Worthless For-Profit Schools

  1. contentkaiser profile image64
    contentkaiserposted 5 years ago

    My full-time job has evolved into a cross between a tutor and a professional 'academic writer' so I've had the opportunity to write close to two thousand essays in the last four years.  I've noticed an incredible decline in the quality/difficulty of college writing requirement in those four years, and most of that is due to the proliferation of schools like Liberty, Full Sail, and various other online for-profit universities.

    As an example; one of my clients had an environmental science class where the writing prompt was to create an 8 page paper on an alternative energy source.  Fine enough; I provided the client with some help researching and we ended up creating this: <link snipped>  for which my client received an A.  However, not a single student received anything less than a B, despite some students only writing two or three pages, and one student who shockingly claimed (in a SCIENCE CLASS) that Jesus was a form of alternative energy.

    I guess I'm just ranting; I can't wait until the whole system collapses and education is open-source and peer reviewed.

  2. KenChase profile image60
    KenChaseposted 5 years ago

    Being an academic writer for-hire, you have a niche market where you are trying to make money on the explosion of on-line schools. Some people that attend on-line schools do not put the effort in that is required to pass classes, so they hire you (and others to write their papers). Doesn't that make you (and other academic writers) a significant part of the problem?