What are the pros and cons of having school uniforms for students on American pu

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  1. kingjames4ever profile image59
    kingjames4everposted 14 years ago

    What are the pros and cons of having school uniforms for students on American public schools?

    Other countries have their public school students be required to wear school uniforms while America's public school students remain the freedom of how they want to dress. Comparing students from wearing school uniforms to those who don't, I see that the ones in uniforms interact more with one another while the one's who are free to choose what they wear stick with the people who they dress alike with.

  2. Kristen Nicole profile image60
    Kristen Nicoleposted 14 years ago

    By far the greatest benefit to requiring student uniforms in American public schools would be the promotion of equality. You're right, students who wear uniforms do interact more than those who don't. Why? Social standing almost always boils down to money. So if everyone wears uniforms, they can't connect based on the fact that they are hundred-dollar Abercrombie & Fitch jeans while others are dressed in Wal-Mart clothing. It erases the lines between lower-middle-class and upper-middle-class, which releases some of the potential social tension. True, even private schools with their uniforms are sectioned into cliques. However, these cliques are based solely on mutual interests, and not who has the most money to blow at the mall.

    On the other hand, there is a certain liberation for not having to wear uniforms. More so than anything else, students use their wardrobes at school as a way to express themselves. A person walking past you down the hallway may not say a single word to you, but will probably be judging you on the spot based on your current choice of clothing. It's all about passing judgment.

    While I enjoy the ability to dress as I choose, I feel that my high school social life could have been much easier had I attended a private or uniformed school.

    The question of which is better comes down to whether or not you support the right to judge people based on their clothing and appearance, because that is the biggest difference between uniformed and casually dressed students.

  3. Valerie F profile image60
    Valerie Fposted 14 years ago

    There are some practical benefits. Kids (or their parents) don't have to spend as much time deciding (and arguing about) what to wear every morning. They also do not need to spend as much money on clothing.

    Most importantly, children avoid falling into the trap of judging each other by appearances. Uniforms don't automatically solve the problems of bullying and clique-ishness, but they do remove one catalyst for bullying. A kid can't reasonably pick on another for dressing like a dork if he or she's wearing the same thing.

    Children who wear uniforms in school also focus on other, better, and more meaningul outlets for self-expression.

    And how much self-expression can a kid exercise through wardrobe if, as I've noticed in schools without uniforms, the children substitute their own often viciously enforced dress codes and associated caste systems?

  4. fivehorns profile image59
    fivehornsposted 14 years ago

    Pro - My children have to wear uniforms. They stand for uniform check every morning. This is a public school. I think the peer pressure is less because kids (especially girls) cannot judge another if their clothes arent as hip as the next person. It also teaches the kids discipline.

    Con - The school can get nit-picky about a grey stripe on the shoes when their supposed to be all white.

  5. phoenixarizona profile image65
    phoenixarizonaposted 14 years ago

    I live in australia and all schools wear uniforms.
    The pro's of school uniform are........
    1. There is no stress of what to wear.
    2. There's no social qualms because everyone is wearing the same thing.
    3. Safety. A child is recognisable by what they are wearing. A school uniform may have made all the difference for Jaycee Lee Dugard.
    The cons of uniform are..........
    1. must be worn everyday so can be expensive and time consuming when washing all the time.
    2. School has a tendancy to get upset over runners instead of leather shoes.
    So that's about it really. I think unifroms are the best way to go.

  6. profile image56
    Native Sonposted 14 years ago

    I don't see any cons in making school uniforms a requirement.  Many of today's distractions in governmnet schools come about as a result of lax or unenforced dress codes.  School should be  a place of learning, not a place of "self expression"... at least not through the clothes that one wears.  If any self expression should be going on in government schools it should be through the intellectual effort that the students put forth when applying themselves to the furthering of their educations.

    1.  Fewer distractions for other students.
    2.  Fewer decisions to make about which clothes to buy.
    3.  Children will have to distinguish themselves from the others through the quality of their work, not their outlandish outfits.

  7. rkary3839 profile image61
    rkary3839posted 14 years ago

    School uniforms traditionally represent the equality of education.  We are all the same in the learning process.  Others feel that wearing a uniform represents discipline. I feel that wearing them is a positive step to helping students achieve.  I also feel they project a positive feeling.  Most importantly, students are not judged by what they have, what brand they have and how many changes of clothing they can wear in one week. 
    I worked in a school that had a uniform policy.    The policy was not mandatory due to the objections of some parents.  The year started with a majority of the students wearing the uniform. To some families it was a positive thing because good looking and fitting uniforms could be purchased from stores at low costs.  I can only imagine the time saving costs because parents did not have to think about what their child would wear the next day, The negative about uniforms was that some students were still teased about their clothing because they wore the same uniform daily, or they just did not want to that their parents caved.  Parents have to set the tone and make the use of uniforms a positive experience.  Teachers also have to support students who wear them as I feel that it is helpful for students and parents.

  8. aoiffe379 profile image60
    aoiffe379posted 14 years ago

    When you look at the police officer, those in the military ,nurses and many who work at specific jobs, the uniform unites them. During a competition, in basketball,football etc. it is easy to recognize a team member or those who are cheering for your success. Without a dress code like a uniform, many students would appear vulgar and low class because of the desire to be noticed and appealing to the opposite sex.

    Some students wear uniform but they wear a Land belt or Clark's shoes or carry a schoolbag that announces a price. At my high school, our uniform extended to our blazers and sweaters, which had to be uniform colour and were worn during the colder months.

  9. H P Roychoudhury profile image41
    H P Roychoudhuryposted 14 years ago

    School Uniform is the symbol of unity of leaning, the sole object of School life as the Uniform of Soldiers, is the object of learning the technique of war skill. The uniform increases the mental strength of Unity and learning in groups always with courage and strength of unity. Besides unity the Uniform brings equality.

  10. nkrohini profile image70
    nkrohiniposted 14 years ago

    Hi, I live in India and uniform is compulsary in all schools both public and private.In one way, as many had discussed here is good, brings about an equality, uniformity, oneness, etc. On the other hand, they are compelled to wear shoes and socks and tie even during hot summers as well as during rainy seasons. They do not have any option of keeping their wet shoes and socks in their schools and have to sit till afternoon or evening in their wet shoes till they are back home. 
    I would suggest a climate specific or a season specific uniform that suits each region or country.

  11. Abecedarian profile image77
    Abecedarianposted 13 years ago

    Pro's-- Less peer pressure. Less expense for school clothes (no more over priced name brands).
    Con's-- can't think of any. Other than you usually have a parent that will make a stink about it not allowing their child to express themself.
    Problem---not all schools, especially in low income areas can afford to purchase uniforms for their students. School districts in Texas are required to supply a uniform for low income children, so most of those schools will not have a "uniform" program. ** Which I think is a crock.  On the whole, many of these "low income" children are wearing $100 tennis shoes and $65 dollar jeans. Granted they may be gifts from family members from birthdays and such, but there are many local stores in town that carry uniforms for as little as $1.99 for a polo shirt and $5 for pants or skirts.
    I fought for uniforms in the schools, but we had much opposition.

  12. Wilsonsorin2011 profile image58
    Wilsonsorin2011posted 12 years ago

    If the police, the armed forces and many nurses, who work for a specific employment between them. During the competition, basketball, football, etc., that are easy to recognize the success of the team or their cheering. Without a code dress uniform appears so because of the low class vulgar and students contribute to the efforts and attractive to both sexes.



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