And whatever you do live in the moment. As this quote says - “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, that is why it is called The Present”.


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