Life and Biochemistry

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    biochemiposted 4 years ago

    What is life without biochemistry? Biochemistry is the thing that makes different between living body and nonliving body. In a living world all the biochemical processes happens to work in a systematic, regulated and coordinated manner and therefore life exists. If the coordination and regulation of biochemical processes ceases and therefore biochemical reaction come to stop nothing will remain alive. That is the true factor, any living beings be alive till all the biochemical reactions run, in a systematic, regulated and coordinated manner. Lets take a look, biomolecules like proteins, DNAs, lipids, carbohydrates cannot make life when they are separated and reacting in their own way without any communication with each other, but when they work with each other in regulated, coordinated way then life can exist. Lipids in bilayer form, may contain some carbohydrates, proteins, water, DNAs, resembling like a cell, may have a life inside. So at last i want to say that these main biomolecules must work with each other in a complex, coordinated, time dependent systematic way to make a thing alive. There is therefore nothing like called as spirits which makes things alive.

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      f_hruzposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Very interesting!

      There are a number of biological processes which have to be simultaneously coordinated at various levels through complex information exchange and communication systems making the living object highly dependent on a well functioning neurological mechanism in tune with a self-preserving health and immune system or a decline in health and ultimate death of such living thing becomes unavoidable .

      DNA only contains so much information. Where do all the other self regulating biological processes get their coordination impulses from ... and what do you make of the idea of human memory having to be activated by external impulses because it isn't being stored in our own head?