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Writing is painting pictures with words

Updated on April 22, 2009

That's my philosophy

If you can visualize the idea in your mind, you can paint the picture so the reader sees it the way you do. If you use the wrong words, or just too many, you will create mud. If you remember early art classes you will know what I mean. If you mixed all the primary paint colours, you ended up with muddy brown. Using too many words will give you the same boring mix.

Writing for the Internet requires that you pen short and informative posts. Writing for a book is a completetly different approach because now you must keep the reader's attention for a much longer period of time and in multiple sessions.

To describe your image better, just use more adjectives. As an example, the statement "the flower is red" could be expanded into "the delicate petals of the morning fresh flower are brilliant red". So now you may envision a rose in the garden instead of a dried up tulip in a vase or a dying geranium in a pot that is desperately in need of water.

The tool to use is a thesaurus. Just write the sentence in the short form first and then go through lists of adjectives using the thesaurus until you create a more fitting description in your mind. The new "picture" will not be worth a thousand words but it will be many more than you originally wrote and will create a better feel for the reader. Just choose words that make the picture as clear as you can for yourself and you will have a better chance of conveying your message to your readers.

Avoid the use of uncommon words that may require the reader to look it up in the dictionary. Castigation and punishment are similar concepts, but the latter is more likely to be understood by the greater number of readers.

Let your mind take you on a journey. You never know where it will take you.


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    • profile image

      pamela jones 6 years ago

      This was the best discovery I have ever discovered.I finally found what I had been looking for . I have been searching for answers for so long ,until today.I have been told that I paint pictures with words and also I am a creative writer. I am not alone ,anymore!