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How much praise should we give to students for their success? (And in what forms?)

When I taught in Fl.,one of the academic teams seemed to have a celebration for EVERY little thing: birthdays, completed work, growth. I wondered when they actually taught anything. Now, I try to have a celebration in my classroom when students made academic gains or had a successful month of positive behavior. My colleagues think I go over the top with my invites to pizza lunches, my phone calls home before Thanksgiving Break to tell every parent one or two fabulous things about their child, my posters on the wall showing growth or projects or praise. Where is the balance?


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Brian Chisum says

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3 years ago
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    DaisysJourney 3 years ago

    I already plan on giving a survey of what motivates them to learn and what kind of praise my students want to receive. They are 8th graders, so ages 13-15. I like to hear other teachers' perspectives to discover what else works out there! TY