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CNA Training Course Fees

Updated on September 30, 2011

CNA Training Course Fees and Jobs and Duties

CNA training for all the nursing aspirants is very necessary. The job of a CNA is very demanding and tiring. One has to be on the go 24 x7. They take full care of the ailing and sick patients under the supervision of the registered nurse.
There are numerous vocational institutes and community colleges, which offer state approved CNA training. This training program usually consists of classroom instruction classes and practical classes in CNA Schools. Duration of these classes may vary from state to state. However, a minimum of 100 to 120 hours of classes are provided to the students.

During the CNA training, the nursing candidates are trained in variety of jobs and duties, which includes:

• Checking the vital signs of the patients, such as temperature, pulse, blood pressure, urinal output and breathing.
• Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
• Human anatomy.
• Medical vocabulary and terminology.
• Nutrition and infection control.
• Basic nursing and clinical skills.

The above training leads to the receiving of the CNA certification by clearing the final CNA Exam, including written and practical. The CNA training helps the CNAs to perform their job effectively and efficiently. A trained nursing assistant gets a starting salary of $26,000 annually.
There are various vocational colleges, which offer paid CNA training, including the class lectures, practical class, the examinations and CNA certification is available at a very low tuition fee. Though education fee varies from college to college and state to state, but mostly ranges from $600 to $1,200.

The CNA training is available at free of cost in local health care facilities, long term facilities and nursing homes. Apart from long term facilities, there are various community and technical colleges that offer nurse aide training classes at an affordable cost. The cost of CNA training is around $300 to $ 600, which lasts for about 6 weeks.

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    • cnatraininghelp profile image

      Jane Symons 5 years ago from Alaska

      I think getting free CNA training is a great option, what I always try to point out though is that CNA training which you get for free has to be paid back in some other way. In other words, you will usually be required to pay it back in the form of employment for a certain period of time. It's essential that people realize this before they signup for any extended CNA training which they cannot afford to pay back.