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Do you know anything about quantum physics?

You had mentioned something about physics in another persons hub. So I thought you may know something about quantum physics. If you do I'd love to ask you some more probing questions:ie: If we are all sub atomic particles why aren't we floating around like dust particles, why are we form? I saw this movie a few years back and it was saying that we think of a chair as solid and yet it is just a mass of atoms and particles squished together, so how is it that we don't fall to the floor?because our brains were trained to think it was solid? just curious.


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5 years ago
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    moneyfairy 5 years ago

    Thank you so much Sid this is all very facinating to me. I love the idea of quantum physics and all possibilites and that we only limit things with our minds. I am working on different personal experiments with the mind and thoughts and beliefs.

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