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Certified Nursing Assistant Job Descriptions

Updated on September 30, 2011

CNA Job Opportunities and CNA Earning

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) is also known as nursing aides, who help the patients with their day to day tasks and activities. Their pay is low as compared to other professionals in the medical industry. Without a CNA certification from a recognized university, this job is not that rewarding.
Those willing to work as CNA can find many job opportunities in medical facilities, hospitals, old age homes and can also assist patients in their residences.

CNA Job Description comprises of making the patients get out of bed, brushing their hair, bathe them, and help them by serving meals and making them eat. CNAs are also required to help the patients with their exercise as recommended, help patients walk to the bathroom, and accompany them to the examination rooms. They also assist the patients with bed making. The certified nursing assistant assists the registered nurse with keeping the record of patient’s vital signs and health report. Sometimes CNAs are also required to emotionally support the patients, which help them to socialize.
As patients require 24 hours care, CNA’s are required to work at different shifts and take care of patients round the clock. Those who are willing to become certified nursing assistants are required to take up a nursing course, which is approved by National Council of States Boards of Nursing.
Upon successful completion of the course, the students are required to take up a national assessment exam known as NNAAP. On completing this exam students are certified in the National Aide registry and can successfully work as CNA.
At entry level CNA’s earn around $20,226 and $30,000, which may depend varying on various working locations, shifts and experience. Those willing to work as CNA are expected to grow at a rapid rate as the elderly population is continuously growing. With the increase in demand there would be increase in more job opportunities.

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