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How will you differentiate between a fight and brawl?

Just 2 days ago I watched UFC146 seeing Cain velasquez and Antonio "Big foot" Silva had their match, I took a snap and posted on facebook with tagline 'real fight', a friend of mine on facebook started to say its not a fight you have never seen a real fight and said fight has no rules to which I replied "fights without rules is just a brawl and he started arguing I gave many reasons to support what I said, many philosophical reasons and many examples and a lot more. So I just thought about asking you all this question and see what you people think about it!!

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DreamerMeg says

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5 years ago
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    Akhand Pratap SIngh (endless sea) 5 years ago

    what they talked about was literary view I was talking about the philosophical view. either way thank you