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Why schools don't allow students to fight back in self defense?

School bully is not always the toughest kids in the school and the kid been bully is not always weaker, but in primary school or high school, regardless of the reason, school does not allow fighting in school, thus, sometime, the kid been bully is simply afraid to fight back, due to fear of stuff such as, getting expel. But sometime, the teachers don't have enough power to really protect kids from bullies either. Thought?


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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2 months ago
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    peter565 2 months ago

    I remember in school there was this bully, everybody was afraid to fight back, due to fear of expel, till one day a kid had enough and bash him up, when the teacher ask, we all denier seen that kid bashing up the bully, so he won't get in trouble