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Why Now is the High Time to Teach ESL Courses Online

Updated on September 24, 2012
Teaching ESL courses online is a good income stream that can let you earn even from home.
Teaching ESL courses online is a good income stream that can let you earn even from home. | Source

ESL courses online are all the rage these days in East Asia, Western Europe, and South America, as millions of kids and adults scuttle to learn English as a Second Language (ESL) so they can hop on the fast-paced, English-based globalization bandwagon.

There has never been a more opportune time to teach ESL courses online than today.

In fact, hundreds of native and non-native English speakers who are skilled in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English have taught ESL courses online either through their own online teaching schools or for established ESL online schools.

Many of these schools have grown given their brilliant use of marketing techniques, high-caliber teaching, and positive reputation among teachers and students.

Giving ESL courses online for a fee is a reality – not the future – and a money-making venture – not a pastime – that can prove worthwhile.

Rewards of Tutoring ESL Courses Online

First, individuals who offer ESL courses online have the choice of working at home or just about any place with steady internet connection. The benefits of working from home are obvious.

  • These individuals save on expenses for gas, cars, work clothes, make-up, accessories, pricey lunch-outs and night-outs, and other costs that commonly come in when going to a physical workplace.
  • They get to manage their time, can squeeze in bits of bonding moments with family members quickly after work hours, and are in good position to strike a balance between work and personal life.
  • They feel empowered, free, and self-regulating. Because they work for and by themselves, they feel an overwhelming responsibility to chart their career and become successful.

Second, progress in information technology makes it possible for individuals to teach ESL courses online to people from halfway across the globe – at little cost.

  • They use free talk, video, and messaging applications that are downloadable from the internet. These apps are reliable and have versions that are easily understandable by people of various nationalities who would want to study ESL courses online.
  • They get quality, free ESL courses online from ESL teachers who make and share lesson plans among one another.

Drawbacks of Teaching ESL Courses Online

Teaching ESL courses online is neither a bed of roses nor an instant money-making machine.

  • Differences in time zones can be a little difficult to work out at first. Native English speakers – who usually live in the West – might find it a struggle to get up early in bed to provide ESL courses online to students who might be living in the East – where lots of Asians are trying to ESL after their daytime work and studies.
  • Working at home and taking charge of the household chores at the same time can stress out and burn out individuals. It is quite important to clearly delineate time for work and for the house.
  • Earning a living from the home by giving ESL courses online can easily tie up individuals to their domestic chores. It is worthy to schedule personal time outside the home – time for shopping, socializing, and recharging one’s zest for life.
  • There are many people who are a dab hand in offering ESL courses online so the competition can be a little tough in this industry. It is quite important for individuals to develop a unique selling proposition that can make them stand out of competition.

Things to Consider When Offering ESL Courses Online

1. Employee or Employer

Perhaps the first thing that skilled English speakers ought to consider is whether they will offer ESL courses online through an established ESL company or put up their own ESL online school.

  • Working for an established ESL company can be trouble-free. Individuals just need to apply for and pass the requirements of the company. Some of the requirements are a bachelor’s degree, ability to use English, as well as passion and patience to explain the language to non-native English learners.
  • Putting up a company may be taxing at first but can prove fulfilling in the long run. Individuals must think of how to lure students, market the company, deliver top-rate ESL courses online, and attract other teachers to work for the company. They must also decide how much to charge, how long the lessons should last, and the kinds of lesson packages and promotions to give out.

2. Unique Selling Proposition

Just like in all other industries, competition persists in the ESL field. To thrive, individuals wanting to provide ESL courses online through their own company must seriously think about their USP, unique selling proposition, or the features and services that will make their company stand out from the crowd.

Some of these USP may include:

  • Extensive Internet exposure through advertisements, participation in ESL fora, online tutor databases, social media, SEO or search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns, banner advertisements, and blogs.
  • Aggressive pricing for enticing students to sign-up. Once enrolled, students may be offered high-priced, premium services.
  • Outstanding ESL courses and engaging teachers – the two most important features of any company giving ESL courses online.

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