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Zapping the Asteroids

Updated on September 8, 2012


Not If but When
Not If but When | Source

2012 QG42

On 26th of August an Asteroid, given the name 2012 QG42 was spotted heading our way.

It should pass by closest to the Earth on September 14th at 5:12 GMT, when it will be 2.8 million km away. This though is not really any thing to worry about, as that equates to approximately 7.4 lunar distances, much further away than our Moon.

This asteroid though, is considered a threat being that it is about the size of 3 football fields and closer pass bys could be dangerous.

It is estimated that this asteroid will pass by Earth again in 2039 when it will pass closer, at 5.6 lunar distances.


Another asteroid, asteroid Apophis, is due to pass by Earth in 2036.

This is a much more relevant threat. NASA estimates that if this asteroid were to collide with Earth, the energy produced could be equivalent to 100 thousand times that of the Hiroshima bomb, obviously with catastrophic effects.

There is yet another asteroid that could even be more dangerous than Apophis.

The asteroid designated 2004 VD17, is expected to cross Earth’s orbit on May 4, 2102.

I think that, especially given that 2012 QG42 was only spotted less than a month ahead of its fly by, asteroids must certainly be considered a serious threat to our planet. Scientists, for a long time now, have said that it is not IF we are struck by an asteroid but more a question as to WHEN we will be struck.


In June this year, United States scientists proposed the use of multiple satellites in the protection of Earth.

The proposal was that the satellites be solar powered and equipped with lasers.

In my opinion, this proposal is better than previous ones I have heard, proposing nuclear weapons to divert a threat. I think that it is long over due that all the World’s space agencies got together to produce a viable protection for the planet.

I know that currently each individual agency may have its own agenda but they should come together in one common cause. After all, any threat from an asteroid would have disastrous effects on the whole planet, plus it is almost impossible to ascertain on which country one would eventually strike.

These are not a national threat, these are a global threat and it is time that the scientific world and governments realized it, putting their differences aside and joining in a common cause for the protection of our planet and the way of life as we know it to day.

It is time that governments stopped acting like Dinosaurs or be prepared to doom us all to the same fate as them.


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    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      And maybe if we could get our governments together on Asteroid zapping, then we could also propose a world hunger zapping.

      Yeah Dream On!