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Importance of Higher Education

Updated on March 20, 2016
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IRSHAD CV has completed his graduation in economics. Education and related affairs is one of his favorite areas



Higher education is one of the core areas of any society. It is a comprehensive field consisting of university, college and other professional education. Nowadays, higher education has an important role to play in the development of any society irrespective of whether the country is developed or under developed. Basically higher quality of education has played enormous role in the development of advanced nations. The following are the major reasons for the establishment of quality higher educational system in any society.

i) Research and Innovation

Research and innovation are highly correlated with the development of the country. Higher the research facilities and quality researchers can produce gigantic output for the country. Therefore, the government should invest in innovation and researches areas. There should be better research and inquiry environment in the country to attract researchers. All the developed nations are giving priority for research and development. That is why; such countries are performing better in the many of their social and economical developmental indices.

ii) Lowering Capital-Output Ratio

Higher education consists of research and innovation. This may lead to the advancement in production techniques and methodology. If any economy is ensuring higher education to its people, there will be higher quality of human capital. That means production will increase along with optimum utilization of the resources of the economy. Further, the cost of production will be also lower. In fact, higher education may help to reduce the capital-output ratio and by the country can produce national income at its potential capacity.

iii) Building of Peaceful Society

Higher education can generate global citizens. Higher the learning means higher level of thinking and thinking capacity. Therefore, naturally a peaceful condition can be built. But the government must ensure that, each people are getting desirable employment and social status. Otherwise, the peace may violate. In fact, higher education with efficiency will helps to build peaceful society.

iv) To Achieve Prosperity and Happy Life

To become a happy and prosperous country, there should be a crowd of people with quality and high potentiality. Higher education may bring advancement in the standard of living. Higher the standard of living means the maximization of happy. So, here higher education functions as the key to bring positive dimensions in the society.

Similarly, higher education is very important because of many reasons such as for bringing better social conditions, higher ability of people, maximization of quality etc.

Best universities are the reflection of the advancement of any country.
Best universities are the reflection of the advancement of any country. | Source

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Higher Education in Developing and Underdeveloped Economies

Compared to the developed nations, higher education is very different in developing as well as underdeveloped economies. There are variations in the availability, accessibility and excellence of higher education among different countries. Generally, developed countries have achieved lot of positive things from their higher education in their journey of development. But, in the case of under developed economies, the condition is very different. They still challenge the availability, accessibility, quality and excellence for its people. Therefore, to achieve development, the backward economies must invest huge amount in the higher education and research fields. Then only the backwardness and the challenges can be overtaken. In fact, the developmental condition is also depends on the higher educational level of the country as like many other factors. This fact simply accentuates the urgent of better higher educational system especially in those of developing and underdeveloped economies.


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    • icv profile image

      IRSHAD CV 2 years ago from India, Kerala

      Thanks ladyguitarpicker for your comment. Sorry for the late thanks. Any way higher education is an essence of generating qualitative society and people...

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 2 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Hi, you are a very smart man and the article shows your concern for higher education. I tell my children this and hope they hear me. Stella

    • icv profile image

      IRSHAD CV 2 years ago from India, Kerala

      Thanks jahfar514 for reading and sharing your views

    • jahfar514 profile image


      good article appreciated your concrn on related topic